The Best Notion Note Taking Templates for 2024

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Notion can be the best note taking app you ever had. It works in pages, meaning every note you take will have a unique link placement in your personal note database. But using Notion for note taking only is like using a car, so it doesn’t rain on you. It just barely scratches the surface of problem-solving systems you can make with Notion!

However, if you need only the simple note taking functionality from Notion workspace, below you will find a list of the best templates for doing so in Notion! We tried to pick only those that have as little as possible other features in them.

One last thing! Because many types of Notion templates on our marketplace have note taking features, we recommend visiting our homepage and using our filtering system to find the perfect one that might solve other problems you have as well. For inspiration, you can also read our Best Notion templates article to learn what other things next to note taking you can do with Notion.


Daily Journal Notion Template

Begin a new chapter in personal journaling with the innovative Daily Journal template, a highlight of our note-taking templates at Notion. It's a dedicated hub for self-reflection, achieving your goals, and reflecting on your growth. Ideal for both beginners and experienced journal keepers.

Daily Journal Template

Daily Journal Key Features

✅ Effortless entry creation

✅ Customizable '@Today' template

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Note-Taking OS Notion Template

Simple, yet extremely powerful Notion note taking system that can benefit anyone! This template allows you to keep and record notes, and also categorize them into lists according to ideas. Using Notion for something like this is extremely powerful due to the fact that you can search and find notes instantaneously on your phone, tablet or computer.

Note-Taking OS Notion Template

This system can be used both by beginners and content professionals due to the way it was constructed when it comes to information architecture on Notion. While it also comes with a simple task and routine checklist, we would recommend matching it with some other template from our getting things done templates or Notion to do list templates roundup reviews. This would result with a very powerful personal database on Notion for note taking system with dashboards for achieving things!

Note-Taking OS Template Features

✅ Frictionless content, note and idea capturing

✅ Note taking system for beginners and professionals

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Knowledge Management and note-taking Notion template (Luhmann's Zettelkasten)

This is a great Notion template that is aimed at all knowledge and creative workers. Doesn’t matter if you are a student or a creative professional, this template is designed to work for any field or experience level. It focuses on a seamless way to gather information, be it research or your notes. And then it helps you find connections between those ideas and notes. 

Knowledge Management Notion Template for Note Taking

It means that this template will work in so many different fields, from influencers to authors, from content managers to students - anyone who needs to gather information, organize it and find information pattern will find great value in this note taking system template. If you liked what this template has to offer, we recommend also checking our Notion writer template list and best Notion second brain templates for similar information management systems.

Knowledge Management Template Features

✅ Works best for content or creativity oriented people

✅ Databases for notes, reading, research and more

Get the Knowledge Management Template for Notion

PhD Student Notion Note Taking Template

This is another getting things done style planner that aims to have one unified dashboard with different relational databases for all your PhD degree related notes. More than that, you can also start using this even if you are still planning to apply for your studies. All planning, research, contacts and other steps can happen in this single database.

PhD Student Notion Note Taking Template

Now if you decide to use Notion as your main PhD workspace, it will be extremely easy to send documents and receive revisions, directly from your PhD note taking platform that is this template. If you also have work to manage next to your studies, combining this with one of the templates from our Notion calendar or Notion planner template lists could be a great idea.

PhD Student Note Taking Template Features

✅ Created specifically for PhD students

✅ From class notes, to research to revisions - everything in once place

Get the PhD Student Note Taking Template

College or University Notion Class Note Taking Template

If you need to take class notes and organize them, this can be a cheap template to do just that! While it might not be as powerful as other Notion student templates you can buy in our marketplace, we added it here as it focuses on note taking solely. While it has a classes database and a bit more than that, this is a simple template for fundamental class note organization in Notion.

College or University Notion Class Note Taking Template

Being a very simple template, this can serve as a great starting point, especially if you want to learn how to create your own systems in Notion. If this template does match what you need, we advise you to check all the best Student templates for Notion and find the ideal one that will have more features than this one! 

College or University Note Taking Template Features

✅ Simple class note taking and organization

✅ Works for high-school, college or university class notes

Get the College or University Note Taking Template

Notion Academic Note Taking Template

This academic template for Notion aims to be a comprehensive studying system with lecture notes that works amazingly for students at all levels. Especially if you have to do loads of research or read a lot, this student system can help you out with note taking organization. While it has a note and idea section, this template will work best if you use it more as an information gathering system, rather than a creative brainstorming hub.

Notion Academic Note Taking Template

Which means you should consider getting another template and match it to this academic life template to have a complete system to keep personal, professional and school life intact. We would recommend looking into some of the best Notion habit tracker templates list for more inspiration. Either way, this template is a great pick for those who have issues organizing their learning, research and analysis in one place!

Academic Note Taking Template Features

✅ Academic research and learning database

✅ Great highlighting system

Get the Academic Note Taking Template

Other Notion Templates

We hope you liked our list of the best note taking Notion templates. Think we missed one note taking template? Contact us and let us know! You can also add your own Notion template, here!

If you haven’t found what you were looking for here, be sure to check more Notion templates on our website.

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