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Notion Stakeholder Series — Frequent Functions

by William Nutt
I help a key group of Notion stakeholders understand the app's advanced features. They explore my resources in Notion A-to-Z, then we convene for a series of live lessons. Through this _Notion Stakeholder Series_, I’m making those lessons available to you. 00:00 — Intro 00:54 — Configure Your Sandbox 02:07 — Recap :: Function Fundamentals 10:16 — min() 11:30 — max() 12:19 — round() 14:03 — concat() 15:43 — join() 19:21 — now() 19:54 — dateBetween() 23:06 — dateAdd() 24:52 — dateSubtract() 25:00 — formatDate() 34:04 — format() 35:38 — toNumber() // ----- // 💡 RESOURCES Companion Post: Notion A-to-Z: William on Twitter: Subscribe to Notion VIP: // ----- // 👋 MEET WILLIAM William Nutt is the founder of Nutt Labs and creator of Notion VIP (, the most widely referenced resource for Notion users. Notion’s support team and thousands of users use his resources in Notion A-to-Z ( to master and maximize Notion. William also created the Bulletproof methodology, which is Notion's most popular framework and top-selling template. In addition to consulting users, William works directly for Notion on a variety of projects: he co-authored the official user reference, created and manages the Notion Certified program, and trains new members of Notion’s support team. Follow William: // ----- // #Notion #Productivity