The Best Notion Blog Templates for 2024

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Looking for ways to improve your blog? Or even thinking about starting a simple blog on Notion? This article will show you all the best content planning tools and you will find your Notion blog template that will have different content management tools for different use cases!

Doesn’t matter if you are a solo writer and want to take blog writing up a notch or run a massive content agency, there’s Notion blogger templates for everyone. From content management systems to actual magazines on Notion. From Notion hosted blogs to content inventories with blog posts, podcasts, social media content and more. Be sure to check this post to the end, there are gems for everyone!

Make the most out of your blogging experience by also visiting our extensive guide to the finest Notion templates and discovering the diversity in our free Notion templates collection, each offering unique features and tools.

Also, consider using a dedicated solution like to convert your Notion into a blog.


Content Planner & Blog Calendar Notion Template

This blog calendar template is a must try for everyone, not only bloggers as it’s one of the best rated templates with the highest review rating on this list! It's an exceptionally great template for those who never experienced what blog content planning and operations actually feel like. It comes with many different configurations and content tool pages for all your content distribution channels so you can also reuse the same blog content everywhere online.

Content Planner & Blog Calendar Notion Template

The best part about this free Notion template is that you will get a complete content pipeline for content research, writing and publishing stages. All that with calendar views, blog content idea backlog and different dashboards for different publishing channels like your social media accounts. Using this blog template to generate blog posts and publish them on Notion or on your website is the best way to go! If you want to find more similar templates to this one, be sure to check our Notion planner templates or best Notion calendar template list.

Content Planner & Blog Calendar Template Features

✅ Complete blogging pipeline from idea to publishing

✅ Different social media channels included

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Notion Blog Dashboard Template

Check out this template if you seek to remodel your content plan and get all your content efforts organized. Doesn’t matter if you just want to start a blog (or any other type of content business) or are an experienced content creator, this template will help you! It comes with everything any type of blog could ever need. From idea backlog, to content calendars, to blog post drafts to even finance sheet or brand kit and task lists. Doesn’t matter if you work alone or with a team, how big or small your business is - this is a must have template for anyone who wants to take their content seriously!

Notion Blog Dashboard Template

Do check this template even if you are not sure about everything that needs to be done to run any type of successful content operations. Different reporting and auditing tools will help you learn. Furthermore, you will get to see some important tools that not every team uses like SEO keyword research boards or finance trackers. Think of this as one of to do list Notion templates but specifically designed for blogs or content teams!

Notion Blog Dashboard Template Features

✅ Ideal if you have content plans and docs on different platforms

✅ Comes with different content tools

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Content Creation Hub Notion Template for Blogs

Think of this great template as your all in one Notion project management template that is focused on your content. This template will serve as your main database and content creation dashboard that will allow you to take full control of your content marketing efforts. Doesn’t matter if you work alone or with a team, this content management hub is a great starter point for any type of project that needs content creation.

Content Creation Hub Notion Template for Blogs

This template will help you not only with creating content for your blog but it also have been structured for all other types of content such as video, emails, social media posts and more. In a world where content is king, it’s important to reuse and connect content - this template can help you and your team with that. Also it comes in two differently priced versions so everyone will be able to pick their perfect one!

Blog Content Creation Hub Template Features

✅ Two tiers with different pricing

✅ Works on different types of content, not only blogs

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Blog Finance Tracker Notion Template

For those who have their blog content creation under control, but are going for a more aggressive monetization or managing finances - this template might help you take your blog income to that next level! Because blogs are usually monetized with affiliate links, ads or with digital products aimed at that blog audience - all of these require tedious planning and loads of tracking. Not only the income and costs, but many other details can be tracked with this amazing blog finance tracker!

Blog Finance Tracker Notion Template

This template is for those that are taking their online content business seriously. We propose to match this template with one of other content creation templates from this list and maybe even to consider getting one of the Notion goals template for a complete online business management system on Notion. Really great addon for content entrepreneurs next to any other Notion templates they are using to run their online business!

Blog Finance Tracker Template Features

✅ Different monetization types included

✅ Tracks more than just income and costs

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SEO Operating System Notion Template

If you are struggling with your blog or online business SEO, this Notion template aims to help you by making it easier for you to apply best SEO practices. It comes with hundreds of websites and contacts that accept guest posts and an extensive list of backlink building strategies with in-depth explanations. As an added benefit, you also get a keyword database and content generation hub. Everything you need to run a highly strategic online blog that gets loads of visitors.

