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Notion icons are what makes your Notion workspace clear and easy to navigate. Using them wisely will allow you to add an extra level of organization and quickly know what’s inside a page or a database.

Some also use them to give a specific style to their Notion workspaces and Notion templates.

Whether you are looking for beautiful icons to create aesthetic Notion templates, or minimal icons to clean your Notion workspace, we got you covered.

In this article, we’ve selected the 15 best places to find free Notion icons for your Notion workspaces.


Colorful Notion Icons

Using colored icons will help you to structure your Notion workspace and visually define page and database categories. It will make it easier to find your pages while adding a nice spark to your pages.

Here are the best free Notion icon libraries that let you choose the icon colors. Notion Icons Notion Icons

Beautiful user interface and very straight forward. Just click any icon to get the icon data link.

This library allows setting the desired color for more than 1000 icons. For some of them, you can even set the stroke width.

Note: setting the icon size won’t reflect in your Notion workspace, as all icons are in the vector .SVG format.

Usage: click to copy the icon link.

→ Check out icons

Here is another library which is very easy to use. It includes 1300+ icons and have cool features such as:

  • Easy light or dark mode switch
  • Preview of your Notion page
  • Select stroke width

Usage: click to copy the icon link.

→ Check out

The particularity of this icon library is that it lets you chose from two different styles for your Notion icons. The simple icon style features icons with background. The fancy icon style features bigger and more detailed icons with no background.

The only drawback here is the limited number of colors and icons available.

Usage: you can choose to copy the icon data link by clicking, or you can select to download it.

→ Check out

Vyshnav’s Notion icons

Notion Vyshnav’s icons

This very basic free icon set helps you get straight to the point. You can preview the icons both in light and dark mode and choose from 286 icons.

Usage: Click to download image in SVG format.

→ Check out Vyshnav’s icons (Mega Library)

Notion icons by

This is the most complete library for your Notion pages, with more than 130,000 free icons available. You’ll find everything you need here with icon sets for emojis, brand logos, numbers, letters, symbols and much more.

This library unifies most of the existing icon packs on the internet. It is a goldmine!


  1. Use the search button in the upper left corner to search through all icons
  2. Click the desired icon to open icon settings.
  3. Click the icon in the bottom left corner to open the color settings
  4. Use the icon with two options:
  5. Click the Data URL button to save it. Make sure you have the “copy with color” checkbox checked. Now you can paste the link into your Notion page.
  6. Or click Download > SVG to download the icon. Now you can upload the icon into your Notion page.

→ Check out

Minimalist Notion Icons

Minimalist icons have simple designs which make them work seamlessly within your Notion pages.

Choosing to use minimalist Notion icons allows you to have clean and easy to navigate workspaces. They give an aesthetic style to your Notion pages while keeping the simplicity of use.

Notion icons website

Looking for simplicity and quickly find your icons for your Notion pages? This site is for you.

3 color tones to choose from in light mode, 3 color tones to choose from in dark mode. Simple and straight to the point!

Usage: click to copy the icon link.

→ Check out

Notion VIP Icons

Notion VIP Icons

This is a very popular library for Notion icons. It’s been created by William Nutt which is one of the most famous Notion expert.

You can choose between a light and a dark mode icons. There’s no search feature, so you’ll have to CTRL+F your desired icon or go through the 21 categories available. You have 176 icons to choose from.

Usage: click to copy the icon link.

→ Check out Notion VIP icons Icons

Notion Icons by

This is one of the most popular Notion icon packs ever! Use CTRL+F to search for your desired icons. You have 282 icons to choose from. You can toggle between dark icons and light icons.

Usage: click to copy the icon link.

→ Check out Icons

Iconmonstr Icons

This rich library is particularly interesting for its customization features. Downloading your icons in PNG format lets you customize the size and the color of your icons. You can also play with margins and add some cool background shapes and outlines.

Tip: If you want to use the image link, you can do so by using the SVG “Embed” “Base64” option and copy and paste the black text between the double quotation marks.

→ Check out

Minimal Notion Icons

Minimal Notion Icons

This set of simple icons features about 50 different icons in 10 different variations (colors and monochromatic). The particularity of this set is that it is available in multiple formats including PNG, SVG, EPS and Adobe Illustrator.

→ Check out Minimal Icons

Animated Notion Icons (GIFs)

Animated icons can breathe some life into your workspaces. But remember to use animated icons sparingly, otherwise your workspace might turn into chaos.

How to add animated icons? We need to find a GIF! Let’s see what are the best GIF icon libraries!

Lordicon Animated Icons

Lordicon Animated Icons

This is the best library for animated Notion icons as it offers a large library of customizable icons.

You can choose from two different styles - wired and system. Wired style is fun, expressive, with many colors. System style is minimalistic and very clear. In total, you’ll get more than 1100 free icons to download as GIF and use on your Notion pages.

→ Check out

Icons8 Animated Icons

Icons8 Animated Icons

Animated Icons 2.0 by Icons8 features 3700+ icons. Most of them are premium, but you can still find many free icons to fit your needs. Multiple styles are available - like Windows 10 or IOS Glyph style icons.

→ Check out Icons8 Animated Icons

Whatever GIF you find!

Some don’t realize this, but there’s practically no limit when it comes to using icons on your Notion pages. Basically, you can put in any image/GIF you want.

Here are more places to find GIFs for your Notion workspaces:

More Aesthetic Icons for Notion

If you’re looking for aesthetic Notion icons with more colors and details, that have some unique style, personality, you need to look through bigger icon libraries. Here are some of the best we recommend.

The Noun Project

The Noun Project icons

Over 3 million icons to pick from. Downloading icons is for free, customizing them requires a premium account.

It is not possible to copy an icon link from The Noun Project. You have to download each icon you want to use.

→ Check out The Noun Project


Iconfinder icons

Here is another large library with over 235,000 free icons. Here you can find all different kinds of icons: from minimalist, to hand-drawn and very detailed ones.

If you find the icon you want to use, you don’t have to download it. Just click the “Copy Base64 SVG” to copy the icon data link.

→ Check out Iconfinder free icons

Notion Icons FAQ

How to add icons to Notion

  1. Click the “add icon” button when hovering over the top of your Notion page.
  2. Select “Upload an image” (and upload your custom icon) or “Link” (and paste the icon link).

Want to learn more? Check out this 2-minute video by the Notion team about Page icons & covers.

How to add a GIF to Notion icon?

Follow the same steps as if you want to add any static icon. But instead of inserting a link to a .png or .jpg file, link to a GIF file or upload it as an image. Check out the sections above to see where you can find great libraries for animated icons.

Will custom icons work both in light and dark mode?

If you use a black icon, it won’t look good in dark mode. The same goes for a white icon in light mode. If you want to have a workspace that works both in a light and a dark mode, use gray or colored icons.

Dark mode notion icons

What size are Notion icons?

The recommended size for Notion icons is 280 x 280 pixels. This is particularly the case for page icons in Notion. You can use smaller icons if you only need them for callouts block.

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