The Best Notion Journal Templates for 2024

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Journaling can be much more than just taking down notes every day. On this list, you will find classic types of daily journal templates, but also some unique spins of what journaling can be. Think nutrition journal, bible study journal, or even journals with goals, tasks, and other planners inside.

We also gathered a list of the best Notion templates to help you live a more successful life.

Look through our Notion template list below, and you will find many different ways how you can take charge of your life from one single hub. We also mentioned other types of Notion templates that you should consider getting in combination with your chosen daily journal template. That is because journaling can help you better understand what areas of your life you want to work on the most. And for each area of improvement, there are plenty of different Notion templates out there!


Notion Daily Journal Template

Are you ready to revolutionize your journaling habit? The Notion Daily Journal free template is here to turn your reflections and goals into an organized, digital masterpiece.

Daily Journal Template for Notion

This template stands out as a powerful tool for documenting your life, fostering self-reflection, mindfulness, and personal growth.

✅ Quick Entry Creation

✅ Customizable Template

✅ Effortless Integration

Get the Notion Daily Journal Template

Stoic Life Journal Notion Template

This is a lightweight and inspiring Notion journaling template that will be loved by both experienced and novice journaling enthusiasts. Based on the biggest minds like Marcus Aurelius or Epictetus, Stoic Life journal also brings 5 different journaling methods to the table. Not only will you get a neatly designed personal daily journal template, expect to also find Stoic quotes and other handy tools inside!

Stoic Life Journal Notion Template

Gathering your thoughts and having a consistent journaling habit has never been easier. Especially because this template works wonders on mobile devices. This means you will always be ready to gather your thoughts, no matter where you are. Match this daily journal with one of the goal tracking templates for the best results. Live a calmer life with a clearer mind, boost your self-awareness and improve your writing skills. All in one place!

Stoic Life Journal Template Features

✅ Great journal for self-reflection and improving your life quality

✅ Different methods ready to use, so it’s perfect for beginners

Get the Stoic Life Journal Template

Notion Journal Template

If you are looking for a template that can support multiple journals simultaneously, this is a great place to start. This journal has 10+ different types of journal templates, from gratitude and morning pages to journals about relationships, reading, goals, or even travel. Oh, you will also get a fitness and wellness journal next to it. It even has a unique student prompts section so that it will fit any age and any journaling goal.

Notion Journal Template

You can match this journal with a habit tracking Notion template if you are looking for ways to completely take control of your life. Even if used as a standalone template, this is a great template for anyone seeking to understand themselves better, gather their thoughts, or even improve their writing skills. Really great journaling template at a great price!

Notion Journal Template Features

✅ Supports multiple journals for different entries

✅ Amazing quality-to-price ratio

Get the Notion Journal Template

Mood and Emotion Tracking Journal Template

If you think you would like to better understand your emotions, triggers, and start living a better life, this might be a great emotion-tracking template for you. By journaling every day, answering questions, and even adding mood tags, you can work on your self-awareness goals. It’s a great journaling template for both morning and evening note-taking!

Mood and Emotion Tracking Notion Journal Template

Expect to find multiple journaling views to help you see a better overview of your daily moods and emotional life. If you are really looking for ways to completely change your life, consider pairing this daily journal with a great Notion workout template. If you really do this mood-tracking exercise daily, expect to start finding your emotion and mood patterns. Which might lead to a better understanding of how your emotional patterns work.

Mood Journal Template Features

✅ Emotion and mood tracking done right

✅ Many great views to analyze your entries and find patterns in them

Get the Mood Journal Template

Super Bullet Notion Journal Template

This is a great journal template that actually focuses on your future goals. It’s very different from some of the other templates you will find on this list, and it can work very well in combination with a project management template for Notion. That’s because this template is not about journaling, but about your yearly overview. Basically, if you are looking for a way to visualize your future and set comprehensive goals, this is the perfect template for you!

Super Bullet Notion Journal Template

It’s divided into years, quarters, months, weeks, and days. This will allow you to plan your future. That being said, this is still a journal, meaning you can use it for reflection. The core aim of this template is that you plan your next year and do constant revisions to ensure that you stay on track with your personal or professional goals.

Super Bullet Journal Template Features

✅ Huge template with over 400 pages ready for you

✅ Works as a planner and journaling template

Get the Super Bullet Journal Template

Notion Bullet Journal Template

Another great bullet journal for Notion! This template is perfect for those who want to practice journaling but are also looking for a way to make their journal their to-do list template. It has different journal templates ready, so you can track your moods, goals, create different types of notebooks and do so much more than that. It also comes with yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily overviews, so you can also use it as your calendar or agenda template for Notion.

Notion Bullet Journal Notion Template

With so many different databases in this template, there’s no limit to how personalized you can make this journal. It even comes with some unique databases that you can utilize. We are talking about people's databases or location databases. Combine that with all your tasks, goals, or plans… And you have yourself an amazing collection of different bullet journal tools in one place!

Bullet Journal Template Features

✅ Can be used as your goal tracker and planner

✅ Complete set of different journals that will fit any lifestyle or personal goal

Get the Notion Bullet Journal Template

Faith Journal Notion Template

Want to add a digital spin to your spiritual life? This is a unique and specific take on what journaling can be. This time it’s all about your faith. It’s a perfect choice for those seeking to take that extra step with their bible study, praying, and their spiritual life as a whole.

Faith Notion Journal Template

One of the handiest tools inside this Notion template is the prayer journal that you get with it. This will allow you to take notes about your daily prayer patterns. In combination with that, there is a bible study journal that can help you with bible verse analysis, especially because you will be able to take personal notes about different bible verses that you analyze.

Faith Journal Template Features

✅ Bible study journal to deepen your bible understanding

✅ Track your praying with a prayer journal

Get the Faith Journal Template

Digital Gratitude Notion Journal Template

This is one of the best aesthetic Notion templates available out there! Remember that this journal template comes in different versions at different prices, so you can pick the features you need the most. This Notion template focuses on gratitude and manifestation, yet it has so many other different tools that it’s worth getting, even if these are none of your goals for the journaling template on Notion.

Digital Gratitude Notion Journal Template

It’s probably one of the biggest and most comprehensive journaling templates available. Expect different journals for sleep, books, adventures, mood, and many other things. You will also get different Notion planners inside. If that’s not enough, there are also goal-setting templates so that you can use them for all aspects of your life. Really massive journaling template!

Digital Gratitude Journal Template Features

✅ Loads of different databases for any entry

✅ Great template if you are buying your first-ever Notion template

Get the Digital Gratitude Journal Template

Mindful Eating Journal Notion Template

Looking for a way to keep track of your eating habits and work on your nutrition goals? This is one of the best Notion meal-planning templates out there. With a massive template like this one, you will be able to work on different self-improvement aspects next to journaling about what you eat.

Mindful Eating Journal Notion Journal Template

This template is much more than just a meal planning tool - it’s also a recipe book, grocery list maker, habit tracker, workout planner, and even your emotion journal. If these are areas of your life that you want to improve in, get this template! It’s a really great way to work on different areas of your healthy lifestyle and personal fitness goals.

Mindful Eating Journal Template Features

✅ Nutrition based journal that incorporates different related topics

✅ Perfect for weight loss or diet changing goal tracking

Get the Mindful Eating Journal Template

Other Notion Templates

We hope you liked our list of the best Notion journal templates. Think we missed one Journal template? Contact us and let us know! You can also add your Notion template here!

If you haven’t found what you were looking for here, be sure to check all Notion templates on our website.

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