The Best Notion Planner Templates for 2024

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Task and project managementFinance tracker and budget planner

While we live busier and busier lives, keeping track of any area of our lives can become harder and harder. So many things to plan and track! Finding a great Notion template that specializes in planning a specific area of your life can make things so much easier.

Below you will find a list of best Notion templates that will help you plan and keep track of a certain (or all!) area of your life. Be it small company task management, personal finances, student life, traveling, fitness goals or even when you should water your plants… There's a Notion planner template on this list for everyone!


Project Management and Planner Template

One of the best task and project planners out there is this powerful Notion task management template that will suit any professional or personal project. Treat this template as your Notion goal tracking template. Doesn’t matter if you want to work alone, freelance or have a big team working with you - this task planner can handle it all! 

Task and Project Management System Notion Planner Template

With multiple databases and more than 30 different views to choose from, everyone will be able to adapt this template to any planning needs they might be needing. It’s a planner solution that has as much power and complexity as you need. Amazing template with so much to offer!

Task and Project Management System Notion Planner Template Features

✅ Plan tasks, projects and divide them with tags like topic or area

✅ Set plan timeframes like months, quarters and years

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Finance Tracker and Budget Planner Template

There’s nothing more important to plan than your budget and finances. With so many variables and important things to track, having a perfect budgeting Notion template can keep you more organized and make accounting easier. This is exactly the template you need if you want to track your finances!

Finance Tracker and Budget Notion Planner Template

If you want a dynamic high-end financial planning and budgeting system for professional or personal use, look no further - this the best template for that! Be ready to stay on top of your transactions and financial goals like spending, monthly budget or even saving accounts!

Finance Tracker and Budget Planner Template Features

✅ Fits all currencies and regions, easy to adapt

✅ Organize according to spending categories and visualize your finances

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Ultimate Life Planner Notion Template

If you seek a more personalized life planner that can cater to your specific needs and plans - this is the right planner for you! This Notion template is all about that personal hobby, habit and plan tracking. Be it reading books, workouts, planning trips or even taking care of your plants, all can be tracked within this single Notion planner.

Ultimate Life Planner Notion Template

It even includes a simple financial planner dashboard if you don’t get too complex with your finances. This template works for any student or personal planning. It even involves things like mood tracker and habit tracker, meaning you can use this template as your Notion personal journal template. One great template for all aspects of your life!

Ultimate Life Planner Template Features

✅ Great dashboard views for all areas of your life

✅ Easy to adapt to any lifestyle

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Personal Growth Notion Planner Template

Looking for a simple way to organize all your self-development progress in one place? This is the template that can help you with all that and more! Plan your life and take your personal growth even more seriously with this great planner that will suit most lifestyles!

Personal Growth Notion Planner Template

It’s a very personal Notion template that has tools like self-reflection journal, emotion tracking tools, so it can be used as a Notion habit tracking template.  It even has a set of different tips and tricks that will help you stay motivated. Making the right decision has never been easier! Oh, and making use of this planner to create a very unique aesthetic Notion template, that reflects your personality, has never been easier.

Personal Growth Planner Template Features

✅ Great self-development and growth tracking template

✅ Amazing toolkit to stay motivated and plan your life!

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Notion Complete Life Planner Notion Template

Treat this life planner for Notion as your life organization dashboard. With it, it will be easier to clarify your personal vision and use it as your personal goals planner. As an added benefit you will also be able to track your finances, fitness goals, meals and even journal entries. Think - one single dashboard to to control all aspects and areas of your life!

Notion Complete Life Planner Notion Template

This life planner comes with everything you need to have your Notion calendar template organized around your personal growth! Set weekly, monthly or yearly goals and stay on track with this amazing life organization system. Best part? Because of how nicely different databases integrate each other, you will be able to create your own unique views that will help you stay motivated and reach your goals easier.

Notion Complete Life Planner Template Features

✅ Works with most areas of your life like money, sports, books and just as a task planning system

✅ Comes with different personal journals, like 5 minute journal and more

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Ultimate Travel Planner Notion Template

We all know how much effort and hard work you need to put into planning a great journey. Be it a vacation or a work trip, there are so many things you need to plan and track, especially if you want to stay on top of things throughout the trip! This Notion travel template has everything you need to make those perfect travel plans.