SEO Operating System Notion Template

This can be an especially great resource for those who started a blog but don’t know why their blog isn’t getting any organic search traffic. This doesn’t mean that experienced SEOs will not benefit from this template. Oh and if you are an experienced content marketer or SEO, we recommend using this in combination with one of the best Notion writer templates. This way you can scale all your content operations and traffic to the moon!

SEO Operating System Template Features

✅ Linkbuilding and guest posting databases

✅ All types SEO and content creation tools

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Notion Zine Blogging Layout Templates

This is a bit of a unique blogging template pick and it differs from all others on this list. It’s like a magazine planning template and a blog homepage for Notion that allows you to share content in different types of templated print layouts. There’s so many use cases outside of actually printing content using this template, think PDFs, lead magnets and other types of long form content that doesn’t need to be on an actual website, but can be a file.

Notion Magazine Blogging Layout Templates

Think more than just a simple PDF, because it’s on Notion and you can share it as a Notion link, you can embed maps, videos, gifs, sound or even links and code snippets. This means this template presents a very unique way to present and use your content to create amazing experiences for your audience. If you liked this approach, you can find more similar templates to this one in our best aesthetic Notion template list.

Notion Blogging Layout Template Features

✅ Share a link to your interactive Notion magazine

✅ Multiple different layouts and templates that you can edit

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Notion Content Strategy Template

This is another great Notion template for those who need a way to manage their content production cycle from one single database. With this Notion template you will be able to do analysis, set content goals, do audience research, plant topics, maintain content channels and even work together with your content team. Ideal pick for teams or solo projects that have content production happening but feel overwhelmed by the management of it!

Notion Content Strategy Template

It’s quite a comprehensive content management system that can be matched with other types of templates like the ones you can find on our Notion client relationship management template list. Match this to your content strategy and use it as an operations workplace with your unique set of team goals, adapt it to how your team works on content and see the productivity skyrocket as a result of all that hard work!

Content Strategy Notion Template Features

✅ Goals, checklists and more tools for team members

✅ Complete company content operations hub

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Content Marketing Notion Template

This Notion content template is another great pick, especially if you aim to dig deeper into content structure and optimizing content brief creation. This template has been built by a really experienced content marketer, so it should fit many types of businesses, from huge content agencies to small-medium businesses or even solopreneurs. If you are going for a solopreneur content publishing and need to hire freelancers to make that content, you must try this hub in combination with one of the Getting Things Done templates for Notion.

Content Marketing Notion Template

This template has most of the tools for pre-content content creation phases, like brand guidelines and style guides. Then you will get content calendars, project templates and all of that made for different types of content like videos, podcast episodes, even whitepapers. It also comes with 30 other content tools made for seriously productive content teams!

Content Marketing Template Features

✅ Editorial feed and freelancer trackers

✅ Ultimate pick for serious content teams

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Using Notion as a Blog?

While Notion isn’t actually a website builder, you can write and publish blog posts on Notion. It’s specially easy to use for unique types of internal blogs, knowledge bases or other types of content databases that don’t need to show up in search results.

Notion is as close as it gets to webpage making without actually making a website. You can opt in to Notion subdomain, which means you can have your own blog on Notion. 

There are third party tools that will allow you to use your own domain instead of '', but if you plan to go through all this trouble you might be better off with a professional CMS and a website builder.

Ideally you should use Notion for content creation workflows and task management, but publish your blog content on any website builder with a CMS.

Is Notion SEO Friendly?

Notion sites can be indexed and can theoretically rank, but there are big SEO limitations - you can’t control meta titles, meta descriptions or even set your custom domain to name a few. 

Yes, you can have a unique domain and you can turn on search engine indexing on paid Notion plans. But for complete SEO control and for custom domains you will need a third party Notion website builder.

Other Notion Templates

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best blog Notion templates and found your perfect template. Do you think we missed one blog template? Feel free to contact us and let us know! You can also submit your own Notion template, here!

If you haven’t found the right template that you were looking for in this article, be sure to check different Notion templates on our website.

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