Time Blocking with Google Calendar + Notion PPV Daily Plan

In this video I present how I do Time Blocking with both the Notion PPV Daily Plan and Google Calendar (or any calendar app) — creating super productive and impactful days.

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Index Timestamps ⌚
0:00 Intro
2:32 Daily Planning In Notion (previous video)
3:15 Google Calendar Event Schedule
4:15 Your "Ideal Day" Schedule
4:40 Implementing Across Notion & Google Calendar
7:17 Deep Work Periods
8:53 Habits & Routines
10:19 Top Priorities
13:08 Implementing the Next Day
16:45 Advancing Your Life
18:32 Scheduling for You, Not Just Others
19:47 Closing Thoughts

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August Bradley

I share insight on personal and professional enhancement for business owners and creators, largely through use of the Notion software platform.  

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