8 Best Notion Templates for Writers in 2024

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As a writer, a journalist or even a scriptwriter, you can easily get overwhelmed by the amount of information that you have to deal with.

Whether you are writing a short story, a novel, an article, a blog post or a storyline, you need a system in order to stay organized and productive.

The problem with popular tools likes Microsoft Word or Google Docs is that they’re only good for the writing part, the content. But how about all your research work, your notes, drafts, links and external resources? How about the structure and outline of your writing?

Instead of multiplying tools, you need one flexible workspace that can be adapted to your own writing needs. Notion is the best tool for that.

In this article, we selected the best Notion templates for writers, so you can start using Notion for all your writings in a few minutes.

And if you are looking to go further with Notion, check out our selection of the latest best Notion templates.

Ok. Let's get to it!


Notion for Writing Template Pack

Notion for Writing Template Pack

One Notion template to manage every part of a writer's work. This template will help you with:

  1. Actually WRITING: track your daily word count, set tasks, and review your work each week and month.
  2. Having your work and productivity under control with goal and deadline setting, tracking progress on all your writing projects
  3. Creating a book structure: quickly create, organize, reorganize chapters
  4. Building your world with dedicated sections for describing everything about your fictional world. Including Characters, demographics, economy, language, magic, fashion, geography and more.

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The Modern Writer Template

The Modern Writer Notion Template

The Modern Writer is a template that focuses on storytelling and book writing.

It's made for writers who need to capture all the free-flowing ideas and writing concepts. In this template, you can see everything in a glance in one central dashboard. It's the perfect workspace to create and organize all scenes, acts and chapters in an easy to navigate timeline.

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World Building Bible

Notion World Building Bible

This template is for writers who are creating a whole fictional world for their novel or storyline. It can be difficult to keep a coherent story when it has a lot of characters, events, twists, places and eras, while keeping track of how everything is interconnected.

This template provides a workspace to describe your world in a very detailed way. World Building Bible is a Notion template with 7 interconnected databases, with pre-made dashboards and sub-templates, that help you keep track of each part of your world.

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Fictional Story Timeline

Notion Fictional Story Timeline

With this free Notion template, you can say goodbye to inconsistent character profiles, timelines, geography and plot holes. It can help you gain a better, deeper understanding of the world you’re creating, ultimately helping you to write a better story.

This template is great for writing fantasy stories as it allows you to put in custom dates and eras. It is free and compared to other Notion systems for writers, it is simpler and thus great for those who are just getting started with Notion or world bibles in general. If you want a more complex all-in-one solution for your writing, we recommend checking out other templates in this article.

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Storybook Pro Notion Template

Notion Storybook Template for Writers

Storybook Pro was created by experienced writers who are behind the Youtube channel Writing Quest. This template is a great writing helper, whether you’re writing a book, multiple standalone novels or an entire series.

Collect and organize random inspiration from your life experience or other books and resources. Brainstorm characters, plot lines and write chapters fast. Organize chapters into acts and finally, ensure a consistent story by writing a world bible in the World Building tools.

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Aesthetic Notion Templates for Writers

Notion Aesthetic Templates for Writers

Looking for an aesthetic Notion template to enjoy writing even more? Here is a collection of 6 FREE templates with beautifully designed dashboards.

This bundle features Notion templates with different aesthetic styles (cyberpunk, cotton candy and more) for drafting, revising, tracking progress and much more.

These templates are simple, straight-forward and very useful, as they include in-depth prompts, that will help you define your world and also motivations behind your writing. It's a great fit for Notion beginners.

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Stoic Life Journal Notion Template

Notion Stoic Life Journal Template

This template is not specifically made for novel writers, but uses the power of journaling to reflect on what you learned and get a clearer mind while improving your writing process and skills.

Regular journaling will help you explore the depths of your emotions, personality and your life, ultimately helping you to write more profound stories. With journaling, you can get rid of persistent worries, start seeing useful patterns and be more grateful for what you have.

This template presents you multiple journaling systems, styles and techniques inspired by Greek Stoic philosophers such as Marcus Aurelius or Epictetus.

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Notion Blog Dashboard Template Bundle

Notion Blog Dashboard Template Bundle

Is writing online part of your personal or business growth strategy? Then you must know how difficult it is to manage an entire blog and writing posts for your social media channels consistently.

This comprehensive blogging manager template is the all-in-one workspace that you'll need to master your content strategy. Blog articles, social media posts, newsletters, video scripts... Store and schedule everything from this mega template. Track your tasks, manage your content calendar and plan all your campaigns from a main dashboard.

In addition, you'll also get tools to analyze your content performances, manage your related finances and partnerships. As an extra bonus, this template includes 35+ resources on managing a blog and writing creatively.

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Notion for Writers FAQ

Is Notion good for writers?

Its clean interface and unique block style pages make Notion a must-have for writers. Notion also offers a lot more to simplify the writing process of novels, storylines or articles. It allows creating entire systems that help writers to organize everything, from storing notes and ideas to writing whole stories.

Can you write a novel in Notion?

Notion turns out to be very handful for writing a novel or any kind of fictional story. Compared to other writing tools, its database feature makes it easy to build a custom writing system. Moreover, pre-built templates especially made for novel writers are available.

Thus, Notion is great for every part of the writing process. From storing drafts and inspirations, to organizing scenes and chapters.

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