The Best Notion Resume Templates for 2024

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After paper CVs and knock on the door, there came PDF resumes sent via email. And after PDFs there comes personal websites - Notion is a great platform to make that! Below you will find the best templates for your next CV that you will be able to share as a link to a small personal resume website or convert it into PDF with no issues at all.

All different Notion resume templates on this list are made with unique styles, for specific industries or career paths. Or even with generic job application in mind. That’s why, be sure to check them all out before you pick that perfect Notion resume template that will help you find your next job hunt!

In addition to these specialized resume templates, don't miss the opportunity to explore our best Notion templates article, and our specially picked free Notion templates for a more enriched Notion experience, meeting all your needs in terms of organization and creativity.


Coolest CV Notion Resume Template

If you want to get a dream job Notion style, this is the template for you should check out. To begin, it has a Notion style avatar generator - if that’s something you would like to see on your CV, give this cheap template a try. Oh, and you will be able to send your new CV as a link on Notion or export it as a PDF.

Coolest CV Notion Resume Template

They way this template has been designed, it will be simple to edit sections or any other styling, but resumes don’t differ that much, now, do they? Great rad template that can make you stand out from the crowd, depending on the type of job you are planning to score with a CV like this.

Coolest CV Resume Template Features

✅ Notion design aesthetic

✅ Black and white CV avatar generator included

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Portfolio and CV Notion Template

Those who ever tried to get their portfolio website going knows that it’s a lot of work, and it usually doesn’t turn out the way you want it. Enter this Notion template! If you seek a quicker and more reliable way to send your functional resume and portfolio when applying for creative jobs, this template is the way to go! 

Portfolio and CV Notion Template

While it might not be as cool as having an actual website, it has a unique benefit that a real website doesn't. You can duplicate it each time, adapt or personalize it according to the company you will send it to… And send slightly different portfolio and resume versions with each application. If that’s something you need, this Notion template costs close to nothing and will solve this problem for you!

Portfolio and CV Template Features

✅ Send different portfolio and CV versions with different applications

✅ Works amazingly for non-technical creative field job applicants

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Notion Resume Template

Seeking a tech job? Especially if that’s your first ever tech job search, you should start with this amazing CV template for Notion. It has been made by a hiring manager that worked in tech and interviewed software engineers, developers, data scientists, ux designers, content writers and others industry professionals. This makes it a very valuable asset for those seeking to create a winning application for any job in the tech industry!

Notion Resume Template

While this template might be considered on the pricey side when compared to other ones on this list, you will also get something very valuable as a bonus - you will get a step-by-step guide for creating a perfect resume. To maximize your chances, it’s really worth giving this Notion resume template a chance if you want to score a job in tech!

Resume Template Features

✅ Comes with perfect resume creation guide

✅ Made by tech industry hiring manager

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Aesthetic Digital Notion Resume Template

When using Notion as your resume and job application, you can utilize some “only possible in digital” tricks that you can’t do on paper or PDF. Think drop down accordions and links for more information. The creator of this template scored a job in tech with this exact resume template, and now you can buy it for just a few dollars. Amazing!

Notion Aesthetic Digital Resume

While you have to think a bit differently about what a resume is when sending a Notion link as your CV, you are also kinda sending a small website about yourself. This is a template for that personal resume website! Even if you plan to just build your resume with Notion from scratch, you must buy and analyze this template - it’s exactly what might amaze even experienced hiring managers or potential employers.

Aesthetic Digital Resume Template Features

✅ Works like a tiny personal resume website

✅ Easy to navigate through for hiring managers

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Professional Notion Resume Template

If minimal style and clean design would represent you best, this is the right template for you. It also comes with so many great tools like toggle sections, skill progress bars and more amazing features that will make you stand out from the crowd. With black and white, grayish aesthetic, you will appear as professional as you can. Best part? Want to be colorful and vibrant? Just change colors around, slap a new banner and you have it!

Professional Notion Resume Template

This template utilizes the best things that PDF or paper CVs can’t do - simplified navigation that makes it easier for hiring managers to learn more about certain aspects of your life, without making the resume look cluttered. Great pick for those who are aiming at a bit higher positions, especially if you are aiming to hit a manager position in your favorite company!

Professional Resume Template Features

✅ Clean minimal design resume

✅ Tools to make it simple and cool looking

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Serious Notion Resume/CV Template

Another great Notion template for those seeking a refined, simple and professional vibe for their resume. With this template you will be able to make a quick one-page resume that will showcase your abilities in that redacted and polished minimal manner. Make sure to match the font to that personal brand style you will be going for!

Serious Notion Resume/CV Template

This template also comes with a guide on making your ideal resume, so it might be worth checking it out. Especially if you like a simple and that serious looking layout option when it comes to your CV. Simple and cheap pick that fits any type of career path or job application!

Serious Resume Template Features

✅ Comes with styles and layout options

✅ With a guide about making great resumes

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Other Notion Templates

We hope you liked our list of the best Notion resume templates. Think we missed one resume template? Contact us and let us know! You can also add your own Notion template, here!

If you haven’t found what you were looking for here, be sure to check all Notion templates on our website.

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