The Best Second Brain Notion Templates for 2024

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With so much information consumption every day, we also have so many insights and ideas. But before we know it, we get distracted, and they are gone. This Second Brain Notion template list can help you pick the perfect information system so that never happens again!

The idea of a Second Brain where all your insights, ideas, and plans are organized and are easy to search through - goes hand in hand with all Notion features. It’s hard to imagine a better tool for your Second Brain than Notion - it’s so easy to organize, connect and improve notes, and ideas and even group them in topics!

Of course, a second brain Notion template is the best way to start, as such a system might require you to invest days if not months to develop on your own! Don't worry, you will be able to adapt and improve this personal knowledge management system afterward.

Before we jump into the best Notion Second Brain templates, be sure to check out all the newest templates on our website or skim through our best free Notion templates article if you want to see what other cool stuff is there in the Notion template universe!


Second Brain 2.0 Notion Template

This Notion Second Brain 2.0 Template by Notion Everything is a game-changer in the world of Second Brain Notion Templates, as it includes a lot of new and unique features, such as Notion Formulas 2.0. and quick capture feature.

This template has everything in one place for better organization, clarity, and focus. With Notion Second Brain 2.0, no more switching back and forth between apps and no more missing notes. This system puts you in complete control.

Here's a closer look at its top benefits:

  1. Intuitive tasks management system

This simple system lets you manage everything from one spot and group your tasks by areas of your life. You can easily view all tasks and projects in one place, organize your day with "My Day" page and handle projects separately on their own pages.

  1. Instant Idea Saving

Just one click, and your thoughts are stored for later. Also, use the "Quick Capture" page to note things while you're busy and sort new notes from your "Inbox" page.

  1. Unlimited knowledge hub

Create your own knowledge center where all your notes and resources are organized and accessible. You can sort everything by topic for easy access and connect your materials to specific areas and projects.

Apart from these features, the Second Brain 2.0 template brings you 4 bonus templates:

  • ✅ Habit Tracker
  • ✅ Daily Journal
  • ✅ Personal CRM
  • ✅ Address Book

Get the Notion Second Brain 2.0 template!

Ultimate Brain Notion Template

This template aims to change all tools into a one coherent personal productivity system that will help you take better control of your life and tasks. Manage all your tasks, notes, projects, and goals - from a single second brain system on Notion.

This template has been also featured on our Getting Things Done Notion template list, so you know you are getting a beast of a template!

Ultimate Brain Notion Template

This Notion second brain style template follows GTD and PARA systems combined with my day views and quick idea capture to allow you to have a global overview of your personal and professional life.

If you are looking for a simple Notion to-do list template, check our article, but if you seek a complete system, this template is the way to go!

Ultimate Brain Template Features

  • ✅ Advanced dashboards and tools
  • ✅ Great archiving features to keep things clean
  • ✅ GTD-style task capture and processing
  • ✅ PARA-style organization (Projects, Areas, Resources, Archives) for tasks, projects, and notes.

Get Ultimate Brain Template for Notion!

Second Brain Notion Template

Another second brain system is based on projects, areas, resources, and archive PARA system. For a more simplified Notion goals template list, check our article here, but if you really need a powerful and life-changing second brain database - this template can offer all that!

It comes with quite a clean black-and-white aesthetic that will fit most styles, or serve as a clean starting point for customization.

Notion Second Brain Template

This template can also do things that other habit-tracking templates for Notion can, but it doesn’t stop there and aims to give you complete control over your life notes, tasks, plans, projects, and even resources you manage.

A very robust and comprehensive Notion template, if you just want to get one template and need it to be a huge part of your new organized life, this is the one you need!

Second Brain Template Features

  • ✅ Thousands of sales and great customer reviews
  • ✅ One Notion template that has almost every Notion tool type out there!

Get Second Brain Template for Notion!

