The Best Notion To Do List Templates for 2024

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Looking for the best Notion templates that can work as your task management and to do list? In this list you will find different Notion templates for personal or professional tasks, goals and projects. Doesn’t matter what kind of routine you want to improve and what kind of tasks you want to track, there’s a template on this list for anyone!

All Notion templates here aim to improve your personal or team productivity, make it easier to get things done and allow you to take full control of any project tracking. We reviewed all Notion to-do list templates out there and selected the best ones that can make any task management process easier!

Task and Project Management Notion To Do List Template

We are starting this to do a template list with one of the best price to quality Notion templates out there. This is a very powerful Notion template that provides you with a really advanced system for all your tasks, goals and projects. Doesn’t matter if you want to track tasks alone or with a big team, this template can handle it all!

Task and Project Management Notion To Do List Template

Think of this template as a task management software for your personal or professional life. With so many great completed tasks trackers and page templates, anyone can optimize their life. You can also use progress bars that come with this template to make sure you are in full control of any project or tasks you need to complete.

Task and Project Management To Do List Template Features

✅ More than 30 customizable database dashboard views for task tracking (Kanban board view, Gantt charts and more)

✅ Suits solopreneurs, freelancers, startups and even individual task management

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Focus OS Notion To Do List Template

The next great operating system on our list is a Notion template that is all about that getting things done mentality. This amazing to-do list template is based on OKR and GTD methodologies, and it will be easy to adapt to any personal or professional goals you might have. 

Focus OS Notion To Do List Template

This database template is called Focus Operating System for a reason - it’s a great task management and goal setting tool that aims to improve your productivity. Being a big template, this template allows you to focus on goals, projects, key results… 

But wait! It also allows you to use it like a Notion habit tracking system. Let's not forget about other trackers for learning new skills or even a booklist you should be reading. Great template for productivity!

Focus OS To Do List Template Features

✅ Complete productivity system and planner for all aspects of your life

✅ Multiple trackers and comes with an user manual

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Spatial Task List Notion Template

Spatial task list for Notion is one of those templates that have such a simple premise that will help anyone to get their life on track. Dump all your tasks from all areas of your life, be it work tasks, chores or personal improvement goals. Then organize them into a schedule on a calendar, add tags and start living a more efficient life.

Spatial Task List Notion To Do List Template

It’s quite a simple template, which makes it an amazing tool that you can optimize and customize according to your personal preferences. It utilizes a unique matrix view that makes it simple to revisit tasks you missed yesterday or continuously update your daily schedule and plan as you go. Really great alternative spin of classic Notion calendar templates!

Spatial Task List Template Features

✅ Cheap template with amazing core principle

✅ Great way to get a better grasp on your daily schedule

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Client Tasks and Communication To Do List Template

This To Do list template focuses on a bit of a different aspect than most others on this list. Client tasks and communication. If you work in sales, marketing or have any other job that requires you to be in constant contact with different people - this template will help you stay on top of things easier!

Client Tasks & Communication Manager Notion To Do List Template

This Notion template works as a CRM, rather than just a simple to do list. We all know how crazy things can get when you need to track each client's sales pipeline position and progress. 

Like with any CRM, you will want to optimize and adapt this cool system to your unique sales funnel. And this template is a perfect project management template to create a bespoke tracking and communication hub so that you can always know what’s happening with your clients!

Client Tasks and Communication Template Features

✅ Great value and price ratio

✅ Can involve multiple team members, so works both for solo and team sales projects

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Get Things Done System Dashboard Notion Template

This is yet another amazing system that will make it easier for you to get things done. It’s a “one system to rule them all” that allows you to track all goals, tasks and projects in one place. Think of this Notion template as the perfect progress tracking system - a great Notion planner template that you adapted for your personal needs!

Getting Things Done System Dashboard Notion To Do List Template

This system is built in a very slick app looking way, with the main dashboard being the core feature, you should consider giving this template a shot. If you always dreamed about having your own productivity app, this template is exactly that - it’s easy to customize and will help you dump your tasks, organize, plan and execute everything in one place.

GTD System Dashboard Template Features

✅ Works for anyone - solopreneurs, students, teams or just your career

✅ Cool app feeling, especially if you love dark mode software

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GTD Notion To Do List Template

Another great personal productivity system that is based on that Getting Things Done time management method that has been popularized by productivity guru himself, David Allen. With version one of this template being such a success, V2 provides even more control across all aspects of your personal productivity.

GTD Notion To Do List Template

Best part? This Get Things Done can support both personal and professional tasks, while it can also be used both as a solo system or with a bigger organization. Amazing template that has been optimized for all screen sizes, so you can keep track of your work on desktop, table or even mobile devices. Great pick as a Notion goal tracking template!

GTD To Do List Template Features

✅ Easy to customize for personal projects

✅ Great tool if you know Getting Things done time management system

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Creator's Companion Notion To Do List Template

This to-do list has a unique twist and will be a great content production and creator hub for any creative industry. With so many different channels that most of us are creating content for and so many different types of content out there, having a to-do list based system for content production is key in any online success. This is the template that can help you do all that!

Creator's Companion Notion To Do List Template

While it’s related to similar Notion templates for writers, video creators and social media influencers - this Notion template aims to be that single system to take care of all content production related task lists. 

Creator's Companion Notion Template Features

✅ Based on content production processes

✅ Can support different types of content

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Other Notion Templates

We hope you liked our list of best To Do List notion templates. Think we missed one To Do List template? Contact us and let us know! You can also add your own Notion template here!

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