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Notion A-to-Z — Master Notion and Get Certified

by William Nutt
Used by Notion’s support team, Notion A-to-Z is the definitive way to learn Notion, prepare for certification, and keep current with new features. It's the culmination of more than three years of work with Notion—the app, its users, and the company directly. Crafted around my core principles for learning and using Notion, A-to-Z is an interactive journey toward Notion mastery, instilling the _technical_ and _tactical_ skills you need to make the most of the all-in-one app. Among its multitude of resources, this "living" workspace includes readings, visuals, functional demos, practical exercises, mock certification questions, expansive indexes, and all current and future versions of the Bulletproof Workspace. As Notion evolves, so does Notion A-to-Z, remaining your trusty companion throughout your Notion experience. All above Notion A-to-Z: // ----- // 👋 MEET WILLIAM William Nutt is the founder of Nutt Labs and creator of Notion VIP (, the most widely referenced resource for Notion users. His Bulletproof methodology is Notion's most popular framework and top-selling template. In addition to consulting users, William works directly for Notion on a variety of projects: He co-authored the official documentation and continues to develop and manage the new Notion Certified program ( Follow William on Twitter at // ----- // #Notion #Productivity