20+ Aesthetic Notion Templates & Design Inspirations [2023]

Quentin Villard
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Aesthetic Notion templates are Notion pages which have been specifically designed to give a beautiful and unique look to your Notion workspace.

There are many ways to make a template look good with different styles. Everyone will have his own preference between colorful themes and fancy fonts, or more minimalist layouts.

In this article, you will find a list of premium and free aesthetic Notion templates for personal productivity and students.

You will also learn the basics of how to make your Notion templates aesthetic at the end of the article.

If you are looking for more, you can discover more Notion templates on our marketplace. You can also take a look at our selection of the best Notion templates for your personal life and your business needs.


Aesthetic Notion Templates for Personal Productivity

Notion Life Dashboard

Life Dashboard Aesthetic Notion Template

This coffee-colored theme by Jazmine Russell offers “a complete, done-for-you system that keeps your goals, projects, visions, and inspiration all in one place”.

As coffee aficionados, we absolutely adore the choice of colors that are tastefully matching the coffee theme. But also besides the optic, this theme is a powerful project management system for both private and professional use.

It was created by Jazmine with multi-passionate people in mind, who often find it hard to stay focused on a task and constantly tend to switch between projects.

This Notion Life Dashboard helps them to stay on track and finally achieve their long-term goals.

→ Get Notion Life Dashboard

Task and Project Management System Notion Template

Task and Project Management Notion Template

This Project Management System was created by ourselves, Notion Everything. We attempted to go for the minimalistic Notion look, which makes it easier for new users to find their way around this template.

More than 30 databases help users to organize their work and manage their tasks and projects.

And the best? This template is not just a project management dashboard for individuals. It even allows the management of teams within Notion.

→ Get Task and Project Management Template

Life Planner for Notion

Life Planner for Notion

This Life Planner by NCLDesignCo was thoughtfully designed for users who wish to design their everyday life in Notion.

We liked the choice of salmon colors and the clarity of structure in this template. It features a clean combination of colored icons and custom images, like most of the best aesthetic Notion templates.

→ Get Life Planner for Notion

Obsidian Life OS - Notion template

Obsidian Life OS Notion template

“Focus on being productive instead of busy” is the welcoming message of this aesthetic Notion Template by Deepak Yadav. The design focuses on a dark obsidian look that works very well with Notion.

With this template, Deepak finally created a system that helped him untangle his busy work-life. The goal of this template is to increase the understanding of your life so that you are able to take the right tangible actions.

To do so, it is organized into 5 key sections: Plan, Work, Review, Track, and Extras. All in all, this huge life operating system includes more than 30+ Templates, 200 resources, and 20 widgets.

→ Get Obsidian Life OS

Notion Sales Page Template

Notion Sales Page Template

This aesthetic Notion template by Diana Jakubcova is especially made for individuals who wish to create their online courses inside Notion. To do so, it offers a stylish member’s area which is fully customizable to your needs.

→ Get Notion Sales Page Template

Notion-Zine - Magazine Layout Blogging Notion Templates

Magazine Layout Blogging Notion Templates

With this template bundle, Frances Odera Matthews attempts to put the aesthetic back into reading. Instead of the nowadays so common single column, Frances allows you to beautify your Notion pages with magazine-styled themes.

A must, if you are using Notion for blogging, but also valuable to make your internal Notion pages more aesthetic.

→ Get Notion-Zine Template

Aesthetic Self-development Planner

Aesthetic Self-development Planner Notion Template

This aesthetic Notion template convinces us with its simple and positive design. It features some beautiful and unique images. All the artwork was designed by its creator, Theresa Q. Dinh.

→ Get Aesthetic Self-development Planner

Life Wiki (Dark Academia Aesthetic)

Life Wiki (Dark Academia Aesthetic) Notion template

This template by Shaivi Nandi is an aesthetic life wiki for Notion. It includes numerous elements and widgets, which makes it perfect for students who want to bring order into their chaotic life.

Among others, it comes with multiple tools such as:

  • Habit tracker
  • Journal
  • Note List
  • Mood Board
  • Budget Tracker

→ Get Life Wiki (Dark Academia Aesthetic)

Personal CRM & Relationships Tracker Aesthetic Notion Template

Personal CRM & Relationships Tracker Aesthetic Notion Template

This template by Frances Odera Matthews is basically a relationship tracker that will notify you to reach out to people that matter, from customers to family members.

