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How I Use AI to take perfect notes...without typing

by Thomas Frank Explains
Today I'll show you how to build the ultimate text to speech workflow, which will allow you to take perfect notes with your voice using ChatGPT and Notion. 🧠 ULTIMATE BRAIN (Full Second-Brain Template - use LETSGO2023 at checkout to get $50 off): 📝 FULL WRITTEN ARTICLE: Code block for the "Format" step here: 📚 NOTION FUNDAMENTALS (Free & Complete Notion Beginner's Course) 🎥 CREATOR'S COMPANION (The Best Template for Content Creators - use LETSGO2023 at checkout): 🛠 MORE COURSES AND RESOURCES: 💪GET STARTED WITH NOTION: - (this is my referral link) 🔗 VIDEO LINKS: Notion - OpenAI - Pipedream - 🐦Connect with me: Twitter ➔ (best way to interact with me) Instagram ➔ Music ➔ @ThomasFrankMusic Main Channel ➔ @Thomasfrank ⏱ TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 - Intro 02:33 - What You'll Need 03:41 - Workflow Overview 05:06 - Build Start 05:36 - Set Up the Trigger 08:13 - Download the Audio File 11:32 - Transcribe with Whisper 16:13 - Summarize with ChatGPT 24:02 - Format the Text 26:57 - Create Notion Page 31:38 - Test the Workflow 32:07- Deploy the Workflow 33:19 - More Resources --- In this tutorial, I'll show you how you can record voice notes on your phone, get them automatically transcribed and summarized, and have them sent directly to Notion. It's a complete speech-to-text workflow, and once you have it set up, it's like having a superpower. This workflow leverages two new AI tools, both from OpenAI: Whisper (to transcribe your audio) and ChatGPT (to summarize your transcript and create lists of main points, action items, etc). It also uses Pipedream (my favorite automation builder), which stitches all these tools together and sends your notes to Notion.