The Best Notion Goals Templates for 2024

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We have all been there: setting goals is easy but staying on track as time flies is the difficult part. Thanks to this selection of the best Notion goals templates, you can have a goal-tracking system built for success. This list of templates for task and goal management features templates for both personal and professional lives. Furthermore, you will find templates regardless of whether or not you work alone or with a team.

From all Notion templates available,we combined a list of Notion goal-tracking templates to make everyone find their perfect pick. Some templates on this list are strictly professional and aimed only toward your work success and task management. While others allow you to find balance with other areas of your life, be it fitness goals, relationship goals, travel goals, or any other type of success you seek.

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Notion Second Brain 2.0 Template

The Notion Second Brain 2.0 template offers a convenient method to track and manage goals across different life areas, blending personal and professional aspirations seamlessly. This template is perfect for anyone looking to align daily tasks with broader life objectives, offering a streamlined approach to achieving personal and professional milestones.

Second Brain 2.0 Template

Additionally, the Second Brain enables you to capture all relevant information, streamline your life areas, define your goals, oversee your projects, handle your tasks, and access your notes all from a single, convenient page!

Second Brain 2.0 Key Features:

✅ Integrated Goal and Task Management: easily link tasks to specific life goals.

✅ Life Areas Categorization: organize goals and tasks by life areas, such as career, health, or relationships, for balanced progress.

✅ System built on the PARA Methodology

✅ Bonus templates for Habit Tracker, Daily Journal, Personal CRM, and Address Book

Get the Second Brain 2.0 Template

Notion Goal Tracker Template

Notion Goal Tracker is a powerful free template that is designed to help you set, track, and achieve your goals effectively. It offers a comprehensive framework for setting and tracking goals, whether it's for fitness, skill development, or career milestones.

Goal Tracker Template

Notion Goal Tracker Key Features:

✅ Defining goals with deadlines and setting initial and target values.

✅ Organizing goals by status: in progress, achieved, or failed, using different tabs.

✅ Archiving completed or outdated goals for a cleaner system over time.

Get the Notion Goal Tracker template

Ultimate Brain Template for Notion

Ultimate Brain for Notion by Thomas Frank is the ultimate productivity system and second brain for Notion users. It seamlessly combines tasks, projects, notes, and goals to transform Notion into an all-in-one task manager, note-taker, and planner.

Ultimate Brain for Notion by Thomas Frank

This Notion goal template has been thoroughly tested and carefully designed to work well on all kinds of devices and screen sizes. Additionally, this template includes easy-to-follow tutorials and gives you free access to a supportive community on Circle. This community is a place where you can ask questions and get help whenever you need it.

Ultimate Brain Template Key Features:

✅ My Day dashboard for efficient daily planning.

✅ Quick Capture dashboard for speedy note-taking and task creation.

✅ GTD-style task capture and processing.

✅ PARA-style organization (Projects, Areas, Resources, Archives) for comprehensive task and project management.

✅ Recurring task functionality with a free automation tutorial.

Get the Notion Ultimate Brain Template

Life Dashboard Notion Template

This life dashboard is a perfect Notion system for those who want to take charge of their multifaceted lifestyle. If you have multiple passions, hobbies, tasks, and goals to manage, this Notion goals template is exactly what you need. If you feel like there’s too much going on in your life and it’s hard to keep track of everything, this is exactly the template you need to flip that around!

Life Dashboard Notion Template

Expect to get your ultimate planning system that comes with different project management templates, habit trackers, goals dashboards, and monthly or weekly workflows. For best results, consider also getting a Notion journal template, and you will have everything you need to be in complete control of your life. Great template for everyone - this template fits solopreneurs, students, creatives, freelancers, or any professional that wants to find balance in their life.

Life Dashboard Goals Template Features

✅ Comes with onboarding video, so it’s perfect for complete Notion beginners

✅ Incorporates both long-term and short-term vision for personal and professional goals

Get the Life Dashboard Goals Template

Life Goals OS Notion Template

While your goals template can be as simple as a checklist, this Notion template aims to take an extra step and also teach you how to become proficient with your goal setting. Treat this Notion template as a masterclass or e-book on goal setting. With the added benefit of this actually being your goal dashboard to manage your life. There are so many great resources and tools inside that anyone can flip their life around with this system!

Life Goals OS Notion Template

Get this template if you are looking for a long-term goal management system that will grow together with you. Goal setting is an art form in itself, and you will start to learn it all if you pick this template. If you really want to make a huge impact on your life, you might also want to get a Notion workout template together with this one. Really great way to take complete responsibility for your life!

Life Goals OS Template Features

✅ Includes referenced work from many goal-setting guides

✅ Best template for those who can’t stick to their goals and don’t know why

Get the Life Goals OS Template

Balance OS Notion Goals Template

The aim of this helpful template for Notion is for you to find balance in both achievements and the level of stress you might be facing. That’s exactly why it’s called the Balance Operating System for Notion. Life is much more than just goals and projects, which is exactly what this template is trying to help you with. That doesn’t mean that it’s not a goal and task tracking system first. It just means that it incorporates useful tools for you to stay balanced on your way to success.

