The Best Notion Calendar Templates for 2024

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This is a list of best calendar templates for Notion, that can help you with staying organized and keeping track of your plans. We selected only the best Notion templates that have that calendar aspect as the core functionality. 

You will also be able to find very different types of aesthetic Notion calendar templates on this list, so be sure to scroll all the way to the end of this article if you are seeking new ways to improve your life with Notion. 

Here’s a small taste of what’s on this list: content calendar, personal life calendar, mental health tracking calendar, workout planning calendar, habit formation calendar and even stoic calendar that shows you how much life you have left. 


Balance OS Personal Notion Calendar Template

Feeling overwhelmed? Try balancing your life with this amazing Notion calendar that will make it easy for anyone to get a better grasp on their lives. Have a calendar with all your projects, goals, tasks, ideas and personal notes. Simple to use and works amazingly for any type of person!

Balance OS Personal Notion Calendar Template

This calendar comes with a great setup that will make it easy to add clarity to your personal life. Imagine this being the one database to rule all aspects of your life! Best calendar to unlock your true potential and keep your life intact.

Balance OS Calendar Template Features

✅ 20+ templates to organize areas of your life

✅ Better goal setting and personal task management 

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Project Management Notion Calendar Template

Doesn’t matter how big or small your project is, this is the ultimate template for any project you might have! It’s a calendar based task management system that allows anyone to stay focused on. Think of this calendar template as your task management app! 

Project Management Notion Template

This calendar template has been built as a system that can be adapted to any project, doesn’t matter if you work alone or with a big team. This means, all you have to do is plan all the tasks and let this template help you achieve your goals!

Task Management Calendar Template Features

✅ More than 30 databases with different views with different dashboards for your project

✅ Complete control and ultimate customization!

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Want to find more about how to create a Notion task and project management system? Read our Notion for Project Management: Complete Guide article!

Content Creation Hub Notion Calendar Template

Need a calendar for your blog, social media account, YouTube channel or podcast? This is the one perfect content calendar and project management tool you need! It’s really affordable and will allow you to have your content plan and strategy in one place.

Content Creation Hub Notion Calendar Template

Creating content and keeping track of your plan can be messy. Especially if you have different content in different stages like planning, research, making and publishing. This notion of a content calendar Notion template will help you with all of that and more!

Content Creation Hub Calendar Template Features

✅ 9 different content planning templates for different content

✅ Filtered calendar view for multiple platforms (or content types)

Get Content Creation Hub Calendar Template!

Content Mastery - Notion Calendar Template for Youtube

Anyone who creates or plans to create videos on YouTube should give this content creation Notion template a try. It’s a content calendar aimed to help any YouTube channel to grow faster and stay more organized!

Content Mastery YouTube Calendar Notion Template

Because on YouTube you need to create and publish videos consistently to grow… There’s so many tiny things you need to track. Each step of your video creation process will be visible on this amazing YouTube content calendar. Anyone who takes their YouTube career seriously must give this a try!

Content Mastery Calendar Template Features

✅ Step by step system for YouTube channels

✅ Video subtask calendar with all templates you need (f.i. Video script)

Get Content Mastery Calendar Template!

Instagram Planner Calendar Template

Planning to go big on Insta? You will need this! With so much social media content required to become Instagram famous, most of us stay on track with a detailed Instagram calendar that has all the content planning process inside!

Instagram Planner Notion Calendar Template

If you want to grow your Instagram follower base, you need to publish multiple stories, videos and images every day. With each content piece needing multiple tasks, this can become too hard to manage very fast. Be ready to take full control of your content process with this amazing Instagram calendar template for Notion!

Instagram Planner Calendar Template Features

✅ Detailed step-by-step Instagram content planner

✅ Checklists for images, reels and other content

Get Instagram Planner Calendar Template!

Student Life Notion Calendar Template

Doesn’t matter if you are in high school, college or university - this is a special calendar that will fit any student’s life! Be in control of your school work, deadlines and leisure with one simple student planner dashboard.

Student Life Notion Calendar Template

This student life calendar allows you to stay better organized in your school semester, class assignments and have all your lecture notes in one place. It also comes with out of school dashboards for jobs/internships, habit trackers, journal and even finance tracking. 

Student Life Calendar Template Features

✅ Very cheap template for students

✅ Loads of handy tools and easy to personalize

Get Student Life Planner Calendar Template!

