20 Best Notion Templates for 2023

Quentin Villard
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Notion templates are very effective to start using Notion without feeling overwhelmed by having to create your whole workspace from scratch.

As you may know, Notion is one of the best digital tools to organize your professional life and manage your entire business. But it’s also a great tool for personal organization and productivity.

When you are just starting out, Notion can seem complicated to get used to, as you always start with a blank page and many features to play with.

This is exactly the problem that Notion templates solve. You just have to duplicate them on your own workspace, and you can start customizing them to your needs and use them.

Notion has a growing community of certified experts and talented creators who have built many paid and free Notion templates for practically everything: personal organization, productivity, business, project management, habit tracking, and more.

To help you save your time and guide you to find the best Notion templates made by great creators and experts, here is a list of templates especially created for personal use, startups, freelancers, and students.

If you want to read our comprehensive list of templates then you can read our free Notion templates post.

Notion templates for personal organization and productivity

Notion Second Brain Template

Notion Second Brain

Streamline your life and enhance productivity using the Notion Second Brain template. Effortlessly collect and manage notes, tasks, and projects to create your personal Second Brain in just 20 minutes, fostering clarity and focus. Trusted by numerous entrepreneurs, this system facilitates organized project management and easy knowledge retrieval, leading to improved efficiency and accomplishment.

Features and benefits of this template

  • Created by a Notion Certified Consultant
  • Video guides & instructions
  • 20 minutes to master the system
  • Optimized for easy customization
  • Works seamlessly on laptops, tablets, phones

Capture and organize your ideas, research, and resources in one central location, providing a highly efficient system for managing and accessing information.

→ Get the Notion Second Brain template

Notion Task and Project Management System Template

Project Management Notion template

This advanced Task and Project Management Notion Template will allow you to use Notion as a real task and project management app. Whether you need a project management system for you or your business, this template perfectly works for individuals and for teams.

Stay focused and implement a robust structure for your business or personal projects. If you need to manage everything from your daily tasks to your large projects, solo or with your team members, this Notion template is for you.

→ Get Task and Project Management Template

Ultimate Brain Notion Template

Ultimate Brain is an all-in-one Notion workspace that makes it easy to organize and capture everything in your life. It comes with advanced features such as GTD-style processing and the P.A.R.A organization method. It's perfect for anyone looking to streamline their task and note-taking process into one central location.

One of the best things about this Notion template is its quick capture feature that allows you to capture tasks and notes on the go. It also features a clean and minimalistic interface that makes it easy to navigate and find what you need.

In addition, it has a variety of features such as My Day dashboard for planning your day, and smart Archive for keeping your workspace clutter-free. It's perfect for anyone who wants to stay on top of their goals, milestones, recipes and books, and lots more.

→ Get Ultimate Brain Notion template

Balance OS Template for Notion

Balance OS Notion template for personal organization

Balance OS is a Notion-based organization system to help you manage all different areas of your personal and professional life. It helps you take control of your life and stay on track with your projects, goals, tasks and notes in an all-in-one productivity template.

This Notion template takes full advantage of the best Notion features. It includes a clear dashboard and many organization tools based on popular methods like Getting Things Done, PARA, Eisenhower's Matrix and more.

→ Get Balance OS Notion template

Notionable Tasks Hub Template

Tasks Hub Notion template - schedule track tasks

The Tasks Hub Notion template is designed for busy people to improve their productivity with a simple yet robust system. Manage your calendar with daily and recurring tasks, organize your notes and to-dos, track your habits with this well-structured template that levers Get Things Done and Eisenhower Matrix principles.

If you ever felt overwhelmed with your personal organization and that managing all your tasks is a nightmare, this template is made for you.

→ Get Tasts Hub Notion template

The Perfect Notion Dashboard

Perfect Dashboard Notion Template

Notion pages and databases are powerful and very flexible, but it can be hard to easily navigate through them all in your whole workspace. The Perfect Notion Dashboard template is your solution to that problem. It is based on 3 operating column system to organize, and track every part of your project and data.

The nice bonus is that you’ll find many other page templates to manage different aspects of your life like a movie library, a work planner, wish lists, a travel planner and many more.

→ Get Perfect Dashboard Notion template

Notion Obsidian Life OS Template

Obsidian Life OS Notion Template

Obsidian OS Notion template is a high level workflow system to help you save time, be more productive and most importantly keep a peaceful mind. Inside you’ll find 5 key sections to plan your goals, work on your projects, review your data, track your habits and organize your personal life.

Obsidian OS includes Notion templates and additional resources associated with system efficiency and accessibility. You’ll get access to 30+ template sections, 200+ resources, 20 widgets (including setup documentation), icon library, document library and more.