Balance OS Notion Goals Template

That’s why this goals template for Notion is based on multiple different goal-setting frameworks, like GTD or PARA. It also incorporates journaling templates that can be important in your journey to personal improvement. If this really resonates with you, also get a Notion traveling template so you can start planning your trips after you achieve all that success.

Balance OS Goals Template Features

✅ Goal system that incorporates all areas of your life

✅ Perfect template for personal life management on Notion

Get the Balance OS Goals Template

Goal Achievement System Notion Template

You can think of this goal system as both your to-do list template and your Notion calendar. It aims to help you have all your long-term visions in one place and utilizes constant review practice to ensure you achieve your goals on time. You will start to get a checklist of instructions to make sure you set your achievement system properly.

Goal Achievement System Notion Template

Another important tool in this system is setting goal priorities and subdividing them into smaller achievable tasks. That, combined with your monthly and yearly reviews, can allow you to take complete control of your success. Great template if you are seeking a simple yet functional planning system.

Goal Achievement System Template Features

✅ Comes with a goal-setting and onboarding checklist

✅ Can also work as your yearly planner with to-do lists

Get the Goal Achievement System Template

Notion Goal Tracker Template

What sets this goal tracker apart from others on this list is that this is an aesthetic Notion template that has a great visual tracking system for you to stay motivated. Who doesn’t love seeing a progress bar of your achievements regarding your goals? Doesn’t matter how small or big goals you want to achieve; this system will allow you to subdivide your goals into smaller actions that will fill up the progress bar as you achieve them.

Notion Goal Tracker Notion Template

Another great feature of this goal-tracking system is that you can group your goals according to different areas of your life. It can be professional, financial, health, or any other type of goal, and you will be able to see how you are doing along the way. This means this template will help you juggle different things with less stress!

Notion Goal Tracker Template Features

✅ Great price and quality ratio

✅ Can easily fit and be combined with other Notion templates you might be using

Get the Notion Goal Tracker Template

Professional Habit Tracker Notion Goals Template

We added this habit-tracking template for Notion to this list because success can be achieved with the right set of habits. And keeping track of your habit-forming can be a tedious task. It allows you to gamify your habit goals, as you can see your progress and stay motivated to move forward. You have full control over the habit frequency, so this system will completely adapt to your perception of what success looks like to you personally.

Professional Habit Tracker Notion Goals Template

Best part is that this system for habit tracking will let you know when you are getting close to failing at your goal. You will not need to remember anything. Get used to checking in daily, and it will tell you what to do. It’s like a reminder of the goals you set for yourself some time ago. As long as you trust your past and imagine who you can be in the future, this system will take care of everything else for you!

Professional Habit Tracker Goals Template Features

✅ Comes with step by step onboarding process so you can customize it to your needs

✅ Track up to 10 habits at the same time

✅ Mobile friendly, so you can entries on the go

Get the Professional Habit Tracker Goals Template

Company OKRs Notion Goals Template

Here’s a great system for your company goals. It is based on the famous OKR tracking method. This means you and your team will create objectives and will set key result-tracking systems, so it’s easier to understand if all of you meet your targets or not. Remember that this system is all about measurable and attainable goal setting, so it will only work if you understand how OKRs work for teams and why you have chosen this system for your company.

Company OKRs Notion Goals Template

As any company project management system for Notion should, this template has been made specifically for teams of people working together. Be sure to check other templates on this list if you are planning to work on your goals alone. But if you have a team or are part of one, this method of setting goals and tracking progress is the way to go. Just keep in mind for this system to work, all your team members have to understand how S.M.A.R.T. goal setting works.

Company OKRs Template Features

✅ Based on the famous OKR system used by teams at Google

✅ Works for teams of any size

Get the Company OKRs Template

Other Notion Templates

We hope you liked our list of the best Notion goals templates. Think we missed one goals template? Contact us and let us know!

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Frequently asked questions.

Are Notion templates free?

You can find both free and paid templates. There are many free templates to get started with. Notion also has a large community of creators who have built templates covering a lot of different usecases and needs. Creators decide whether to make them free or charge for them.

How do I use templates on Notion?

When on a template page, there are two options to use it on your own workspace. For logged in Notion users, you can click on the Duplicate icon in the top right corner. Otherwise, click the Start with this template button.

Is it okay to use Notion for work?

Yes, Notion is a great choice for work-related tasks. With its powerful features for organization, collaboration, and project management, it can significantly enhance productivity and streamline workflows for individuals and teams alike.

Where to get templates for Notion?

Notion templates are available directly within the Notion template gallery, which features a variety of pre-made designs for different needs and uses. Additionally, many third-party websites like also share custom templates.