The Best Notion Workout Templates for 2024

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It doesn’t matter what fitness goals you have or what type of exercise you do - within all Notion templates available, we've selected the best Notion workout templates for any of your needs! From sports activities tracking to diet plans. From muscle group exercise tracking to doctor appointments. Any fitness or health goals you have can be organized with a perfect fitness Notion template!

In this post you'll find Notion workout templates regarding sports and exercise routines, nutrition, and body goals. Be sure to check all of them because they all have something unique. From complete nutrition to muscle groups. From mental health tracking to physical health - all types of extra modules can be found next to all these great workout templates.

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Ultimate Workout Tracker Notion Template

If you take your fitness goals really seriously, this is the complete Notion workout template for you. Turn all your sports goals into trackable data. Track your workouts, use Notion for habit tracking and keep track of your fitness schedule. Everything you need to stay on your fitness plan and more!

Ultimate Workout Tracker Notion Template

Best part? This Notion workout tracker can be used regardless of which sport you have chosen. Yes! It works for classic gym workouts, but also you get running, cycling, swimming, or stretching sports hubs. This means, even if you pick up a sport that is not here - it will be easy to set it up with your new coach. It's a massive and powerful sports hub on Notion!

Ultimate Workout Template Features

✅ Comes with exercises, GIFs, and intensity formulas

✅ Dark and light themes

✅ Works with all types of sports (cardio, strength, etc.)

✅ Can pay extra and get onboarding with a professional

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Health Hub OS Notion Template

This Notion health template is more than just a physical log or calendar template for your workouts and fitness goals. Actually, daily workout take just a small part of the physical log within this template - expect to also find things like calorie tracker, water consumption, daily steps, sleep hour tracking, and more. And that’s just one hub within a huge health system!

Health Hub OS Notion Template

This health template includes other databases for mental health, routines, spirituality, and even knowledge databases. Treat this amazing health tracker as your Notion journal template. But for everything health related! All aspects of physical, mental, and spiritual health are included.

Health Hub OS Workout Template Features

✅ From vitamins to daily steps, from spiritual to muscle exercises - everything is here!

✅ Complete health-related routine tracker and planner

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Notion Advanced Workout Planner Template

While this notion template is much smaller than a few huge templates featured in this article, it has an amazing quality-to-price ratio. Especially if what you need is just a Notion calendar template with a focus on your workouts and fitness goals.

Notion Advanced Workout Planner Template

While this template has everything you need to succeed in any fitness goals you have, the best part is that it comes with loads of information. Think of walkthrough videos and articles to get you going. Really simple yet powerful fitness template that doesn’t cost much!

Notion Advanced Workout Planner Template Features

✅ If you pay extra, you can get 1-on-1 consultation with a professional

✅ Great price!

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Workout OS Notion Fitness Template

This workout template takes a bit of a different turn regarding your fitness routine. Think of this fitness template as a gamified app on your phone that helps you track your gym progress, diet, fitness challenges, and exercises in one place.

Workout OS Notion Fitness Template

What I loved the most about this template is that it makes the main dashboard your fast overview screen. You can use it to add data quickly and use it as a Notion planner template for your fitness goals. Great choice for those who plan to customize their workout template to make it unique (Notion pros) and those who are getting their first-ever Notion template. 

Workout OS Fitness Template Features

✅ Will work for both beginners and experienced Notion users

✅ The price is really great and affordable!

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Ascension Workouts and Diet Tracker Notion Template

If you are seeking a very diet-focused and meal-planning-oriented Notion template that is all about those fitness goals - this is the one! Imagine a workout planner that sets a huge emphasis on your diet, eating habits, and calorie intake. 

Ascension Workouts and Diet Tracker Notion Template

Diet is as important as exercise (if not more). This is exactly why this template is constructed with the main goal of helping you plan and track your food-related goals while matching them to exercises you do and all sports practices you participate in. Things like calorie trackers, BMI calculators, and diet plans are included!

Ascension Workouts and Diet Tracker Template Features

✅ Workout tracker that focuses on your diet and food intake

✅ Self-improvement and development through the scope of healthy food and diet

Get Ascension Workouts and Diet Tracker Template!

HealthyMe Notion Health Management Template

Sports management board is just a small part of what this Notion goals template can offer you! If your goal is a healthy life - give this amazing template a try. It allows you to track all aspects of your health - from doctors' appointments to spiritual or mental health. From exercise tracking to recipes and remedies for your nutrition planning.

HealthyMe Notion Health Management Template

The most interesting part about this template is that it also works for your entire family. Meaning this healthy lifestyle template allows you to incorporate your kids, spouse, and even other family members like grandma or your mom into one big health-tracking hub. If you think you spend loads of time scheduling appointments and forcing others to eat healthily, this might be the perfect template for you!

HealthyMe Health Template Features

✅ Unique take on what a health-related template can be

✅ Quite a cheap template!

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Workout Compass Notion Exercise Template

This is not your fitness tracker or exercise scheduling template, it’s something different… Think of this as your to-do list notion template! Just - instead of tasks, you have different exercises to do. It comes with many different exercises based on different muscle groups and even has cardio involved.

HealthyMe Notion Health Management Template

What I loved most about this template is that it forces you to train every muscle group. This seems like a great idea, knowing how confusing it can get and how easy it is to “skip the leg day”. If you neglect a muscle group or two, they gradually go from green to red, from trained to untrained. Amazing idea!

Workout Compass Exercise Template Features

✅ Workout template that makes sure you are training your body equally

✅ Amazing template if you want a perfect body but don’t know where to start!

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Other Notion Templates

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