40+ Free & Beautiful Notion Templates for Everything [2023]

Quentin Villard
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If you're reading this post, Notion is likely your favorite productivity app (or soon to be).

But creating a Notion workspace from scratch can be a cumbersome activity. Newbies are often startled by the sheer amount of options and possibilities.

This is where free Notion templates come in. They are built by the great Notion community for the Notion community and cover many use cases (personal organization, productivity, business, project management, habit tracking and more).

For new Notioneers, they can serve as a starting point, from where they can build their own individual system.

In this article, we will help you find the perfect free Notion template for your personal or professional use. In fact, we've curated the best free Notion templates that you can use for managing every aspect of your life or business.

And if you are looking to go further with Notion, don't forget to check out our marketplace for more Notion templates, and read our selection of the latest best Notion templates.

Ok. Let's get to it!


Free Notion Business Templates

Notion is the one of the best apps to organize your whole business. Whatever the size of your company or team, it lets you create custom systems to manage your operations and scale your  activity.

And the best? The Notion community provides tons of free templates for all kinds of business use cases.

Check out the templates that allow you to plan projects, check daily tasks, organize ideas, or even operate your e-commerce business.

Simple Project Management

Looking for a hassle-free way to manage your projects? This Notion template is just the ticket. Easily organize, track, and customize tasks, deadlines, and progress in a single spot.

→ Get Simple Project Management

Content Planner & Calendar

Content planning can be tricky, but this template has your back. Organize ideas, plan content, and schedule posts all in one place using this handy Notion template.

→ Get Content Planner & Calendar

Simple CRM

Managing customer relationships is essential for any business, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Try this template to track leads, deals, and contacts, all in one convenient location.

→ Get Simple CRM

Business Model Canvas & Lean Canvas Templates

Mapping out business ideas and strategies is a breeze with this Notion template for Business Model and Lean Canvas. Quickly identify and refine the key aspects of your business model, from value proposition to revenue streams.

→ Get Business Model Canvas & Lean Canvas Templates

Notion templates to turn your passion into a company

Eager to bring your business idea to life? These templates have everything you need, from business planning to product management. Launch and grow your company with this free Notion template collection.

→ Get Notion templates to turn your passion into a company

Notion Ecommerce Dashboard template

Managing an ecommerce business can be tough, but the Notion Ecommerce Dashboard (NED) is here to help. Keep an eye on your sales, inventory, and customer data in one handy place.

→ Get Notion Ecommerce Dashboard template

Free Notion Personal Templates

Entrepreneurs and students are among the most evangelical members of the Notion community.

Still, the app is also great for organizing everything related to your personal life. Once you start using Notion for business use cases, you're likely to quickly expand your Notion usage to other areas of your life.

In the following section, we show you free Notion templates for meal planning, tracking your books, planning your personal growth, writing your resume and annual reviews.

Personal growth home template

This free Notion template offers an easy-to-use tool for personal growth at home. With templates for goal setting, habit tracking, and more, you can create a personalized plan tailored to your needs.

→ Get Personal growth home template

Professional Notion resume template

Time for a new resume? Check out this professional Notion template. Its modern and clean design allows you to showcase your experience, skills, and accomplishments, leaving a lasting impression on potential employers.

→ Get Professional Notion resume template

Notion food planner template

Simplify meal planning and grocery shopping with this food planning template. Complete with sections for meal planning, grocery lists, and recipe storage, create a customized meal plan to suit your lifestyle.

→ Get Notion food planner template

Reading corner Notion template

Stay on top of your reading goals with this reading nook Notion template. With customizable sections for book lists, reading progress, and reviews, you’ll never lose track of your reading journey and new book discoveries.

→ Get Reading corner Notion template

Year reflection template

Discover a straightforward way to reflect on personal growth and plan for the future using this Notion template. Keep tabs on achievements, challenges, and goals, helping you assess your progress and set yourself up for success in the upcoming year.

→ Get Year reflection Notion template

Ali's annual review template

Reflect on your year with Ali’s Annual Review Notion template. Analyze accomplishments, identify areas for growth, and set actionable goals for the year ahead. Perfect for staying on track and being intentional about personal development.

→ Get Ali's annual review template

Trip planner Notion template

Make your travel planning a breeze with this Trip Planner Notion template. Organize your itinerary, accommodations, transportation, and activities all in one place. Say goodbye to pre-trip chaos and enjoy a well-planned adventure.

→ Get Trip planner Notion template

Free Notion Templates for Students

Students love Notion, and this is not surprising. It is an app that can take your academic life to new spheres, simply by helping you to better organize and keep track of assignments and exams.

Good Organization is key to academic success and Notion is the right tool for giving you a helping hand. Thus, reducing the mental-bandwidth needed to juggle different projects at once.

The following section contains free Notion templates for Students that contain among others: class schedule, spaced repetition flashcards, coursework tracking dashboards and task management systems.

College degree course tracker

Stay on top of your academic progress with this College Degree Tracker Notion template. Track courses, credits, and grades while managing your study schedule and extracurricular activities. An essential tool for any college student looking to succeed.

