The Best Notion Recipe Templates for 2024

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Wouldn’t it make your life easier if you could have all your favorite recipes in one place? Not a recipe box or cookbook, but a recipe database that you curate, edit and organize? What if we told you that every Notion template on this list can help you achieve that! Furthermore, every Notion recipe template featured on this list will have other handy features that will make your kitchen and cooking life easier.

Think automatic grocery shopping lists based on the meal plan you have, all in your phone for that easy access when you are in the store. Think food planning calendar and other recipe organization features that will make your cooking less stressful. Doesn’t matter if it’s daily meals or fancy dinners when friends show up - pick one of these Recipe database templates and remembering or planning will become much easier!

Also, combine your recipe template collection with an extra dash of inspiration with our extensive guide to the best Notion templates and our diverse collection of free Notion templates that provide you with the solutions for a multitude of needs.


Kitchen Inventory Management and Meal Planning Notion Template

We start our list with this amazing Notion template that can do so much more than just organize all your most favorite recipes. It’s your all-in-one place for everything that is happening inside your kitchen. This template has it all - weekly menu planning, grocery shopping lists based on missing ingredients and planned meals plus other kitchen, recipes and meal related features that you might need.

Kitchen Inventory Management and Meal Planning Notion Template

Think of this Notion template as your ultimate kitchen management system. If that sounds appealing to you, be sure to check our list of the best management templates, especially if you need a kitchen template that you will use with your team. If you only need kitchen related features, it doesn't matter if you cook alone, with family or with your kitchen staff, this amazing Notion template will make it easier to stay organized and might even help you to save money by reducing food waste.

Kitchen Inventory Management & Meal Planning Template Features

✅ More features than just a simple recipe manager

✅ Includes weekly shopping and grocery buying list

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Mindful Eating Notion Journal Template

This Notion template combines food planning and grocery shopping with your fitness and happiness goals. Notion mindful eating template is a pick that we also showcased in our best notion journaling template list, and it's a great pick for anyone trying to cook healthier dishes, work on self growth and personal improvement. It has a grocery list, food diary, meal planning tools and recipe page. Furthermore, it comes with an exercise library, workout systems and even emotion trackers.

Mindful Eating Notion Journal Template

If you decide to go with this amazing recipe and eating journal template, expect to get all the tools you need to work towards understanding your food triggers, hunger signals, food related emotions and even thoughts you have about food. This template can be easily incorporated and adapted to any lifestyle, it’s also perfect for anyone going through lifestyle changes. 

Mindful Eating Notion Journal Template Features

✅ Work on your fitness, diet and personal development goals

✅ Has exercise and workout modules

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Meal Planner and Recipe Template for Notion

If you came here just to find a simple, yet highly effective recipe Notion database and meal planner, this is one of the best Notion recipe templates for you. It doesn’t have any other features like most other templates on this list, but it will have everything you need to plan meals, have a list of ingredients, go shopping, and add new recipe tags to your recipe library. If less is more is a motto that you live by, this is the right template you should be choosing!

Meal Planner and Recipe Template for Notion

We also featured this template on our list of the best Notion meal planner templates article, because it has all the databases you might need to store recipes and stay more organized in your kitchen. Those are recipes and ingredients, which makes it easy to use this template alone or with your family. Plan your meals, make your grocery shopping list accessible from your phone, and save money by reducing food waste. All that with a single Notion template.

Meal Planner and Recipe Template Features

✅ Just recipe organizing, grocery lists and meal planning features

✅ Great price to quality ratio

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Shopping and Groceries List Manager Notion Template

Another great Notion template that will make your grocery shopping easier. This is a great template if you have your own idea for how you want to organize your recipes and just want to add grocery list functionality to it as an extra feature. It’s a shopping list template that will allow you to keep track of what you have in your kitchen and what you need to buy, furthermore you will be able to see items disappear from your shopping list as soon as you put them in your cart.

Shopping and Groceries List Manager Notion Template

Because this template does not have a recipe organization and database, you will be able to improve it by creating it yourself, which makes this template a great choice for those who want to create their personal recipe library on their own. We featured this template on our best Notion grocery and shopping list template list, so be sure to check that article out if you want to see other great templates similar to this one.

Shopping and Groceries List Manager Template Features

✅ Ideal if you want to create a recipe book on your own

✅ Aesthetic template for Notion enthusiasts

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Notion Food Planner Template

This template has been created to make any family life easier as it’s a part of family use optimized Notion template series. This meal planner template was featured on our list of the best notion planners and for a reason! It makes your weekly meal planning a visual experience and creates a shopping list based on recipes you selected.

Notion Food Planner Template

While other templates on this list can be more powerful than this one, it will still get the job of digital recipe box done. Expect to get a system to add and track your cooking recipes, then use those recipes to plan your meals. This means no more trying to remember what to buy when you are at the store!

Food Planner Notion Recipe Template Features

✅ Very simple template

✅ No improved functionality or features

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Other Notion Templates

We hope you liked our list of every Notion recipe template we recommend. Think we missed one amazing Notion recipe template? Contact us and let us know! You can also add your own Notion template, here!

If you haven’t found what you were looking for here, be sure to check all Notion templates on our website.

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