→ Get Obsidian Life OS Notion template

Notion templates for Startups and Businesses

Notion Small Business OS Template

Small Business OS Template

This all-in-one system for businesses will help you manage all the projects, clients, sales, finances, and knowledge within Notion. It features centralized project management, CRM tools, financial tracking, and knowledge sharing. It includes financial report template for yearly budgets, monthly income and expenses tracker, CRM to store company profiles and track sales pipeline and much more.

Main features of the template:

  • One central dashboard to pilot and manage everything
  • Quotes database to store quotes and track approval
  • Invoices database track due dates and payments
  • Subscription tracker to pilot monthly & yearly costs
  • OKRs dashboard to track your goals and key results

→ Get Small Business OS Template

Notion Startup OS Template

Notion Startup OS Template

Notion Startup OS is one of the most trending Notion template for startups and businesses. It features +62 ready-to-use and easy to customize templates including company, team and projects dashboards, Business Model Canvas, Company OKRs, ROI Calculator and many more.

The particularity of this template is that it focuses on a process-based approach to grow any startup and business. It is the fastest, easiest, and most organized way to plan, launch and grow your startup using Notion.

→ Get Notion Startup OS

Business Model Canvas & Lean Canvas Templates for Notion

Business Model Canvas & Lean Canvas Notion Templates

This free template is made to easily create and use Business Model Canvas and Lean Canvas for your company. If you ever struggled with creating and editing this type of document with formats and tools like PDF, Excel or PowerPoint, this free Notion template is for you.

You’ll get guided with questions to help you focus on adding accurate hypotheses and prefilled examples to help you better understand each element.

→ Get Business Model Canvas & Lean Canvas Templates

Company OKRs Notion Template

Company OKR Notion template

This Notion template is based on the original guide developed by Google teams for creating and managing OKRs for companies (Objectives and Key Results). Inside you’ll find summary views with team and individual Key Results to easily monitor their progress.

You’ll also get a dedicated workflow designed to quickly create Teams, Objectives and Key Results. The key results can be linked to other databases in your workspace, like your sales database, to automatically update sales performances.

→ Get Company OKRs Notion template

Notion Advanced CRM Template

Advanced CRM Notion template

Built by one of the best Notion creator who worked as a Salesforce Administrator for over 3 years, this Notion template offers an advanced CRM system for your business. It replicates the structure used by traditional relational CRM, but making it a lot easier to use. The template contains all the core functionality that you need to manage CRM as a startup or a small business.

→ Get Advanced CRM Notion template

Notion Customer Journey Map Dashboard

Customer Journey Map Notion Template

This template allows businesses, entrepreneurs and consultants to have a Customer Journey Building tool with unlimited maps, right in Notion. It’s an easy tool to get a better understanding of your customers and identify advantages and weaknesses within your sales funnel.

In this clean workspace, you’ll be able to integrate your Company's Goals, Buyer Personas, and Customer Journey Maps.

→ Get Customer Journey Map Dashboard Notion template

Benchmarking Analysis Template for Notion

Benchmarking Analysis Notion Template

This Notion database set is made to help startups and small businesses to implement benchmarking analysis. It’s one of the best way to analyze and compare metrics in order to learn from other projects and past performances.

This template includes 27 Notion Databases and more than 600 metrics & indicators to benchmark your project.

→ Get Benchmarking Analysis Template

Notion Simply HR Template

HR Notion Template

Simply HR is one of the most complete Notion template for managing human resources in startups and small companies. It includes dedicated HR workspaces, employee boards and handbook, document templates and more, all well-connected and easily accessible within Notion.

→ Get Simply HR Notion template

Notion templates for Freelancers

Notion Pack - Freelance Template

Notion Pack Freelance templates

The Notion Pack gathers all the freelance documents you need, as Notion templates. From creating invoices in a snap to managing all your clients work within a simple workspace, the Notion Pack is a must-have for modern and productive freelancers.

This master Notion template is the best way to collaboration with your clients within just one tool. Open Notion, create a database, add a template, add a client, and share the link. Done. Big bonus, it is available in English, French, Spanish and Deutsche.

→ Get Notion Pack Freelance templates

Notion Freelance OS Template

Notion Freelance OS template

Freelance OS is an all-in-one operating system for freelancers to manage and grow their business. If you are tired of using multiple tools to organize your freelancer life, this Notion template is made for you. It features a set of tools for project management, client CRM, task tracking, invoicing, accounting, and more.

→ Get Notion Freelance OS

Freelancer Pack Template for Notion

The Notion Freelancer Pack is a template pack to help you successfully start, run and manage your entire freelance business in Notion.

