The Best Notion Meal Planner Templates for 2024

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Always wondered if there’s a way to make cooking a less stressful experience? With Notion templates, you can remove some big headaches from planning meals and doing grocery shopping. Find our selection of the best Notion meal planner templates specifically designed to keep track of your recipes, makes it easier to plan meals, and turns your weekly meal plan into a simple grocery shopping list.

While each meal planning template on this list brings something different to the table (pun intended), they all have been specifically designed to… Have a list of most favorite recipes, add those recipes to your weekly plan and turn that into a shopping list. Be sure to check every template on this list because some of them can have more features than that!

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Kitchen Inventory Management and Meal Planning Notion Template

This template is probably the best kitchen planner template for running a restaurant or any other type of eatery. It’s like your kitchen software that allows you to manage your product stocks, order lists, plan meals ahead of time and be in complete control of your commercial kitchen. Manage your kitchen from Notion with this fantastic template!

Kitchen Inventory Management and Meal Planning Notion Template

You can use this kitchen inventory and planning planner as your main kitchen calendar template for Notion. This means that you can adapt this template to your menus, have weekly shopping lists, and plan your dishes from one spot. Every catering business must give this a try! If you know your way around Notion, you can work on it with a team and maybe even add other functionality like staff work hours and much more.

Kitchen Inventory Management Template Features

✅ Your catering business kitchen management template

✅ Adapted to commercial kitchen use that can be improved according to needs

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Mindful Eating Journal Notion Meal Planner Template

Having trouble sticking to your dietary and health goals? This Notion template takes a holistic approach to everything that is needed to be a more mindful eater. It’s like your daily journal for nutrition, but there’s much more to it than you think. This template aims to help you change your eating habits and completely work as your lifestyle planner.

Mindful Eating Journal Notion Meal Planner Template

Eating starts when you get hungry; that’s why this template also includes tools to understand your triggers and urges better. You will also find workout and exercise hubs, but for the best results, you can match it to one of the other specialized Notion workout templates. This template also includes grocery shopping lists, habit trackers with some other handy nutrition tools that will come in handy when you work on your health and diet.

Mindful Eating Journal Meal Planner Template Features

✅ From emotional triggers to meal planning - everything in one place

✅ Very specialized template for all nutrition and healthy eating goals you might have

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The Perfect Meal Planner Notion Template

This template is a perfect choice for foodies and those who want to make their grocery shopping easier. Think of this as your Notion planner template for all food-related things. You can save your favorite recipes or pick from already added ones. You will also be able to plan meals and have grocery shopping lists for your trips to the grocery store.

Perfect Meal Planner Notion Template

This meal planner can be a great tool if you have some advanced ideas for your personal food-related hub on Notion. Because this template is so simple, it can work as a great place to start building your recipe database. Especially if you are quite proficient with Notion, you should be able to improve this template according to your needs!

The Perfect Meal Planner Template Features

✅ Very cheap template

✅ Simple and easy to use

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Stressless Meal Planner Notion Template

Meal planning templates on Notion can be quite simple, and this is one of them. That’s because you don’t need a lot of features to make your meal planning easier. You just need a view to plan your weekly meals and recipe database. This is exactly what this template is all about! No unnecessary features from alike habit-tracking templates, just a simple way to plan your meals.

Stressleess Meal Planner Notion Template

Remove stress from grocery shopping and thinking about what to cook and plan things. It’s easy to use this template on your phone, so your grocery shopping list will always be there wherever you need it. Store your favorite recipes, add ratings, and even tags. Simple to use and a great way to be on top of your kitchen!

Stressless Meal Planner Template Features

✅ Organize your recipes by course, tags, or ratings

✅ Track your kitchen grocery inventory

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Notion Food Planner Template 

If you like this food planner for Notion, there are more family-oriented Notion templates that work nicely together with it. Like most templates on this list, it’s all about planning your upcoming meals, making shopping lists, and keeping track of all the recipes you know. Nothing more, nothing less, just a way to remove some stress from cooking ahead of time!

Notion Food Planner Notion Template 

Because this template is easy to customize, there are so many ways to improve this template and make it uniquely yours. Creating new fields and tags and adding other information is so easy with Notion. This means if you pick a template like this one, you can improve it to match your needs as you use it more and more.

Notion Food Planner Template Features

✅ Simple and functional template

✅ Covers all basic meal-planning features you might need

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Other Notion Templates

We hope you liked our list of the best Notion meal planner templates. Think we missed a template for meal planning in Notion? Contact us and let us know! You can also add your Notion template here!

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