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A Productive Notion Daily Planner (for 2023)!

by Spotted by Notion
*Make a copy of my template here* 👉🏻 *Sign up for my Productivity Newsletter* 📬 Since my first video on how to plan a productive day on Notion (, I’ve been obsessed with creating the most efficient Daily Planner on Notion (minimal effort, maximum returns) After 3 years of tweaking, I think we’re 90% of the way there! This Productive Daily Planner for Notion keeps the core elements from previous templates (e.g. Make Time workflow) while improving upon the usability (i.e. no need to create a new page for each week) Enjoy 😁 *TIMESTAMPS* 00:00 A Productive Notion Daily Planner 00:40 Structure of Daily Planner Agenda 01:41 Daily Tasks 04:16 Make Time Database 05:32 Projects and Upcoming Tasks 06:40 Pro Tips when using this Planner 07:54 Feedback for this Notion Daily Planner *RESOURCES I MENTION IN THE VIDEO* My Simple Productivity System - Thomas Frank’s video - *MY FAVORITE GEAR* 🎬 My YouTube Gear - 🎒 Everyday Carry - *MY TOP 3 FAVORITE SOFTWARE* ❎ CleanShot X - ✍️ Skillshare - 📖 Readwise - *BE MY FRIEND:* 📧 Subscribe to my Productivity newsletter - 📸 Instagram - 🤝 LinkedIn - *👨🏻‍💻 WHO AM I:* I'm Jeff, a tech professional trying to figure life out. What I do end up figuring out, I share! _PS: Some of the links in this description are affiliate links I get a kickback from and my opinions are my own and may not reflect that of my employer_ 😇 #notion #dailyplanner #productivity