The Best Notion Habit Tracker Templates for 2024

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Creating new habits and getting rid of the bad ones is a hard task. Thankfully, out of all the Notion templates available, some are especially made to help you with your new habit formation. Here is our selection of the best Notion habit tracker templates that we found.

The templates you'll find on this list aim to remove friction from new habit formation and fight your bad habits. If you pick the right habit-tracking template from this list, you will be able to track your daily, weekly, or monthly progress. You will also find other tools that will come in handy, like journals, exercises, and others that will help you in your journey to self-improvement. 

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Habit Tracker Notion Template

Introducing the Free Notion Habit Tracker Template - a valuable tool to help you in your journey towards self-improvement and mastering daily routines. This user-friendly template is ingeniously designed to help you easily define and track your daily habits.

Habit Tracker template

Free Habit Tracker Key Features:

✅ Streamlined habit management

✅ Adaptive tracking with progress formula

✅ Simplified daily updates

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Professional Habit Tracker Notion Template

This amazing Notion habit tracker template is all about simplicity, ease of use, and effective tracking of your routines. It comes with a comprehensive onboarding checklist, so you can set this template up by customizing it to your unique needs. It’s a flexible habit system where you can also set up the weekly rate that you must achieve and use it as your Notion goal tracking template.

Professional Habit Tracker Notion Template

With a very mobile-friendly design, this template makes it easy for you to do your daily habit entries directly from your phone. Also, with this template, you can master your routine without overwhelming yourself. This template will show what is still left to do, so you don’t need to remember how many times you did what. All of that is done automatically for you!

Professional Habit Tracker Habit Features

✅ Aesthetically pleasing habit tracking table with all your data in one place

✅ Complete control and personalization

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Habit Compass Notion Tracker Template

The core fundamentals of habit formation not only require you to keep a steady pace but also not to take more than you can chew. This is a specialized Notion habit tracker that aims to help you not to overcomplicate things. While this template is a very flexible log of your daily habits, it also doesn’t allow you to form too many different habits at the same time. 

Habit Compass Notion Tracker Template

Habit compass Notion habit tracking template is also a good pick if you want to form habits that are not daily; for example, you want to go to the gym three times a week. This template is based on the legendary book Atomic Habits by James Clear. For best results, you can also match this functional tracker with a great Notion template for journaling.

Habit Compass Tracker Template Features

✅ Easy way to have an overview of weekly, monthly, or yearly habit performance

✅ Very customizable and flexible

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Minimalistic Notion Habit Tracker Template

If you are a fan of simplistic yet very functional design - this is the right Notion tracking template for you. It is one of those Aesthetic Notion templates that allow you to track sleeping, reading, learning or exercise habits. Ideal template to automate habit tracking that makes it easier to reach your habit formation goals! 

Minimalistic Notion Habit Tracker Template

The main advantage of this template is the ease of input and uncluttered overview of your habit completion rate. You will not need to remember anything, habit frequency will be automatically tracked by this minimal template. Perfect for mobile use and is an amazing pick if you are not looking for loads of customization; you need a template that has been designed to work from the get-go!

Minimalistic Habit Tracker Template Features

✅ Start tracking your habits immediately

✅ Adapted to most common habit goals

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Habit Streak Tracking Notion Template

While all Notion habit trackers work similarly, this habit streak tracker takes an extra step to add that extra layer of gamification to your habit goal tracking. It’s like a simplified version of what Notion workout templates can offer; just this time, it’s not only a workout - it’s any habit!

Habit Streak Tracking Notion Template

Doesn’t matter if you want to get rid of bad habits or form positive ones - this tracker can help you do all that and more! Habit streak allows you to customize your growth journey and track your progress in a very simple to navigate single-page template. Perfect choice for Notion beginners!

Habit Streak Tracker Template Features

✅ No limit on trackable habits

✅ Includes negative habit hub that helps you quit bad habits (drinking, smoking, etc.)

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Notion Habit Tracker Template

Looking for the most simple Notion self-improvement and habit-tracking template? This is probably the one! Things can get simpler than this. Check boxes every time you make your new habit, and keep the streak going. Because this template is so simple, it will be very easy to customize it, especially if you know your way around Notion!

Notion Habit Tracker Template

We recommend this great template for those who have other types of personal hubs already active. For example - it can fit very well next to your Notion planner template or other Notion calendar templates. Doesn’t matter what kind of other projects you have on Notion because this template is very simple and cheap; it can be a great addition to your Notion personal goal management system!

Habit Tracker Template Features

✅ Cheapest habit tracking template for Notion

✅ Can integrate other Notion templates you are using very easily

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Mindful Eating Habit Tracker Notion Template

This is a specialized Notion eating habit tracker that can help you with your nutrition and fitness goals. Why do you need a specialized habit tracker for your eating habits? Because eating habits are more than just eating itself. You will be able to track your hunger triggers and signals, as well as emotional parts that are related to your diet.

Mindful Eating Habit Tracker Notion Template

This tracker can also work as a Notion meal planning template, so you will be able to take control of all your diet needs in one place! Other great tools inside this amazing template are a workout planner, exercise library, grocery shopping list, and much more. Really great template for those who want to take their health goals more seriously!

Mindful Eating Journal Template Features

✅ Loads of value for a great price

✅ Specialized habit tracking for all diet-related goals

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Other Notion Templates

We hope you liked our list of the best Notion habit tracker templates. You know other habit tracker templates for Notion we should include in this list? Contact us and let us know! You can also add your Notion template here!

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