The Best Notion Travel Templates for 2024

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We have all been there, leaving your home and setting yourself for a great adventure… It is a hard thing to plan. So many things to take, so many bookings, and so much planning goes into making sure you visit all the places you want. The Notion templates on this list have been specifically designed to relieve you of your worries after you cross your doorstep to see the world!

We selected the best Notion travel templates that will help you with planning your trips, staying on top of your travel budget, and even journaling about your unique experiences. The more homework you do while still at home, the less stress you will have during your trip. And if you need an organized environment to hold all that information, you need one of the Notion travel templates listed below.

Another great thing about using Notion for travel planning is that you can access all of these templates on your phone. This means all booking information, location addresses, and other important checklists will be in your pocket at all times!

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Notion Travel Address Book Template

Travel organizing is a breeze with the Notion Address Book free template. It's an essential tool for those who love to keep track of must-visit places, whether they're cozy restaurants, awe-inspiring monuments, or comfortable hotels. This template is your ultimate companion for cataloging and organizing your travel discoveries.

Address Book Template

Address Book main features:

✅ All-in-One Place Catalog

✅ Automatic Google Maps Integration

✅ Easy Entry Management

✅ Personalized Wishlists and Favorites

Get the Notion Address Book template

Ultimate Notion Travel Planner Template

Remove as much stress from your travel planning as possible with this amazing Notion planner template made specifically for travel plans. Think of this as your tiny personal travel app. You can research, plan and keep track of all your travel booking information in one place. From sightseeing to travel notes, everything you need in one convenient Notion travel template!

Ultimate Notion Travel Planner Template

This template has different hubs for all the most important parts needed for an amazing trip. From research, inspiration boards, and budget management, to complete booking detail repository and travel calendar. It also comes with a great and easy-to-use to-do list to stay on top of your travel plans!

Ultimate Travel Planner Template Features

✅ Plan your trip from start to finish

✅ Different databases for different parts of travel planning

Get the Ultimate Travel Planner Template

Travelo Notion Travel Template

Treat this great Notion travel planning template as your adventure management workspace. This template contains everything you need to turn any trip idea into a fully actionable plan. Not only will you be able to plan trips, but you can also track expenses, have a database on bookings, and keep track of other types of travel-related information.

Travelo Notion Travel Template

This template also comes with a travel journal, which means after you planned your trip and are already enjoying it - you can now relax and take notes from your trip. This template can work very well in combination with Notion calendar templates, especially if you use them to track work or other areas of your life.

Travelo Travel Template Features

✅ Comes with both light and dark modes

✅ Everything you need to have less stress while traveling

Get the Travelo Travel Template

The Notion Travel Planner for Nomads

While this is yet another amazing template that will work for most types of travel planning, this one comes with a spin! It also has loads of tips, checklists, tutorials, and other resources if you want to start living like a real Nomad. This means this template can help you save money and provide advice, especially if you are starting your new life as a nomad.

The Nomad Planner Notion Travel Template

Treat this workspace as your to do list Notion template for traveling. Great template that will work best if you are planning a long trip or want to be always on the move. That being said, it will also work wonders for those who are just planning a trip or two every year. So many great tips on different aspects of traveling on a budget and staying safe during your trip!

The Nomad Planner Travel Template Features

✅ Unique neighborhood mood tracker widget

✅ Built for a nomadic lifestyle

Get the Nomad Planner Travel Template

Simple Notion Travel Planner Template

This travel template might be a bit simpler than some other great picks we featured in this article, but it’s also cheaper than most. While if this is your first template, and you want it to work wonders out of the box, this might not be the right choice for you. That being said, templates like this can be the right thing to do if you are planning to customize it heavily or plan to incorporate it into other bigger and more complex templates you already use.

Notion Travel Planner Template

Expect to find things like an advanced document management system, a travel expense manager, and a guide on how to use this template. Its journaling section might not be as comprehensive as other great Notion journal templates, but it’s an amazing starting point if you want to take notes or journal during your trip.

Simple Travel Planner Template Features

✅ Easy-to-use travel planning template

✅ Great price

Get the Travel Planner Template

Trip Planner Notion Template

While most trip-planning templates share similar features and only differ in their design, this template might be the right pick if you are planning a trip together with others. It’s quite simple, and the design is very intuitive, meaning it will be easy to onboard your spouse, friends, or even coworkers. Due to simplicity, most people, even if they have never used Notion - will be able to join in and plan your itinerary together in no time!

Trip Planner Notion Template

Location pin feature is what makes the template perfect for group travel planning. Everyone can contribute to the overall travel plan. Of course, there’s also an expense tracking section, as well as a task list - which will make it easy to split costs or assign responsibilities for different people you are traveling with. This planner doesn’t have a note-taking-oriented journal template incorporated into it - so be sure to get one separately if you plan to write about your memories while traveling.

Trip Planner Template Features

✅ Great template for groups of travelers

✅ Easy to use, intuitive design

Get the Trip Planner Template

Everything Travel Notion Template

One more trip template that seems to have everything you need to plan your trip the right way. What I loved most about this template is that it has pre-made travel checklists, which is an excellent way not to forget anything when packing for your trip. These checklists can even inspire you to edit them and plan what you need beforehand. Pro-tip: make sure you add new items to the checklist if you think of something while you are planning your trip.

Everything Travel Notion Template

This travel dashboard works well if you want to use it as a bucket list and plan multiple trips in the future. You can also add places you want to visit in each country you are planning to go to. Basically, it’s a perfect template to keep track of your dream locations where you will be planning trips later on. Get this template if the idea of gathering travel ideas and picking locations each year based on your research is something that sounds exactly like what you need!

Everything Travel Template Features

✅ Great way to keep a travel bucket list

✅ Many features that help do travel research before picking your travel destination

Get the Everything Travel Template

Travel Bucket List Notion Template

This travel template is cheap but comes with a downside - it’s not your typical travel planner, like most other travel we already featured. While it can be used as a travel planner and has some of the features that most other templates use, you might not want to pick this one up, especially if you are new to Notion. That being said, because of the great price, if you know your way around Notion, this could be a cheap way to incorporate a bucket list into your personal goal Notion system.

Travel Bucket List Notion Template

Use this template if you want a great starting base for your personalized bucket list. With this template, it’s easy to set up countries you want to visit, and you can even create some very simple travel plans. We recommend this template only if you are planning to redesign it and are planning to merge it with other Notion templates you are already using.

Travel Bucket List Template Features

✅ Very cheap

✅ Get this if you only need bucket list functionality

Get the Travel Bucket List Template

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