The Best Notion Templates for Freelancers in 2024

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Are you tired of keeping track of your freelance business with clunky spreadsheets or incompatible digital tools? Look no further than Notion templates for freelancers!

Notion’s versatile system means users can build their own databases and dashboards using their library of templates. With a little ingenuity, there’s almost nothing about freelancing you can’t manage and track in Notion. But with so many options available, where should you start?

Here are our top picks for the best Notion templates for freelancers. From project management to client portals, and everything in between, these Notion freelancer templates will help you streamline your workflow and make your freelance business even more profitable.

In addition to these freelancer-focused templates, we invite you to check out our comprehensive guide to the best Notion templates and our carefully picked free Notion templates for more versatile and creative solutions.


Notion Small Business OS

The Notion Small Business OS template is an all-in-one system for businesses to manage projects, clients, sales, finances, and knowledge within Notion. It features centralized project management, CRM tools, financial tracking, and knowledge sharing.

It includes a comprehensive company wiki where you can store essential goals, policies, and standard operating procedures. Additionally, keep your team informed with a real-time newsfeed and a handy people directory.

Main features of the template:

  • One central dashboard to pilot and manage everything
  • Project template with tasks, resources, and meetings
  • Monthly income and expenses tracker
  • Subscription tracker to pilot monthly & yearly costs
  • OKRs dashboard to track your goals and key results

Check out the Small Business OS template here!

Second Brain 2.0 for Notion

For those navigating the world of Notion Templates for Freelancers, Notion Second Brain 2.0 is a reliable friend who helps in mastering your tasks, projects, goals and resources. This template utilizes all the power of the latest Notion features, and it’s based on the PARA productivity method.

This comprehensive tool isn't just about organizing tasks; it's about seamlessly integrating both personal and professional aspects of your life into a single, cohesive system. Also, its design ensures incredible flexibility, so you can easily integrate a CRM, a finance tracker, or any other tool, as it’s easy to customize the Second Brain 2.0. Customizations won't mess with the system's easy navigation, ensuring that you always have a smooth user experience.

What makes it special? This template acts as a second brain, assisting in daily life. It is extremely useful if you want to gather everything in a single location, including freelancer projects. If you want a simple way to bring together different parts of your life, including pro projects, this template is a top solution.

Cool things Notion Second Brain 2.0 can do:

  • “My Day” page to plan your day and focus
  • The Quick Capture feature
  • New Formulas 2.0 new functions

Check out the Notion Second Brain 2.0 template here!

Notion Freelancer Kit

Notion Freelancer Kit template

Ready to level up your freelance business? With this Notion template, you and your freelance company can organize your clients, proposals and projects, track your time and expenses, and create beautiful invoices - all in one place!

It's perfect for freelancers who want to streamline their workflow and keep track of everything without the hassle. Try it out and save yourself a ton of time!

Check out the Freelancer Kit here!

Notion Freelance OS

Freelance OS Notion template

Looking for a complete solution for managing your freelance business? Notion Freelance OS has everything you need to do just that! This template includes project management, time tracking, invoicing (there's a great invoice template in there), client information, and even tax tracking, you won't miss a beat.

And with a simple, accessible interface, you can focus on what you do best - delivering great work for your clients.

What's included in the Notion freelancer template:

  • Full Sales CRM
  • Project Manager
  • Task Manager
  • Invoice Creator
  • Finance Manager
  • Client List

Check out Notion Freelance OS here!

Notion Pack Freelance Templates

Notion pack freelance template

Simplify your freelance business with Notion Pack Freelance Templates! This package is a collection of Notion templates created specifically for freelancers, including project management, sales process time tracking, invoicing, and more. Plus, with a clean, modern design, you'll love using them every step of the way.

Take your freelance business to the next level - get Notion Pack Freelance Templates today!

This Notion freelancer template includes:

  • Service Level Agreement: comprehensible and easy to update
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement: plug and play to any company
  • Proposal: 6 pages doc optimized to close deals
  • Invoice: professional and easily changeable
  • Project timeline: share your process

Check out Notion Pack Freelance Templates here!

Client Portal in Notion

Looking to give your clients the ultimate experience? Create a Client Portal in Notion. This template helps you create a portal where your clients can access project progress, invoices, contracts, and anything else they need.

Plus, with a customizable interface, you can create a branded experience that will impress your potential clients. Ready to take your client experience to the next level?

Check out the Client Portal in Notion here!

Client Hub Notion template

Client hub Notion template

Want a great tool to make sure you're always organized and on top of your client communications? Try the Client Hub for Notion! This template helps you store all client details, project information, communication history, and deadlines in one place, so you can easily keep track of everything. Plus, with a clean and modern interface, you'll love using it every day!

Check out the Client Hub here!

Ultimate Freelancer Dashboard

Maximize your productivity and get more done with the Ultimate Freelancer Dashboard! This template is designed to help manage projects, request payments, and even build up your referral network, all while keeping track of managing your finances effectively.

The beauty of this notion freelancer dashboard is that it can be super customized to fit your specific needs, so you can focus on what really matters - growing your freelance business.

Check out the Ultimate Freelancer Dashboard here!

Client Tasks & Communication Manager

Client tasks Notion template

Keeping track of all clients' daily tasks, project timeline and communication (such as meeting notes) can be daunting. But with the Client Tasks & Communication Manager, you can streamline your client management, project, and communication processes in no time!

This Notion template helps you see all your clients, and manage their projects, assigned tasks, and past communication, all in one view. It's like having a virtual assistant to keep your projects organized.

Check out the Client Tasks & Communication Manager here!

The Business Calculator for Small Businesses and Freelancers

Business calculator template for Notion

Confused about how much to charge for your products or services, what should your hourly rate be, or how much revenue you'll generate? The Business Calculator for Small Businesses and Freelancers template is the perfect solution for you!

This Notion freelance template will help you determine the pricing for your products or services, as well as calculate the cost of running your business. Use the resources in this template to stay organized, make better decisions, and grow your business in the right direction.

Check out The Business Calculator for Small Businesses and Freelancers here!

We hope this list of the best Notion templates for freelancers helps you streamline and manage your workflow, manage clients, and grow your business. But we know that there's always more to explore in the vast world of Notion.

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Small Business OSSmall Business OSThe Best Notion Templates for Freelancers in 2024The Best Notion Templates for Freelancers in 2024
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Frequently asked questions.

Is Notion good for freelancers?

Notion is highly recommended for freelancers as it offers a wide range of features, customizable workflows, and excellent organization capabilities, making it an ideal tool for managing projects and client work.

How do freelancers use Notion?

Freelancers use Notion as a versatile tool for managing projects, tracking time, organizing client information, creating to-do lists, collaborating with teams, and storing resources such as templates and project briefs.

Is it okay to use Notion for work?

Yes, Notion is a great choice for work-related tasks. With its powerful features for organization, collaboration, and project management, it can significantly enhance productivity and streamline workflows for individuals and teams alike.