The Best Notion Reading List Templates for 2024

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This selection of book reading list template and book trackers for Notion have tools that will help you with your digital library, boom buying and most importantly - book reading habits. Doesn’t matter if you want to read more or have troubles stopping, there’s a template for any type of book lover out there!

Some of these templates will allow you to have a better understanding of how much time it would take to read your current books (based on reading goals you set), others might improve how you learn from your books and apply teaching strategies you learned. But all of them will make your reading habit easier and more productive.

For book lovers and readers, we have also prepared our comprehensive guide to the best overall Notion templates and our diverse collection of free Notion templates for more efficient and creative planning solutions in other directions of your lives. Check it out!


Smart Notion Reading List Template

This is not just your average book tracker or reading list. It’s a book lover tool like no other! For starters, this template will fill in book metadata every time you add a new book to your reading list. This will allow you to have more accurate information about your reading list like authors, genres and more.

Smart Notion Reading List Template

With this reading list template, you will also get a challenge widget. This means you can set reading goals and help yourself to stay motivated to keep that reading habit. Overall, extremely powerful Notion template for book lovers. Oh, and if you are a writer, not only an avid reader - be sure to match this template with one of the best blog management Notion templates!

Smart Reading List Template Features

✅ Automatically adds meta information about books you add to your reading list

✅ Book reading goal tracking system included

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Notion Book Reading Tracker Template

Doesn’t matter if you love reading so much that you can’t stop or just want to work on your reading habits - this book tracker is an amazing choice! Just add the books you find to this reading tracker, add relevant tags and plan them into your reading plan. Simple, yet effective database for book lovers!

Book Reading Tracker

You will also be able to add personal notes about each book. Though, if that’s a feature you seek, we recommend matching this cheap template with one from either our best Notion journaling templates or best note taking templates for Notion. When combined, you should have plenty of amazing features that will improve your idea analysis skills and be valuable for other areas of personal development!

Reading Tracker Template Features

✅ Add books you want to read to your reading schedule

✅ Take notes and gather quotes from your booklist

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Bookworm Notion Reading List Template

They say buying books and reading them are two different hobbies. If you feel that's the case, this template is for you! Treat this book tracker and reading list template as your database catalog of books you own, a digital bookshelf if you may. Then you can add reading statuses, tags and other relevant information to each book.

Notion Bookworm template

You can also see your yearly reading goal metrics and even lifetime reading journey statistics. We assume this would match any of the best Notion habit tracking templates so well. If you have that urge to plan, track, analyze and optimize your life by having different databases for everything, now you have the best one for your books!

Bookworm Reading List Template Features

✅ Currently reading and other widgets in main dashboard

✅ Your digital bookshelf with reading goal tracking features

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Book Tracker Notion Template

This book tracker template is not only cheap, but it’s also one of the best looking ones in this list! If simple but functional design is what you seek in your book tracker, this is the perfect choice you can make. You will be able to organize your digital library by author, genre, rating, reading status or even format (meaning whether you own a read or digital book). Which will make it much more fun when picking what to read next!

Book Tracker Notion Template

If you love the aesthetic of this gorgeous book tracking template, be sure to consider matching it with any of the best goal tracking templates for Notion. This way, you will be able to have a book database and match it to your schedule and other life goals on your Notion workspace. Sometimes simple functionality can bring infinite possibilities, this template is one of those cases!

Book Tracker Template Features

✅ Author, genre, format and other book databases in one place

✅ Reading progress bar for each book

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Reading Roadmap Notion Book Schedule Template

So this reading roadmap is an aesthetic Notion template that is quite simple, but it utilizes a unique spin when compared to most other trackers on this list. It provides you with the power of reading plan Gantt chart. Meaning, you will see an overview of when you plan to finish and start reading every book. If that’s something you would like to see, give this template a try!

Reading Roadmap Notion Book Schedule Template

It also can help you save some money, especially if you feel like you spend too much on buying books when compared to actually getting the benefit of reading them. Seeing what you will read next and how long it will take to finish it all can be a good system not to buy books too early. If you like the style of this template, you can find more similar ones on our best aesthetic Notion template blog post!

Reading Roadmap Reading List Template Features

✅ Yearly reading plan overview

✅ Like a task management system for your personal reading roadmap 

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Book Essence Extractor Notion Template

While other Notion templates on this list aim towards keeping that reading habit or having a digital library database, this template has a unique goal in mind that differs from all of them. It allows you to distill core things you learned from the book and to actually remember what you read in those books. If you want to add more learning and memory practices to your reading hobby, this is the right template for you!

Book Essence Extractor Notion Template

While this template also aims to allow you to put those lessons and teachings from books into practice, we recommend that you look through our best Notion second brain template list and match this template with one of them. This way you would have a complete powerhouse of a personal development, idea tracking and self-improvement system. 

Book Essence Extractor Template Features

✅ Your book collection with reading targets

✅ Improve on what you actually learn and apply from books you read

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Other Notion Templates

We hope you liked our list of the best Reading List notion templates. Think we missed one Reading List template? Contact us and let us know! You can also add your own Notion template, here!

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