The Best Notion GTD Templates for 2024

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GTD stands for Getting Things Done, and it’s a popular personal productivity technique popularized by the book of the same name by David Allen. But you know that if you are here! Notion is an amazing tool to utilize everything that the 'getting things done' mindset has to offer. Especially because, with GTD Notion templates, you will be able to adapt any system to fit your needs even more precisely. 

Below you will find all the best getting things done Notion productivity systems, all of them have GTD rules incorporated in them. Some of GTD task management system dashboards will have other productivity systems as well, while others will focus on other areas of your life as an added benefit. Be sure to check them all before you pick that ideal getting things done Notion template!

Before we jump to getting things done templates, remember that after you are done with this article - you can also visit our website for all the newest releases in Notion template market. Also, we have another article like this one that features all the best Notion templates and latest updates! Let's find that perfect GTD Notion template you seek!


Second Brain 2.0 GTD Notion template

The Notion Second Brain 2.0 is an innovative template that is highly valued by those engaged in the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology. This template transforms Notion into a powerful platform for managing tasks, projects, and life goals, all while staying true to the GTD principles.

Second Brain 2.0 template is designed to align with important components of the GTD method, specifically the "Quick Capture" feature and an "Inbox" page. These elements make it easy to collect tasks quickly and process them later, ensuring that nothing gets overlooked. Also, users can effortlessly sort, organize, and prioritize, smoothly transitioning from capturing ideas to focusing on what is most important.

Moreover, this template has everything in one place for better organization, clarity, and focus. No more switching back and forth between apps and no more missing notes. This system puts you in complete control.

Highlights of the Notion Second Brain Template 2.0:

  • 6 dashboards for easy navigation
  • 11 databases to manage everything
  • System built on the PARA Methodology, complementing the GTD approach for a comprehensive organizational structure
  • 4 bonus templates: Habit Tracker, Daily Journal, Personal CRM, and Address Book

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Ultimate Brain for Notion Template

If you seek a really powerful GTD task management system, this is an amazing pick! This GTD Notion template works on a "my day dashboard set up" that is connected to all your ideas, notes, tasks, to-do's, plans, insights and research documents. That’s because it’s based on the second brain productivity method that you can learn more about on our best Notion second brain template list.

Ultimate Brain for Notion Template

Treat this template as your “everything in one place template” and you will do just fine! Then you will be able to set daily, weekly, monthly or yearly goals and stick to them. Also, because it’s a second brain system, it’s easy to use for everything that you find interesting but don’t want to keep inside your head all the time (or don’t trust you will remember when you most need it). Amazing way to try GTD method!

Ultimate Brain for Notion Template Features

✅ Complete productivity system for all personal and professional stuff

✅ Plan your schedule with less stress

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Notion GTD Dashboard Template

Now getting things done, the productivity system was actually created to make that work-life balance stress-free. Furthermore, it aims to provide you with mental clarity, focus and confidence. This template has been created based on all the famous principles from that system. This makes this particular GTD dashboard different from similar ones that we featured on our best Notion to do list templates roundup review.

Notion GTD Dashboard Template

As the system suggests, with this template you will be able to capture, clarify, organize, reflect and engage with your tasks on a single Notion workspace. While this all might sound like a lot, Notion makes it easier to work on your plans from different angles. This template embraces it and makes testing GTD system even easier!

GTD Dashboard Template Features

✅ Based solely on David Allen GTD system

✅ Can include team and collaboration if you need it

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Balance OS - GTD Template for Notion

This template is a great pick for those who know a few different personal productivity systems like PARA or GTD, but want to look for their personal way to merge a few systems into one. This template is more than something you can find on our best Notion goal template list, it encapsulates different personal and professional areas of your life and tries to find that balance when setting your goals.

Balance OS - GTD Template for Notion

If you seek balance and feel overwhelmed by life challenges, this template can be the one that will change your life for the better. It also has life balance and journaling sections, which will help you take better care of yourself mentally (and physically?). There’s also many different daily life views that rely on different productivity philosophies. Great choice for those aiming to test a few things before deciding what works best for them!

Balance OS Goal Setting Template Features

✅ Mix of different productivity philosophies

✅ Habit tracking and other handy tools in one place

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Limitless OS Notion GTD Template

You should be picking this Notion template if getting things done is not enough, you also have other problems you want to solve on Notion at the same time. As the name suggests, this template is a beast when it comes to different personal improvement tools, dashboards and databases. 

Finances, career, health, to-do lists, hobbies, even relationships and much more - all of it will be handled on this single template. You could find more simple templates on our best Notion calendar template list, but you should go with this one if you need everything in one place!

Limitless OS Notion GTD Template

This template is extremely useful for those who want to learn more about what’s possible in Notion. With so many different tools, dashboards and spaces, you will be able to start creating your own ways of using Notion for different things. You will get more things done, but you will also be able to find new ways to incorporate Notion into your daily note taking, journaling, research, idea generation and more!

Limitless OS GTD Template Features

✅ One template to rule them all

✅ Best if you need more than just getting things done tool

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Flux OS Notion GTD Template

This is another great template for Notion that aims to simplify how you get things done. While it’s another twist on popular second brain ideas, this Notion template aims to go for the routine management system. It also has all the note taking, brainstorming and idea generation tools you can expect to find on our best Notion note taking template list, just focuses on planning and execution.

Treat this template as your personal idea management system that can take a simple quick note through steps of research, planning and execution. Hence, the reason why this template made our get things done list - it’s a way to control your time and reach your goals by focusing on what matters most. And if a personal system that aims to ease your mind and let you be more productive is what you seek, this is definitely a template you should try!

Flux OS GTD Template Features

✅ Routine and time management productivity system

✅ Note taking tools so you never forget anything

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Focus Notion GTD Template

As the name suggests, if you need to simplify your life and loose distractions, this template might have a few goal setting and task management methods you can try. You can also find similar functionalities on our Notion project management template. This one made this list specifically because of its unique spin on personal productivity when it comes to how OKRs and GTD can work together to make you better at managing your time!

Focus Notion GTD Template

When two different, yet similar methodologies are used to create a unified productivity system, you know there will be some awesome lessons to be learned. If you give this Notion getting things done template a try and actually start doing more with your time, it will be worth learning a new system in the end!

Focus GTD Template Features

✅ Getting things done meets personal OKRs to work better

✅ Habit trackers and after work tools included

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GTD Student Planner Template for Notion

We added this specific template to this list for those who are looking for the best Notion templates for students that are based on getting things done. This is a GTD style productivity system that has been built for academic tasks like studying, research and planning. While it might work best for PhD students, some other jobs or lower level studies can also benefit from tools utilized in this Notion template.

GTD Student Planner Template for Notion

Expect some other “productivity tips and hacks” such as pomodoro timer to be added to this template. You will also be able to track your classes, school schedule, notes and contacts. It also works well on dissertations or any assignments that require feedback or revisions. All because you can just send a link to your Notion docs and people will be able to provide it right here on your personal Notion! 

GTD Planner Template Features

✅ Get more done in your studies

✅ Ultimate getting things done student template

Get GTD Planner Notion Template!

Other Notion Templates

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