Besides its usability, we also love Frances's unique design, which has a high recognition value.

→ Get Personal CRM & Relationships Tracker

Travel Bucket List & Trip Planner Aesthetic Notion Template

Travel Bucket List & Trip Planner Aesthetic Notion Template

This is another template by Frances Odera Matthews. It targets travelers who wish to see as much of the globe as possible in their lives. Besides showing them how much of the world they have already explored, it also provides them with a bucket list of dream locations of their choice.

→ Get Travel Bucket List & Trip Planner

Aesthetic Notion Templates for Students

Student Life Planner Notion Template

Student Life Planner Aesthetic Notion Template

This aesthetic student life planner by NCLDesignCo convinces us with its minimalism and the tasteful arrangement of beige, brown, and green colors.

As a template for students, it is powerful as well: besides a daily task list, it also allows you to overview your weekly schedule, or track grades and take notes.

We also appreciate the jobs and internships application dashboard, which helps the users to set up a CV page, track applications, and get prepared for job interviews.

→ Get Student Life Planner Notion Template

Coolest Resume & CV Notion template

Coolest Resume & CV Notion template

This template by Jonathan Sabbah is a simple CV page, but it really stands out from the crowd of likewise templates due to its beautiful design, which was even recognized by Notion labs.

→ Get Coolest Resume & CV Notion template

Aesthetic University Study Semester Tracker & Dashboard

Aesthetic University Study Semester Tracker Notion Dashboard

We also loved this student dashboard by Subiksha K. which includes, among others, an assignment timeline, grade calculator, a calendar to track your readings and assignments. The template also allows you to keep simple notes for each topic and module.

→ Get University Study Semester Tracker & Dashboard

Aesthetic Student Dashboard - Semester Planner & Tracker

Aesthetic Student Dashboard - Semester Planner & Tracker

There is no way that we don’t include a template by the talented Frances Odera Matthews in this category. Her template promises to bring everything a student needs for classes, lecture notes, homework, coursework, exams, review topics & quizzes and grades. All into one dashboard.

Of course, it also convinces users with a unique aesthetic that is so typical for Frances.

→ Get Aesthetic Student Dashboard

Digital Resume, CV, Portfolio Notion Template

Digital Resume, CV, Portfolio Notion Template

Frances also created an aesthetic resume template that we had to add to our list. Its clean design makes it easy for your future employees to navigate through your CV and makes your application definitely stand out from the crowd.

→ Get Digital Resume, CV, Portfolio Template

Free Aesthetic Notion Templates

The Happiness Bar Journal

Aesthetic Notion templates - The Happiness Bar Journal

This is an aesthetic journaling template created by Frances, again. It gives users the opportunity to reflect on the good, bad, or great things happening in their lives.

There is also the opportunity to upgrade to a premium version of this template. However, for most users, the free version will work just fine.

→ Get The Happiness Bar Journal

Funding OS

Funding OS Notion template

This aesthetic Notion template was created by Founderathome which is a consultancy for future entrepreneurs, founders, and startups.

It offers Notioneers the opportunity to manage their funding series within Notion. A must-have for every notion-loving startup founder!

→ Get Funding OS

The Visual Journal

The Visual Notion Template

The Visual Journal is another free aesthetic template for Notion. We love its minimalistic style. Other than so many journaling templates, it is not overloaded but provides the users simply with a clean and straightforward journaling experience.

vIt also allows them to easily revisit their best or most adventurous days and the things they have watched and read.

→ Get The Visual Journal

Blogging Manager

Blogging Manager Notion Template

This template by Molly Jones also needs to be included on our list of aesthetic notion templates. It features cute Notion icons for a minimalist style.

As the title suggests, it is a blogging template that will help you manage all stages of writing or planning posts. It also includes a list of must-have tools for bloggers.

→ Get Blogging Manager

Plant Tracker

Plant Tracker Notion template

Do you have a green thumb and love Notion? Chances are that you don’t need this template in this case because your plants do fine.