→ Get College degree course tracker

Spaced repetition flashcards

Boost your learning and memory retention with this Flashcards Notion template. Create digital flashcards for any subject, making studying more efficient and enjoyable. Perfect for students and lifelong learners alike.

→ Get Spaced repetition flashcards

Student workspace Notion template

Organize your work and personal life with the My Workspace Notion template. Manage tasks, projects, notes, and more in a single, streamlined dashboard. A comprehensive tool for staying organized and boosting productivity.

→ Get Student workspace Notion template

School Notion dashboard

Stay on top of your academic life with this School Dashboard Notion template. Track assignments, class schedules, and important dates, while also managing extracurricular activities and personal goals. An all-in-one solution for student success.

→ Get School Notion dashboard

Free Notion Productivity Templates

Notion is the hottest productivity app out there right now. As mentioned in the beginning: This is also due to the great Notion community that relentlessly produces new free productivity templates for personal and professional matters.

The list below includes habit trackers, second brain templates based on Tiago Forte's PARA method, and even a Benjamin Franklin template that was inspired by Franklin's own pen-and-paper productivity system.

Second Brain Notion template [PARA]

Enhance your thinking and organization with the Second Brain PARA Notion template. Based on the PARA method, this template helps you structure your projects, areas, resources, and archives, streamlining your information management.

→ Get Second Brain Notion template [PARA]

Ultimate habit tracker template

Take control of your habits with the Ultimate Habit Tracker Notion template. Monitor daily, weekly, and monthly habits, and track your progress over time. Ideal for building better routines and fostering personal growth.

→ Get Ultimate habit tracker Notion template

Benjamin Franklin's productivity System

Embrace the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin with this productivity system Notion template. Plan your day, track accomplishments, and reflect on your performance using Franklin’s proven techniques. A time-tested approach to boosting productivity and self-improvement.

→ Get Benjamin Franklin's productivity System

Eisenhower matrix Notion template

Master the art of prioritization with the Eisenhower Matrix Notion template. Organize tasks based on urgency and importance, allowing you to focus on what truly matters. A powerful tool for managing time and making better decisions.

→ Get Eisenhower matrix Notion template

Free Notion Templates for Startups

You need more Notion templates for managing your company? We already covered how Notion can help to skyrocket your business. Here are now free Notion templates dedicated to startups.

For startups that want to set up a robust internal system from the start of their business or for those who need to scale their operations and encourage cross-functional collaboration, Notion has become a tool that is hard to do without.

Below you'll find free templates in the category range from dashboards that allow you to manage your fundraising and pitch decks to useful systems for launching your startup's products and services.

Funding OS Notion template

Navigate the fundraising process with ease using the Funding OS Notion template. Manage investor relations, track milestones, and keep your financial documents organized. A must-have for startups seeking funding.

→ Get Funding OS Notion template

Pitch Deck template

Create an engaging pitch deck with this Notion template. Organize your slides, outline key points, and deliver a persuasive presentation to potential investors, partners, or clients.

→ Get Pitch Deck Notion template

Data Room Notion template

Simplify due diligence with this Data Room Notion template. Organize, manage, and share sensitive business documents securely, streamlining your investment or acquisition process.

→ Get Data Room Notion template

Your next product launch template

Plan and execute a flawless product launch with this comprehensive Notion template. Manage tasks, timelines, and resources to ensure your product hits the market with a bang.

→ Get Your next product launch template

Go to Market (GTM) Plan

Map out a winning market entry strategy with this Go-to-Market Plan Notion template. Define target customers, channels, and marketing tactics to successfully launch your product or service.

→ Get Go to Market (GTM) Plan

Free Notion Templates for Freelancers

So far, we have covered Notion templates for businesses and startups. But if you are a freelancer working alone from home, Notion will be your virtual operating system to help you manage every aspect of your own business.

Below, you'll find popular templates for freelancers that will allow you to manage your sales pipeline and track your clients' projects and tasks. You'll also be able to create beautiful proposals, quotes and invoices.

Freelancer dashboard Notion template

Stay organized and productive with The Freelancer Dashboard Notion template. Manage clients, projects, and deadlines, making your freelance business more efficient and profitable.

→ Get Freelancer dashboard Notion template

Contracting proposal template

Craft compelling contracting proposals with this Notion template. Organize your pitch, showcase your services, and impress potential clients to land more business.

→ Get Contracting proposal Notion template

Free Notion Finance Templates

Notion is also an excellent tool for keeping an eye on your finances and monitoring your cash flow.

Forget cumbersome Excel spreadsheets! Use sleek Notion finance dashboards and tools instead for managing your income and expenses, gaining a better understanding of your financial habits, and tracking the performance of your personal investments.

By the way, if you are looking for a more advanced system, check out our Finance Tracker & Budget Planner Notion Template.

Financial tracker template

Take control of your finances with this Finance Tracker & Budget Planner Notion template. Track expenses, create budgets, and monitor your financial goals for better money management.

→ Get Financial tracker Notion template

Subscription tracker Notion template

Stay on top of your recurring expenses with this Subscription Tracker Notion template. Monitor your subscriptions, track spending, and make informed decisions about your monthly budget.

