19 Best Notion Templates for Marketing (Content Calendar, SEO, Strategy & More)

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As a marketer, you know how critical it is to stay organized and focused on your goals. With so many moving parts involved in a successful campaign, it's easy to lose track of your tasks, goals, and deadlines. This is where Notion comes in – a robust all-in-one workspace that lets you manage everything in one place.

Whether you're a solopreneur, startup founder, or a seasoned marketer, Notion can help you streamline your workflow and simplify your processes. In this post, we'll explore the best Notion marketing templates to help you take your campaigns to the next level.

Before we jump in - we have a number of incredible template roundup posts on our site. Starting with our list of over 50 free Notion templates for everything. You can also see our list of the best templates out there. You'll be sure to find something in there to help complement your marketing efforts.


Notion Templates for Marketing Strategies

The success of any marketing campaign depends on the right strategy. These templates will help you to create a digital marketing workflow system, a content strategy, and a customer journey map dashboard.

Digital Marketing Workflow System

Digital Marketing Notion template

This Notion template is perfect for marketing departments and creative agencies who want to manage and deliver multiple campaigns efficiently. It includes a strategic roadmap, campaign calendar, scrumboard, and briefing templates for various platforms, as well as over 50 free digital tactics and ideas to inspire you.

Check out the Digital Marketing Workflow System

Content Strategy all-in-1 template

Content Strategy Notion template

This Notion template is perfect for anyone looking to organize their content in one place. It offers a centralized approach to managing the content lifecycle and includes databases, templates, and checklists to help users stay on top of all the details. With an editorial plan, calendar, and various sections for analysis, goals, audiences, topics, channels, and team management, this all-in-1 template is an excellent tool for individuals and teams alike.

Check out the Content Strategy all-in-1 template

Customer Journey Map Dashboard

Customer Journey Map Dashboard

This template helps you understand your customer's journey and identify areas where you can improve their experience. The dashboard includes a visual representation of the customer journey and provides insights into customer behavior.

Check out the Customer Journey Map Dashboard

Content Marketing Notion Templates

Creating high-quality content is essential for any marketing campaign. These templates will help you with content planning, creation, and distribution.

Content Planner & Calendar

Notion Content Planner & Calendar

This free template from Notion Everything helps you plan and organize your content creation process. It includes templates for 10 channels, content idea hub, content pipeline, and calendar views. Perfect for managing your socials, blog, newsletter, and podcast.

Check out the Free Content Planner & Calendar

Notion Blog Dashboard Template Bundle

Blog Dashboard Notion Template

This bundle includes several templates that help you manage your blog, from brainstorming ideas to publishing posts. It also includes a blog post checklist and a template for tracking your blog's performance.

Check out the Notion Blog Dashboard Template Bundle

Content Marketer's Toolbox

Content Marketer's Toolbox Notion template

Designed for content marketers, this template provides project boards, calendars, and templates to help you stay on top of your current projects. It also has pre-built creative briefs and press topic templates, as well as branding tools to ensure clear and consistent messaging across channels. Plus, there are resources for collecting feed material, tracking competition, and managing freelancers.

Check out the Content Marketer’s Toolbox

Content Creation Hub

Notion Content Creation Hub

This is another great Notion template for those who want to manage all parts of the content creation in Notion. It's a powerful template that helps creators curate, create, manage, publish, and repurpose ideas as effectively as possible, saving you time and boosting your content's performance. With over 300+ creators already using this Notion workspace, you'll join a community of successful content creators.

Check out the Content Creation Hub

Social Media Marketing Templates

Social media is an essential part of any marketing strategy. These templates will help you manage your social media presence on various platforms.

Social Media Dashboard

Social Media Dashboard Notion template

This template has everything you need for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, including customizable content calendars, ad expense tracking, post templates, and a resource repository with tips and courses. The Social Media Dashboard features an embed of the Content Creation Hub database, which has different filtered views so you can see all your content in context.

Check out the Social Media Dashboard

YouTube Hub Bundle

YouTube Hub Notion template

This bundle has everything for planning, creating, and organizing your YouTube content, including pre-publication checklists, analytics tracking, and finance tracking. Additionally, you'll get a FREE digital library with 35+ resources on managing your brand and growing your following.

Check out the YouTube Hub Bundle

Twitter Growth Dashboard

Notion Twitter Growth Dashboard

With tips and strategies based on hands-on experience, you'll learn how to grow your account from 0 to 1000 followers and beyond with Twitter Growth Dashboard template. You’ll get a step-by-step guidance on profile setup, content creation, engaging with others, automation, the Twitter algorithm, and more. Plus, you'll get access to 50 Twitter resources, a 30-day plan, a growth checklist, and a top 9 tweet swipe file.

Check out the Twitter Growth Dashboard

Notion Social Media Kit

Notion Social Media Kit

This Notion Social Media Kit has everything you need to grow your social media channels. It covers the 7 most popular platforms, helps you create a social media strategy, provides a content planner, and includes actionable tips, tools, and examples. You'll also learn important definitions. It's a one-time purchase that brings clarity and actionable steps to your social media growth.

Check out the Notion Social Media Kit

Notion Templates for Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool for connecting with your audience. These templates will help you create and manage your email campaigns.

Email Architect

Notion template for Emails

It’s a Notion-based system that helps writers to create and organize their email marketing campaigns. It offers a wide range of features such as pre-made templates, drag and drop builder, multiple channels, and an idea database. Email Architect is perfect for solopreneurs, newsletter writers, shops, communities, and email marketers who want to take their email writing game to the next level.

Check out the Email Architect template

Email Hub Bundle

Notion Email Hub template

Plan your lead magnets and products with ease using the Content Offers database. It's connected to the Content Creation Hub, so you can easily see every piece of content associated with a campaign. Plus, get access to 35+ resources with our FREE Content Repository template.

Check out the Email Hub Bundle

Product Launch Templates

Launching a new product can be stressful, but with the right tools, it can be a smooth process. These two Notion templates can help you with your product launch.

Product Launch OS

Product Launch OS Notion template

This template is the ultimate solution for those looking to launch their products effectively. With this kit, you'll have access to a tried-and-tested launch strategy, over 1000 resources, and 100+ templates for all aspects of your launch. From pre-launch to post-launch, so you can turn your supporters into loyal customers.

Check out the Product Launch OS



This Notion template designed to help startup founders launch their product successfully and get early traction. With over 70 tools, 40 resources, and detailed tips on acquisition channels and Product Hunt launches, this template is perfect for anyone who wants to set up a launching strategy and learn how to get traffic from existing communities.

Check out the UserBooster template

SEO Notion Templates

SEO is essential for driving organic traffic to your website. Here are two Notion templates that can help you with SEO:

SEO Operating System

SEO Operating System for Notion

This SEO Notion template with over 100+ templates that can help you grow your online presence by increasing your organic traffic, engaging visitors and attracting paying customers. With features like workspace to manage all aspects of content production, SEO research hub, outreach email copy and tools, resources, and the SEO MBA - this template is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about SEO and content marketing, centralize their SEO and content efforts, and get more traffic to their website.

Check out the SEO Operating System

SEO Compass for Notion

Notion SEO Compass template

Attract readers and customers to your website with SEO Compass template. This Notion template combines the productivity of Notion with the power of SEO to help you easily check important SEO parameters like word count, keyword density, title length, meta description, and title length. With this template, you can create evergreen content that attracts more readers, fans, and paying customers over the long term.

Check out the SEO Compass for Notion

Notion Templates for Landing Pages and Websites

Yes Notion can also be helpful for planning, launching and optimising your new landing page or website. Check out these templates to help with this.

Landing Page Hot Tips Ebook

Landing Page Hot Tips Ebook

This is an ultimate Landing Page Hot Tips Ebook with 100 actionable tips to improve your Landing Pages. This 189-page PDF Ebook, rich media Ebook, and Notion Ebook feature visual references, related resources, and interactive checklists to help you apply the lessons effectively. With category and component filters, you can easily navigate the content, while our audiobook and bonus features add even more value.

Check out the Landing Page Hot Tips Ebook

Brand Assets

Brand Assets Notion template

This template will help you maintain a consistent brand image and easily share your brand assets and guidelines with your team or collaborators, making sure everyone is on the same page. The template includes dedicated sections for your About Us, Fonts, Brand Colors, Logos, and even your Figma files.

Check out the Brand Assets Templates

Notion is an incredibly versatile app that can help you manage all aspects of your marketing strategy. These templates provide a simple way to plan, create, and manage your marketing campaigns. By using these templates, you can streamline your workflow, save time, and focus on creating high-quality content that resonates with your audience.

So if you're a marketer or working in a different industry, we have a wide range of templates to explore, no matter what you're looking for. Visit our blog to find other popular Notion template lists. We have a roundup of the best blogger templates, CRM templates and best dashboard templates. We also have a great project management template that will help you to get ahead with your marketing projects. And don't stop there - we have a useful list of the best icons to really make your Notion workspaces come to life.

Task and project ManagementTask and project Management19 Best Notion Templates for Marketing (Content Calendar, SEO, Strategy & More)19 Best Notion Templates for Marketing (Content Calendar, SEO, Strategy & More)
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