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Notion’s New Button Feature is a Game-Changer

by Thomas Frank Explains
Here's everything you need to know about Notion's new Button block! 🧠 ULTIMATE BRAIN (Full Second-Brain Template - use LETSGO2023 at checkout): 🧠 SECOND BRAIN OVERVIEW (Full tour of my second brain in Notion): 📚 NOTION FUNDAMENTALS (Free & Complete Notion Beginner's Course) 🎥 CREATOR'S COMPANION (The Best Template for Content Creators - use LETSGO2023 at checkout): 💾 LEARN NOTION DATABASES (Free course for beginners): 🧪 LEARN NOTION FORMULAS (Complete formula reference guide): 🛠 MORE COURSES AND RESOURCES: 💪GET STARTED WITH NOTION: - (this is my referral link) 🐦Connect with me: Twitter ➔ (best way to interact with me) Instagram ➔ Music ➔ @ThomasFrankMusic ⏱ TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 - Intro 00:51 - Example: Habit Tracker 02:18 - Example: Create Default Tasks 03:52 - Example: Personal Dashboard 05:18 - Create Your First Button 07:24 - Add New Database Pages 13:19 - Create Dashboard Buttons 18:37 - Edit Existing Pages 22:17 - Relative Dates Trick 25:46 - Additional Resources 🎞 SPECIAL THANKS Select video clips supplied by Getty Images