Ultimate Travel Planner Notion Template

From the very first reservation details, to flights and finally… To things you want to do and see. All of this and more can be tracked within one great dashboard on Notion. Best part? You will be able to access all of that from your phone while traveling, so you know all the most important travel details are in one place.

Ultimate Travel Planner Template Features

✅ Ideal travel planning template

✅ Can help you stay on your travel budget easier

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The Nomad Planner Notion Template

This template is similar to most other travel planning templates out there, but it comes with an interesting twist. You also get loads of nomad tips, checklists and tutorials. If you are looking for a great way to start (or keep track) with your nomadic lifestyle, give this Notion template a try!

Ultimate Travel Planner Notion Template

Expect to find everything you need to plan, book and plan your travels, but be sure to check out some other features… Like neighborhood mood tracker and other digital resources that this template has! Ideal starting point for anyone looking into taking their travels more seriously than before.

The Nomad Planner Template Features

✅ Full of nomadic lifestyle tips and tricks

✅ More than just a travel planner

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The Perfect Meal Planner Template

Looking for an organized way to improve your nutrition? This is a Notion meal planner template, that will help you plan your meals, select recipes and even make your grocery shopping easier. All of this in one place!

The Perfect Meal Notion Planner Template

Best part? With this planner you will be able to cook something you never thought you would like to try, because of the amount of recipes it comes with. Oh and lastly, this planner allows you to also see estimated costs of every meal you cook!

The Perfect Meal Planner Template Features

✅ Recipes, meal plan and grocery shopping in one place

✅ Save time with pre planned meals

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The Wedding Planner Notion Template

So much to plan and think about for that special day… If only there was an easier way to track everything for your wedding, so nothing ruins that special day? Try this Notion to do list template, that has been specially designed to plan your perfect wedding!

The Wedding Planner Notion Template

It’s more than just a way for a bride or groom (or both!) to stay on top of planning a wedding. This wedding template comes with loads of tips and tricks combined with other resources, so you wont need to waste time on doing loads of research on wedding blogs. Great template!

The Wedding Planner Template Features

✅ Take the stress out of planning your wedding

✅ Stay on budget and get free wedding planning tips

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Student Life Planner Notion Template

Looking for the best student templates for Notion? This is one of them! Everything you need to stay organized with your school work and personal life goals, in one place. All your class notes, chores and even your job-internship section can be found in this single student database.

Student Life Planner Notion Template

It’s not only the best place to organize your student life, because this template is easy to edit, you can organize other aspects of your student life. Think things like fitness goals, habit tracker and even personal journaling space. All that and more in a single template for students! Get your life in order with a great template that aims to help any type of student in any level of their education.

Student Life Planner Template Features

✅ Grades, notes, semester planning and to do lists in one student dashboard

✅ Can help you in other areas outside of your school life

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Notion Advanced Workout Planner

Plan to use Notion templates for your workout plans? Look no further, this might be the one! It’s a simple, yet effective way to have all your fitness goals in one place. By doing so it will be easier for you to reach your sport objectives and get in shape like you wanted!

Notion Advanced Workout Planner Notion Template

Think about your personal workout plan, that has all your workout sessions planned ahead of time. When the time comes, there is nothing left to think about, just go and achieve!

Notion Advanced Workout Planner Template Features

✅ Workout oriented planner and tracker

✅ Helps with staying on top of your fitness and health goals

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Social Media Planner and Blogging Dashboard Template

Looking for ways to boost your social media game? This is a specialized template for bloggers and social media influencers. While you might find more specific Notion templates for writers, this template aims to be that one spot where you can organize all your content channels in one place!

Notion Advanced Workout Planner Notion Template

This template comes with all most popular social media platforms ready to go, but it will be easy to adapt it to any content production and posting schedule needs you might have. Treat this as your content calendar and use handy content crafting templates that this template offers.

Social Media and Blogging Dashboard Planner Template Features

✅ Content production calendar and social media expense tracker

✅ Comes with content creation templates for any type of content

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Other Notion Templates

We hope you liked our list of the best Notion planner templates. Think we missed one planner template? Contact us and let us know! You can also add your own Notion template, here!

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