Flux OS Second Brain Notion Template

This Notion template is all about getting that routine in place, with an added benefit of having all of your ideas and activities completely organized. If that sounds like something you need, be sure to check our best Notion calendar templates or best Notion planners. This template does everything those templates do, but it also applies that second brain personal system approach!

Flux OS Notion Second Brain Template

Think of this template as a single place for all your ideas, plans, tasks and goals, that turn all of these into actual tasks and deadlines. It also will serve you as a great personal research and self-improvement tool, because you will have a repository of all your resources. If getting it all on paper helped you before, this is like a supercharged version of that approach that will work on all devices at the same time.

Flux OS Second Brain Template Features

  • ✅ GTD, PARA, and Atomic Habits methods incorporated
  • ✅ Extra tools like journal, to-do list, and more included

Get Flux OS Second Brain Template for Notion!

Obsidian Life OS Second Brain Notion Template

We must start with the obvious, if design or style is something you enjoy - you must pick this ultimate template. It comes with that clean, slick look which is extremely important for very complex and massive templates that second brains tend to be.

This template is your personal workflow manager or productivity system that will obey your personal and professional goals. If that’s something you need, consider also checking our list of Notion project management templates or best note-taking templates for Notion.

Obsidian Life OS Notion Second Brain Template

What differentiates this template from many other Notion productivity templates is that it aims to simplify your life and workflow, not make it more complex.

Yes, it might start being more complicated, but as you plan, work, review and track everything in one place, gradually this template will help you have a simplified overview of your life. Expect a huge list of free resources and 30+ dashboards with this great second brain template!

Obsidian Life OS Second Brain Template Features

  • ✅ Minimal design for less cluttered dashboards
  • ✅ Different areas for different parts of your life that merge together into one template

Get Obsidian Life OS Second Brain Template for Notion!

Why You Should Use Notion as Your Second Brain?

Using Notion as your Second Brain offers numerous benefits. Notion's features enable you to create a personalized intranet where you can store a wide range of information, including pages, links, bookmarks, ideas, and research documents.

The ability to tag and search for information within your second brain on Notion makes it effortless to locate and retrieve specific pieces of knowledge whenever you need them. With its intuitive interface and powerful organization capabilities, Notion provides an ideal platform for building and maintaining your second brain, allowing you to enhance your productivity and keep your thoughts, tasks and ideas neatly organized.

Why Do People Use Notion as Their Second Brain?

Second brain building follows methodologies that allow you to organize your information flow into a brain system that is easy to access whenever you need to. It basically allows you to work under the principle of “my brain can’t remember everything I need to know all the time” and offset some of that information, by storing it in an information system on Notion.

By using Notion as their second brain, people can keep track of valuable insights, tasks and ideas, ensuring that they have a reliable resource to refer back to whenever they need it.

Moreover, one of the key advantages of using Notion as a second brain is its powerful search and tagging functionality. Notion enables users to tag their information with relevant keywords or labels, making it easy to locate specific pieces of information later on. Whether it's a project plan, research article, or personal reflection, Notion allows users to quickly search for and retrieve the information they need, saving valuable time and effort.

How to Build a Second Brain in Notion?

To build a second brain using Notion, you can either start with one of the second brain templates or build your own.

If you choose to start with a template, there are various second brain notion templates available that provide a solid foundation for organizing your information. These templates are designed by Notion experts and offer a structured framework to get you started quickly.

To build your own, you should create a Notion information organization system for ideas, insights, inspirations and connections between them.

Should You Use a Second Brain Template for Notion or Create Your Own?

While building your own second brain might be an amazing experience for many, we would recommend starting with a template.That is because not many people have experience with building effective relational databases with second brain methodology with proper information architecture, and the second brain requires it to be truly effective.

All in all, Second brain Notion template can be a game-changer in managing and organizing your thoughts, ideas, tasks and projects. Notion's flexibility and the availability of templates make it an ideal platform to create your personal management system.

By utilizing the power of Notion and the convenience of pre-designed templates, you can unlock your full potential and achieve a new level of organization and productivity in 2024 and beyond.

Other Notion Templates

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