The Best Notion CRM Templates for 2024

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Customer relationship management is all about tracking data and having different databases for different aspects like sales, businesses, their team members and more. Which makes this an amazing place to use Notion for all of that!

Below you will find all the best Notion CRMs for sales pipeline management. Some of them have more features than that, while others will focus solely on sales cycles. This means it doesn’t matter if you and your team already use Notion or not, there’s a business template on this list for everyone - small-medium businesses, solopreneurs and freelancers!

Before we jump into customer relationship management, a reminder that we are one of the biggest Notion template marketplace online, and you can always check our best free Notion templates blog post if you want to learn what other cool stuff you can do with Notion! 


Simple Notion CRM Template

Setting up stages of your sales pipeline and tracking incoming leads with conversion metrics is what this Simple Notion CRM is all about. All your business contacts, accounts and much more. For best results, we recommend matching this system with other templates, like our Notion project management template or ones from the Best Notion calendar templates articles.

Notion Simple CRM

Say goodbye to managing your business contacts in one spreadsheet, say hello to your personalized contacts' database. Client relationship management systems like this can help any freelancer, solopreneur or even small-medium business owner to get their sales, contact info and client-facing communication in order!

Simple CRM Template Features

✅ Great price to quality ratio

✅ Works best in combination with other Notion business templates

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Notion Personal CRM

In today's fast-paced world, it can be difficult to keep personal connections, but with Notion's Personal CRM Template, it becomes effortless.

Personal CRM template

This free Notion CRM template is designed to help you save, organize, and track all your important contacts efficiently, ensuring you never miss out on nurturing valuable relationships. This template is ideal for anyone looking to maintain and nurture personal connections with ease.

Notion Personal CRM Features:

✅ Centralized contact management

✅ Birthday and interaction trackers

✅ Customizable organization

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Advanced Notion CRM Template

This template has been made by someone who has been working with one of the most popular CRM as an administrator for years. This template copies structure from any traditional relational CRM and makes it easier to track leads. While big companies might need much more complex client management systems than this one, most small or medium organizations will find a system like this more than sufficient!

Notion Advanced CRM

Ideally you should pick up a template like this one if you seek to manage all your business operations on Notion, so extra systems like best Notion to do list templates or similar would help you create a coherent and unified business structure on Notion. Great starter, especially if you are on a budget and don’t have a big sales team. Oh, you can also get this Notion CRM in a template bundle that will have a client task management template as a bonus!

Advanced CRM Template Features

✅ Uses similar structure to Salesforce and other huge CRMs

✅ Notion database for sales, companies, people, meetings, products and more

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Agency Kit Notion CRM Template

Certain types of small to medium businesses will be amazed what can be done with a single Notion business management solution like this one! While this template has been created with creative or any type of agency in mind and has been created by a co-founder of a big agency, this doesn’t mean that it can be used only by agencies. Especially if you decide to reshape this template to how your business works, this template can fit most organizations!

Agency Kit Notion CRM Template

Not only it comes with sales CRM, projects database, finance or meeting trackers, but also it has tasks and operation management systems in place. If you and your team work with creative projects, we might advise you to look through our Best Notion content management templates article and match one of those templates with this one for maximum efficiency. Great way to automate your marketing and sales in one place on Notion!

Agency Kit Template Features

✅ Finances, tasks, OKRs with automations

✅ Ideal for creative work but can fit most business structures

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Notion Freelance OS Template

While this freelancing Notion template comes with a bit of a bigger price tag, it’s still not expensive as far as Notion templates go. That being said, it's really worth it, especially if you like the design of it. Of course, a template like this has to function and improve your workflow, not just be pretty - which this template will definitely deliver on!

Notion Freelance OS Template

This template can also work for a small team, not only solopreneurs or freelancers. That’s because it has all the most important features for any business system: tasks, CRM, project management, invoicing with finances, meeting tracking and all that connected to a single timeline view. If you plan to use this template alone, consider looking at our best Notion second brain templates that should match perfectly with this one for an all-in-one life and work system!

Freelance OS Notion Template Features

✅ Amazing aesthetic and functional template design

✅ Everything a small business or freelancer needs in one template

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Ultimate Agent Hub Notion Template for Estate Agents

So this template is a massive value bomb for any real estate agent that wants to simplify and organize their workflow. This could lead to increased job quality with more consistent work practices. There are so many amazing databases made just for that. Oh, and it’s all matched with great relations and formulas to make your efforts even more productive!

Notion Ultimate Agent Hub Template

The only thing you might get on a side is one of our best Notion goal setting templates to have a complete personal and professional system on Notion. A system like this one that can help any real estate agent take their work to the next level takes hundreds of hours to make, so this template is an amazing pick with superb price to quality ratio!

Ultimate Agent Hub Template Features

✅ Perfect CRM for real estate agents or similar roles

✅ Has some personal life databases as a bonus

Get the Ultimate Agent Hub Notion Template

Strategic Partnership Notion Template

This is an ideal sales pipeline and client management system for those who love to improve their business logic as they grow. It comes with a simple to use, yet advanced system that focuses on a 10-stage framework. This template aims to help those who have to evaluate their partnerships when it comes to time, involvement, costs and return on investment you got from them.

Strategic Partnership Notion Template

This means this is not your typical CRM that focuses on sales cycles. Which is great, as you can match this template with any other CRM from this list and one of the best Notion planner templates to create a complete personal (or team) system to control all your business operations in Notion. If that sparked your interest and gave you ideas, visit our blog about Notion templates to find even more business resources for a system like that!

Strategic Partnership Template Features

✅ Evaluate and track ROI on relationships and collaborations

✅ Helps to answer “is it worth it?” question easier

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Personal Life CRM Notion Template

This personal CRM template is not aimed at business relationships and sales funnel. It actually focuses on your personal life and relationships with your friends and family. With this cheap template you will be able to stay in touch with people that matter the most as you will receive notifications each time it’s time to reach out again. Build meaningful relationships!

Personal Life CRM Notion Template

If this sounds like something you could benefit from greatly, be sure to also check our best Notion habit tracking templates and best Notion workout templates articles! We also have a few other links to great articles you might want to check out at the end of this article - all of them aim to help your life by solving some problem like this one and can be used on your phone, tablet or computer using Notion!

Personal Life CRM Template Features

✅ Easiest way to find time to stay in touch with others

✅ Helps to build more meaningful relationships

Get the Personal CRM Template

Other Notion Templates

We hope you liked our list of the best Notion CRM templates. Think we missed one CRM template? Contact us and let us know! You can also add your own Notion template, here!

If you haven’t found what you were looking for here, be sure to check all Notion templates on our website.

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