Guidelines Template

Follow these guidelines to maximise your chances to add your template to the platform.

Guidelines to get your template published

High-quality templates and a great user experience is all we want for all Notion lovers visiting Notion Everything. That’s why we set up clear guidelines and require specific assets when submitting a new template.

Here’s how to make sure your template will get accepted:

1. Add onboarding and instructions sections

Please make sure any user of your template will know how to use it properly. You can include clear instructions for each feature. Even better, add an onboarding section showing how to duplicate and configure your template.

We will review your template to be sure that it brings value to the final user. And we will also check the quality of its structure and instructions.

Use checkboxes, toggles, callouts to help users understand how every page of your template works and how they should use it.

2. Write a clear and complete description texts

Your description texts need to be explicit and clear about the value of your template and the problem you're solving with it for the final customer.

Your template page on Notion Everything has both short and long description sections.

  • Short description summarizes the main features of your template. It's used for filters on the site so use descriptive keywords for your template.
  • Long description explains the value of your template by giving details about all the features. You can also include a FAQ section and add social proof as if it was your Gumroad product page. Your text needs to answer these 3 questions:
    • Who is the template for?
    • What problems does the template solve?
    • How does the template address these issues?

3. Create clean visuals to showcase your template’s features

"A picture is worth a thousand words”, right? Your template needs to have good and professional images to showcase its value.

Ideally, it should have 1 cover and at least 2 other visuals (1 good cover for free templates can be accepted).

Use landscape format (1200x700 pixels) and optimize your images with before uploading them.

To create your visuals, you can use FREE tools like Canva or Photopea (like Photoshop but free):

  • Canva is a great tool to create quick and nice design images. They have a lot of templates ready to use: Canva Template
  • Photopea is perfect for creating more complex visuals like 3D product packaging mockups for your cover image. You can find some great free mockups here.

Other important requirements

  • Your template, visuals and descriptions must be in English.
  • In the submission form, share the link to your template for us to review it.
  • Create a short video presentation of your template (optional).
  • Don’t forget to add as an affiliate on Gumroad with 20% fee (for PAID templates only).