The pack is divided into 4 separate workspaces: Freelance, Work, Learn and Tools. It features 40+ templates to accompany you along your freelancer journey, from defining your freelance business niche, pricing, services, to managing your clients, portfolio, invoices and sales.

→ Get Notion Freelancer Pack

Notion templates for Students

College App OS Notion Template

College App OS Notion template for students

College App OS is a comprehensive Notion dashboard to help students through the college admissions process. The template is built in order to allow students to draft essays, track to-dos, and organize their applications. It also includes 100+ admissions resources and tips for students.

→ Get College App OS Notion template

Aesthetic Student Dashboard - Semester Planner and Tracker

Aesthetic Student Dashboard Notion template

This aesthetic Notion template is made for high school / college / university students to help them to stay organized and productive. It allows managing everything with dedicated spaced for calendar, classes, lecture notes, homework, coursework, exams, review topics & quizzes. Its unique aesthetic look makes this template stand out form others text only based templates.

→ Get Aesthetic Student Dashboard

Coolest Resume CV - Notion Template

Resume CV Notion template

This simple template lets you create a beautiful one-page resume/CV directly in Notion. It includes some tips and instructions to customize and export it in PDF format. Easy and simple.

→ Get Coolest Resume CV Notion template

Notion Student Productivity Hub

Student Productivity Hub Notion template

This template is for students looking to keep track of their university studies with tools like an advanced GPA / grade calculator and a tracker for lectures, tasks and assignments. The template also features spaces for focused and contextualized work to remain distraction free. The perfect Notion template for organized students.

→ Get Student Productivity Hub Notion template

Notion Job Application Tracker Template

Notion Job Application Tracker template

The job application template is for students getting out of school or anyone willing to easily manage their job applications in Notion. It lets you keep track of each applied job offer with company and contacts databases. It also allows you to rate the companies and jobs together.

→ Get Notion Job Application Tracker

Notion templates FAQ

How to use Notion templates?

Notion templates are made to be easily shared and added to your own Notion workspace. You don’t need to download anything. The most simple way to use Notion templates is to duplicated them into your Notion account. To do so, you just have to click on the ‘Duplicate’ button that you can find in the top-right corner of the templates page.

If you are already connected to your Notion account, the templates will be duplicated and added as a new page on the left hand-side menu in your Private pages section. If you are not connected or don’t have a Notion account yet, you will be redirected to a ‘Log in’ page before the template can be duplicated.

Once added to your workspace, Notion templates are completely yours. You can customize them as much as you need to fit your own needs.

Are Notion templates free?

Notion templates can be both free and paid.

Notion is offering a large amount of free templates to get started. But a large community of creators is also building many templates covering a lot of different usecases. As anyone can create Notion templates, it is up to each creator to decide whether their templates are free or paid.

Most of the time, free templates cover simple usecases with a few pages and databases. These are ideal to start using Notion. But as Notion allows building advanced systems and tools to manage complex and specific usecases, many creators are building and selling high level Notion templates dedicated to specific areas.

Is it worth paying for Notion Templates?

The short answer is yes. As a Notion template marketplace, we’ve tested and reviewed hundreds of Notion templates addressing many topics. Well-built Notion templates can require many hours of work and advanced skills in using Notion. The value provided by these templates is real and can save you days of work or the cost of a Notion expert to build it for you.

In addition, most template creator offer flexible refund policies to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

But is it worth it for everyone? Well, it depends. It depends on the complexity of the problem you need to solve with Notion and the system you need to build for it. It also depends on your Notion skills and ability to build your own tools.

Finding good templates can be hard. This is why we take a lot of time reviewing each template on Notion Everything, and guide you by curating the top ones in dedicated articles.

How to create Notion templates?

To turn your Notion pages into templates that can be shared, you need to make your page duplicable. To proceed, follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Click on the ‘Share’ button in the top-left corner of your Notion page
  2. Activate the ‘Share to web’ toggle
  3. Activate the ‘Allow duplicate as template’

There you go. Your Notion page and all its subpages can be duplicated by any Notion user with the ‘Share to web’ link.

Where can you find Notion templates?

Notion Everything’s directory features a selection of templates made by some of the best Notion experts and creators. We test and review each template by hand to make sure they provide great value. A good way to save some time searching for good Notion templates all over the internet.

You can also find official templates directly in your Notion workspace when creating a new page. Notion’s own directory is also a good place to check to find tips and top quality Notion templates.

Notion Second BrainNotion Second Brain20 Best Notion Templates for 202320 Best Notion Templates for 2023

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