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My Natural Wavy Hair Journey with Notion

by Marie Poulin
This is a more vulnerable/personal share, about how I've been using Notion to help me learn how to style my naturally wavy hair. I've fought my naturally wavy hair my whole life, and didn't realize that I was creating more damage by resisting my hairs' natural texture, and trying to straighten it every day. I had no idea about any of the techniques or products that can help us wavy haired girls embrace and enhance our waves. I'm on a journey to try to embrace my natural hair by learning how to take better care of it, but WOW there's a lot to learn. I created a Wavy Hair dashboard to help me take notes about products, application techniques, routines, etc. I take a selfie every day and take note of what I did, what products I use, so I can learn how to get better. Are you on your own natural/wavy/curly hair journey? You can grab this template here: (Apologies that this video was accidentally recorded on a lower resolution 😭) Resources that I've found super helpful: Wavy Curly Ali Manes by Mell Swavy Wavy Courtney Curly Girl Method - adapted for Wavy Hair ⚡️Want more Notion related goodness? ☕️ Love this content and want to buy me a coffee? New to Notion and want to give it a try? You can sign up here using my affiliate link, as I'm a Notion Partner: 00:00 Why I'm doing this journey 02:33 The Wavy Hair Dashboard 3:47 Showing the different view types for visualizing progress 5:00 Absolute despair 6:14 Goals related to this special project 6:41 Wash day routines 9:51 Products, Resources, Notes