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Your AI Jumpstart: AI—from a Bird's Eye

by William Nutt
To kick off our _AI Jumpstart_ series, let's explore AI from the highest level, including key concepts that will help explain ChatGPT and its counterparts from Microsoft, Google and ambitious newcomers in upcoming videos. 00:24 — What's artificial intelligence? 02:58 — Narrow vs. General AI 03:46 — Machine Learning 04:02 — Artificial Neural Network 04:27 — Supervised, Unsupervised and Reinforcement Learning 05:46 — Generative AI 06:37 — Natural Language Processing 07:03 — Large Language Models (LLMs) 07:27 — Transformers 07:47 — Impact of AI This is the first part of the _AI Jumpstart_ series for new subscribers to _The Streamline_, an insightful guide to AI, automation and productivity. Join us: Companion Post: Follow William on Twitter: