15 Best Notion Business Templates for Startups and Small Businesses

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Notion has become a go-to tool for CEOs, business owners, and managers of startups and SMBs in managing their businesses and operations. With our carefully curated list of the top Notion business templates, you will discover a wide range of solutions to cater to your specific needs, including:

  • Business
  • Project management
  • Customer management (CRM)
  • Finance tracking
  • Client communication
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Marketing and growth
  • Recruiting

Take control of your online business, simplify your processes, save time, and experience the transformative power of Notion. Get started with these remarkable Notion business templates and watch your business thrive.

Just before we get into the top Notion business templates, it's worth taking a look at our best free Notion templates and all-time top Notion templates blog posts, for more insights about the world of Notion and the cool things you can achieve with it.


Notion Small Business OS Template

Elevate your business with Notion Small Business OS — a unified system to manage projects, clients, sales, finances, and objectives in one place. Keep track of both internal and client projects with ease. From tasks to meetings and resources, everything is centralized for enhanced efficiency, ensuring deadlines are met and projects thrive.

Main features of this template:

  • Centralized Management: Organize projects, clients, sales, finances, and objectives all in one central hub.
  • Effortless Project Tracking: Easily manage both internal and client projects, ensuring deadlines are met and projects thrive.
  • Sales Pipeline Management: Efficiently track prospects and clients, manage quotes and invoices, and gain insights into your sales efforts.
  • Comprehensive Financial Tracking: Plan budgets, track income, and expenses, and make data-driven projections for business growth.
  • Knowledge Centralization: Store company goals, policies, and procedures, and share knowledge with a real-time newsfeed and people directory.
  • Check out the Small Business OS template!

Notion Project Management Template

Get organized and boost productivity with this powerful and customizable Notion template. Manage your daily tasks, projects, and team collaborations effortlessly using a structured system with areas, topics, projects, and tasks.

With preconfigured dashboards for personal and team use, along with a variety of views such as Kanban board, timeline meeting notes, and calendar, you can stay focused, track progress, and deliver results. Enjoy the flexibility to customize the template to your needs and benefit from detailed onboarding instructions to set up and personalize your workspace quickly.

Features and benefits of this template:

  • 30+ database views
  • Auto-generated dashboards
  • Team and personal dashboards
  • Focus views
  • Detailed onboarding instructions

Check out the Notion Project Management Template!

Notion project management template

Startup OS Notion Template for Business

Unlock the potential of your startup with the Notion Startup OS template. It's the ultimate resource that covers every aspect of your startup journey.

Features and benefits of this template

  • 62 ready to use and easy to customize templates
  • 100s of views for ultra-responsive linked databases
  • 200 tools & resources included
  • 52 Other Templates including projects dashboard, tasks dashboard, company OKRs, product launch plan and more.

Stay organized, focused, and build a strong foundation with this startup notion template.

Check out the Notion Startup OS template!

Startup OS Notion business template

Notion Business Hub Template

Take control of your company's goals and business operations with the Notion Business Hub template. This template provides a comprehensive solution to streamline your own business management processes, from financial management to team coordination.

What's Inside:

  • Brand strategy dashboard
  • Brand Identity dashboard
  • Product management dashboard
  • User research dashboard
  • Marketing management
  • Marketing strategy dashboard
  • Market research dashboard
  • Plans & Goals dashboard

It's the ultimate business companion that keeps you organized and productive.

Check out the Business Hub template!

Notion Business Hub Template

Simple CRM Template for Notion

Say hello to simplicity with the Simple CRM Notion template. Organize unlimited contacts and accounts, track leads, pilot your sales pipeline, and keep your client information tidy with the built-in archive system.

With its clean and intuitive design, you'll have all the tools you need to build strong customer relationships and drive business growth.

Check out the Simple CRM template!

Simple CRM Template for Notion

Business Plan Workspace Notion Template

Transform your business aspirations into reality with the Notion Business Plan Workspace template. Plan, strategize, and visualize your business goals effortlessly.

With dedicated databases for each stage, milestones, and documentation, it streamlines the entire process. Perfect for entrepreneurs, startups, consultants, students, and more.

Check out the Business Plan Workspace template!

Business Plan Workspace Notion Template

Hustle OS Template for Notion

Boost your productivity and stay on top of your hustle with the Hustle OS Notion business template. With templates for each stage, including Foundation, Idea to Concept, Concept to MVP, and MVP to Business, you'll have everything you need to work effectively and avoid skipping vital steps.

Whether you're a freelancer, entrepreneur, or simply looking to level up your productivity game, Hustle OS has your back.

Check out the Hustle OS template!

Hustle OS Template for Notion

Client Portal in Notion

Deliver exceptional client experiences with the Client Portal in Notion template. Create a dedicated space to collaborate, share files, and communicate seamlessly with your clients.

With client guides, efficient deliverable sharing, and bonus items like a client walk-through video and Canva templates, this template has it all. Strengthen your client relationships and take your service to the next level.

Check out the Client Portal in Notion!

Notion Business Template Client Portal

Notion Growth Workspace Template

Fuel your growth and unlock your full potential with the Notion Growth Workspace template. It's a powerhouse for tracking metrics, analyzing data, and setting goals.

From marketing campaigns to customer acquisition, marketing or product strategy, this template helps you stay focused on growth-driven strategies. Visualize your progress, identify opportunities, and celebrate your wins.

Check out the Notion Growth Workspace template!

Notion Growth Workspace Template

Client Tasks Communication Manager Template for Notion

Effortlessly manage client tasks and improve communication with the Client Tasks Communication Manager template. Stay on top of productivity with a comprehensive overview of project statuses, upcoming tasks, and overdue items. Plus, integrate this template with your CRM for a complete 360° view of client interactions. With this template, you'll become a master of client management.

Check out the Client Tasks Communication Manager template!

Client Tasks Communication Manager Template

Notion Strategic Partnerships Template

Forge powerful strategic partnerships with the Strategic Partnerships Notion template. Track the progress of ongoing partnerships, record actions and interactions, and implement a 10-stage framework for successful collaborations.

The template includes a general dashboard, partnership and actions databases, framework templates, partner portals, and statistics for informed decision-making. Unlock new possibilities and take your business to new heights with strategic alliances.

Check out the Strategic Partnerships template!

Notion Strategic Partnerships Template

Startup Job Board Notion Template

Looking to hire top talent for your startup? The Startup Job Board Notion template is your ultimate hiring companion. Showcase your mission statement, introduce your team, and highlight your benefits.

Post an unlimited number of job openings and easily manage applications using the automated application form and backend Notion database. Say goodbye to scattered resumes and hello to your dream team.

Check out the Startup Job Board template!

Startup Job Board Notion Template

Manager OS Template for Notion

Become a super-efficient manager with the Manager OS Notion template. Streamline your workflow, track team performance, assign tasks, track tasks, and stay on top of your managerial duties.

From management of the projects to team feedback, this template empowers you to lead with confidence. Keep your team motivated, aligned, and achieve remarkable results.

Check out the Manager OS template!

Notion Manager OS Template

Notion Continuous Performance Management System

Ditch outdated performance reviews and embrace a modern approach with the Continuous Performance Management System template. By providing a reliable platform for sharing feedback, addressing issues proactively, and fostering team unity, this template brings employees closer together.

With its extensive features, it rivals paid software that can cost upwards of $7 per user, per month. This template revolutionizes the way you nurture talent and drive professional growth.

Check out the Continuous Performance Management System template!

Notion Continuous Performance Management System

Product OS Notion Template

Take your product management game to the next level with the Product OS Notion business template.

Ideal for product and tech teams of 3 to 75 people, this off-the-shelf workspace offers OKR management, idea and problem submission, epic management, sprint and backlog tracking, an elegant team homepage, and valuable tips and insights on various topics. Deliver remarkable products that delight your customers and drive business success.

Check out the Product OS template!

Product OS Notion Template

Userbooster Template for Notion

Supercharge your user acquisition and retention strategies with the Userbooster Notion template. Understand your target audience, analyze user behavior, and optimize your marketing efforts.

This interactive template also empowers you to create data-driven campaigns and make informed decisions. Get ready to boost your user base and achieve sustainable growth.

Check out the Userbooster template!

Userbooster Notion Business Template


In a world where startups and small businesses face countless challenges, these best business Notion templates come to the rescue! With these user-friendly templates, you can easily manage projects, own business, track clients, and stay organized. You only have to duplicate them and start using them for your own small business now.

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