→ Get Subscription tracker Notion template

Investments tracker template

Monitor your investments with this Notion template. Track your portfolio’s performance, manage asset allocation, and make informed decisions to grow your wealth.

→ Get Investments tracker Notion template

Personal finance tracker Notion template

Achieve financial wellness with this Personal Finance Tracker Notion template. Organize your income, expenses, savings, and investments to make smarter financial decisions.

→ Get Personal finance tracker Notion template

Free Notion Templates for Writers

Writers who use Notion certainly won't go back to another tool to write their novels and stories. The app is not just a wonderful place for writing, it is also excellent for organizing your content and keeping track of ideas.

In this section, we show you a great Notion dashboard template for fiction writers, that will help you to keep track of events, characters, locations, and chapters for your story. You'll also find a set of beautifully designed templates that you can customize for drafting, revising, tracking progress of your writings.

If you are looking for more advanced templates, check out our article featuring all the best Notion templates for writers.

Fictional Story Timeline template

Craft engaging narratives with this Fictional Story Timeline Notion template. Organize plotlines, character development, and world-building for a captivating and coherent story.

→ Get Fictional Story Timeline Notion template

Aesthetic Notion Templates for Writers

Elevate your writing with Rebecca Mix’s collection of Notion templates. Organize your projects, brainstorm ideas, and develop your writing skills in a supportive environment.

→ Get Aesthetic Notion Templates for Writers

Free Notion Marketing Templates

Managing your marketing experiments or campaigns and organizing your marketing content is another use case that Notion will help you with, a lot. Indeed, Notion can act as a powerful marketing hub to store your assets and create all your written content.

A powerful Notion dashboard can be the only thing you need for all your marketing projects and tasks. Whether your goal is content creation, social media marketing or blogging management, Notion will do the work every time.

Marketing experiments template

Learn from Notion’s marketing experiments with this informative template. Discover new marketing strategies, track performance, and implement successful tactics for your own business.

→ Get Marketing experiments Notion template

Blogging Manager

Streamline your blogging process with this Blogging Manager Notion template. Plan, draft, and schedule blog posts while managing SEO, social media, and audience engagement.

→ Get Blogging Manager

Video Content creation template

Master content creation across platforms with this Notion template. Organize ideas, plan content, and manage publication schedules for a cohesive and engaging online presence.

→ Get Video Content creation template

Free Aesthetic Notion Templates

One particular thing Notion is popular for is allowing users to customize the look of their workspaces. This has led to the trend of aesthetic Notion workspaces, which you can find pretty much everywhere in the Notion community.

In this section, you'll find a selection of free aesthetic Notion templates that you can use for a lot of different needs.

And if you wish to get inspired by some more aesthetic notion designs, check out our full article about the best aesthetic Notion templates and design inspirations.

The Happiness Bar Journal

Boost your well-being with The Happiness Bar Journal 2022 Notion template. Reflect on your day, practice gratitude, and set intentions to cultivate happiness and mindfulness throughout the year.

→ Get The Happiness Bar Journal

Aesthetic Homepage Template

Elevate your Notion experience with this Aesthetic Homepage template. Customize the layout and design to create a visually appealing and functional workspace that suits your unique needs.

→ Get Aesthetic Homepage Template

Life organization Weekly and Daily spread

Optimize your productivity with this All-in-One Workspace Notion template. Manage tasks, projects, and resources in a single, streamlined dashboard, allowing you to focus on what’s important.

→ Get Life organization Weekly and Daily spread

Light Aesthetic Notion Dashboard

Organize your digital life with flair using the Light Aesthetic Dashboard Notion template. Create a visually appealing and functional workspace that inspires creativity and enhances productivity.

→ Get Light Aesthetic Dashboard


Notion Affiliate LinkNotion Affiliate Link40+ Free & Beautiful Notion Templates for Everything [2023]40+ Free & Beautiful Notion Templates for Everything [2023]
Task and project managementFinance tracker and budget planner


Where to get templates for Notion?

There are many places where you can get Notion templates, and there’s a template for nearlly every conceivable use. Head to our template database, or you can check out the official Notion gallery.

How do I create my own Notion template?

You can create a Notion template page by creating a page and then clicking save as template. This will save it as a template that’s available in that database.

To create a template for other suers you can hit share, and make it available on the web. Make sure you allow duplicates, as this is how other Notion users will get a copy of your template.

Are there free Notion templates?

There are many free Notion templates across education, business, marketing, lifestyle, health, fitness, productivity and many more.

What is Notion used for?

Notion is one of the best note-taking tools out there. It’s a hub for productivity and keeping your life organized.

How do I use templates on Notion?

When you get the template URL you can open it in Notion. From here you will need to go into the main menu and hit duplicate. You can then save the template in your own workspace and make any changes you need to.

Where can I buy Notion templates?

Many sites such as ours also offer paid templates. These are more complex or highly productive templates. You can check some of these out here.

What are Notion templates?

A notion template is a publicly shared Notion page that is duplicated by other users. This allows people to get started being more productive without taking the time to build templates themselves.