Not sure if this is the perfect notion template for your student life? We have a list of all the best Notion student templates you can find!

Advanced Workout Planner and Calendar Template

Staying on track with your fitness goals is the hardest part of any sports regime. How about a Notion calendar template made specially for your workout routine? Stay on top of your training sessions with what could be called your personal sports calendar app!

Advanced Workout Planner Notion Calendar Template

This is a specialized workout manager for those who need motivation and help to get that sport routine going. Expect to see your next workouts, take notes about achievements and find many other handy workout tracking tools that will help you stay focused on your fitness goals!

Workout Tracking Calendar Template Features

✅ Specialized calendar that is a perfect workout planner

✅ Can be adapted to any sport, routine and workout schedule

Get Advanced Workout Calendar Template!

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Aesthetic Gratitude Journal Notion Template

Those who never experienced the power of taking time to be grateful for something every day… Are really missing out on a lot of benefits! Don’t take our word for it, there’s plenty of studies that show how being grateful can change your life, reduce stress and boost your self-esteem. This specialized notion of gratitude calendar template is all about that!

Gratitude Journal Notion Calendar Template

You will be able to stay more holistic and most importantly, most can expect improvements in their mental health. This is one mental calendar to track all aspects of your life. Think mood, happiness, energy, sleep, stress and even things like water consumption! If there is a calendar that allows you to start noticing patterns in your mental health and be more grateful daily… It’s this one!

Aesthetic Gratitude Calendar Template Features

✅ Not only gratitude journal, but all mental aspect tracker

✅ Best way to stay on track with habits that can help your mental health

Get Gratitude Journal and Mental Health Calendar Template!

Minimalistic Habit Tracking Notion Calendar Template

While most calendars on this list have complex functions and dashboards, this habit tracking calendar template aims to remove clutter and focus only on the core function. Tracking your habits. With this notion calendar template it will be easier to focus on any new habit creation.

Minimalistic Habit Tracking Notion Calendar Template

Need support forming (or quitting) a habit? Give this simple to use, minimal habit calendar a try. With everything you need to automate that habit tracking process you will be able to see your habit forming process visually and enjoy the benefits of motivation that this calendar provides!

Minimal Habit Tracker Calendar Template Features

✅ Focuses only on single aspect of your life - habit formation

✅ Minimal and slick design to minimize visual clutter and increase focus on the goal

Get Minimal Habit Tracker Calendar Template!

Not sure if this is the perfect Notion habit tracker for you? Find more Notion habit tracking templates!

Stoic Life Calendar Notion Template

We know we are starting this list with a unique calendar template, but it’s worth it! Stoic life calendar is a calendar that shows how much time you lived and… Most importantly! How much life you probably have left!

Stoic Life Calendar Notion Template

If you don’t want to make the mistake of wasting your life and realizing you have never actually lived, give this affordable calendar a chance. You will be able to visually see how much time you have left to live. Accepting and realizing that death is closer than we think can help us appreciate life even more!

Stoic Life Calendar Template Features

✅ Every week of your life is one checkbox

✅ Easy customizable calendar that can be a great base for any personal Notion project

Get Stoic Life Calendar Notion Template!

Other Notion Templates

We hope you liked our list of the best Notion calendar templates. Think we missed one Calendar template? Contact us and let us know! You can also add your own Notion template, here!

If you haven’t found what you were looking for here, be sure to check all Notion templates on our website.

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Frequently asked questions.

What are Notion calendar templates?

Notion calendar templates are pre-designed layouts created for the Notion platform, designed to help you manage your time and tasks more efficiently. These templates are customizable and can be modified to suit individual needs.

Why should I use Notion calendar templates?

Notion calendar templates save you the time of creating a calendar from scratch. They also provide a structured way to organize your tasks, events, and deadlines. Most templates have added features that enhance productivity, such as task management tools, reminders, and note-taking sections.

Are Notion calendar templates customizable?

Yes, Notion calendar templates are highly customizable. You can adjust them to your liking, add or remove sections, and even integrate them with other pages or databases in your Notion workspace.

What are some key features to look for in the best Notion calendar templates?

Key features of the best Notion calendar templates would include a clear and easy-to-navigate design, task management capabilities, links to other relevant Notion databases or pages, a way to track progress or completion of tasks, and ideally, a view switcher to toggle between daily, weekly, and monthly views.