If you, however, have a brown thumb and never manage to keep plants alive for a longer period, this template could be your savior. It shows you everything you need to know about your plants and tells you how often and when your plants need water.

→ Get Plant Tracker

Aesthetic Layout Ideas & Themes for Notion pages

Reddit is a great place to get inspired and find aesthetic Notion Templates (in most cases for free). In the following, we show you two examples recently featured on the Notion subreddit.

Life organization Weekly and Daily spread

Life organization Aesthetic Notion template

This pastel-colored template was uploaded by user KisaLotus. This is one of the most sophisticated templates in terms of colors and design. The pages of each day have a different color palette, which gives the template a unique and beautiful look.

Follow the link to download it for free:

→ Get Life organization Weekly and Daily spread

Aesthetic Homepage Template

Aesthetic Homepage Notion Template

Looking for an aesthetic Notion homepage that links to all your dashboards? Look no further, this cute Notion template by starryambrosia really uses all the tricks in the toolbox to beautify the Notion experience of its users.

It displays widgets and uses embeds to personalize the page and inserts code to change fonts and colors.

→ Get Aesthetic Homepage Template

If you wish to beautify your personal page like starryambrosia, just continue reading. In the next section, we will teach you how to make your Notion page more aesthetic yourself.

How to Make Notion Look Aesthetic in 8 Simple Steps?

In this section, we will give you a simple step-by-step instruction on how to beautify your Notion pages. Use all these elements to set up good-looking workspaces and create aesthetic Notion templates.

1. Icons

Most people already know that they can pick any emoji as an icon for their Notion pages. However, if you want your page to really stand out, you could also upload an individual icon or link to the source file of the icon.

You can design your own icons and upload them as images. There are also websites that give you tons of aesthetic icons to chose from. Here is our selection of the best 15 places to find free Notion icons.

2. Covers

The cover photo occupies a prominent place on every notion page. Choosing it carefully is an important step in making your Notion page more aesthetic.

Notion provides you by default with:

  • Color Gradients
  • Images from the Nasa Archive
  • Images from the Ruksmuseum
  • Images from the MET

Within the cover menu, you can also search the image database of Unsplash, which is a website that offers freely-usable images.

Of course, you can also upload or link to individual pictures and designs.

3. Images

Using images is not limited to the cover section. Notion allows you to embed images of your choice within every block of your Notion page. Just type /image and the option to upload or embed an image file will appear. You will then be able to resize it to your liking.

4. Fonts

Notion uses a pretty clean-looking and stylish default font. However, in some cases, you might want to change it. For doing so, you need to do the following:

  • Open your Notion page
  • Click on the page menu in the top right-hand corner. It's the three horizontal dots.
  • You'll see three options: Default, Serif, and Mono.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to change to an individual font. If you don’t mind playing around with a bit of code, you could use this alternative method by Simple.ink:

Create an equation block by typing “/equation” on your Notion page. Now you have to add the following line of code into that field: \color{TypeAColour}\text{Your text goes here}

The language used is called LaTeX. Of course, you can customize this code snippet even more. Simply check out this article from Simple.ink for more examples.

5. Colors

Notion allows you to use colors for text and the background of blocks. However, the color palette of Notion is limited to 10 font colors and 10 background colors.

If you wish to have a larger choice, you need once again resort to using code. Copy the equation from before, and simply type a hex-code of your choice into the field {TypeAColour}.

6. Callouts

A callout is a Notion block used for text that should stand out. This is important if you want to give users a warning or provide them with a useful tip.

Different from normal blocks, the callout blocks also display icons. As with the icons from the page, you can choose among emojis or individually uploaded icons.

7. Widgets

Widgets from third-party developers allow you to personalize your dashboards even more. Widgets are widely used by aesthetic Notion templates creators. For example, they make it possible to embed a live clock, a Spotify playlist, or a weather app into your Notion page.

Check out Apption.co or Indify to find tons of great Notion-friendly widgets.

8. Embeds

Most widgets use the embeds option, but in fact you can natively embed almost everything on your Notion page. From Google Maps, to Tweets, to PDFs.

Using this option will help you to make your Notion pages more unique and tailored to your needs.

With ready to use templates that you can download, layout inspirations and a step-by-step guide, you now have everything to start creating your own aesthetic Notion templates.

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