Notion For Writers: Using Footnotes and New Sync Block

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I take a look at how a Notion user can implement footnotes in the body of a database page via a nested linked database. I also explore how to create superscripts that communicate with footnotes. Lastly, I also give my brief first impressions of the synced block feature.


0:00 - Intro
0:56 - Connecting Chapters and Footnotes to Scenes
5:25 - Nest Footnotes Database in Footer
12:27 - Connecting Chapters to Footnotes
15:29 - Synced Blocks, New Feature
17:42 - Outro

#notion #writing #syncblocks

Red Gregory

I'm a ambassador that enjoys sharing different tips and tricks to improve your experience with the program. Whether you are new to Notion or a pro, I hope to lend some help.