The Best Notion Plugins, Add Ons and Integrations to Boost your Workspace

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As the Notion ecosystem continues to grow, more and more creative contributions are appearing to improve what is already many people's favorite all-in-one tool. Notion plugins, add-ons and integrations bring fresh functions and features to your pages, and in this post, we've highlighted our top picks for you.

We have reviewed dozens of popular automations and tools, and prepared an unique list of automations, plugins and add ons to make your work easier and more productive. Whether you want to add a form, transform your page into a website, create a presentation from your workspace, you have a range of add-ons and tools to pick.

Before we jump into the best Notion plugins, add ons and integrations, make sure to explore the latest templates on our website. If you're curious about other exciting content in the world of Notion templates, you can also skim through our selection of the best Notion templates and the best free Notion templates!


Notion Forms Integrations

Discover the capabilities of data collection and feedback management within Notion through this list of forms integrations. These Notion integrations are created to enhance your work, simplify survey processes and collect research data.


Notion Forms is a must-have tool for those who want to create beautiful forms to fill Notion tables. It seamlessly integrates with your Notion workspace, allowing you to create custom forms and surveys directly within your Notion pages.

This integration will be really helpful for those who need to gather feedback from your team, conduct customer surveys, or collect data for research.

Using this integration, you’ll get:

  • Infinite Number of Fields
  • Infinite Number of Forms
  • Infinite Responses

Get the NoteForms Integration here!

Notion NoteForms Integration

Fillout for Notion

Easily create a form in 60 seconds with Fillout for Notion integrations. With this tool, you can create a form to fill or update your Notion tables and expand your data collection capabilities.

Here are some of its main features:

  • Drag and Drop Questions
  • Securely Collect PII
  • Legally Binding E-Signatures
  • Collect Phone Numbers

Get the Fillout Integration here!

Fillout Integration for Notion


This integration helps you create beautiful forms connected to your Notion pages and enhance your Notion database management. It allows you to create dynamic templates and automate repetitive tasks, making your Notion workspace more efficient.

Get Chilipepper forms here!

Chilipepper for Notion

Tally Integration for Notion

This free form builder simplifies the process of gathering feedback and opinions from your team or audience. It enables you to create quick polls and surveys directly within your Notion workspace. Tally provides unlimited forms, submissions, and everything you need to create professional forms and surveys.

Key features of this integration:

  • Quick Polls and Surveys
  • Team Sentiment Gauge
  • Seamless Notion Integration
  • Customizable Surveys

Get the Tally Integration here!

Notion Tally Integration

Notion Browser Extensions (Web Clips Saver)

Make your Notion workspace even better with these simple browser extensions, as they let you save web content, bookmarks, and other things right into your Notion pages, making your work easier.

Save to Notion Extension

This Chrome extension streamlines the process of saving web content directly to your Notion workspace. With it, you can quickly bookmark articles, also for saving other kind of data like emails, jobs, cooking recipes, books, movies.

Here are its main features:

  • Clip or boomark webpages to Notion
  • Modify page properties directly in the popup
  • Create preconfigured forms for your different workflows
  • Highlight portion of texts to your Notion page

Get the Save to Notion extension here!

Save to Notion Extension

Notion Web Clipper Extension

The Notion Web Clipper makes it simple to save web content to your Notion workspace. Whether you're using it on your desktop or mobile device, this extension gathers online information and seamlessly integrate it into your workflow.

On Desktop:

  • One-Click Clipping
  • Choose Clipped Content Destination
  • Add notes, share it, convert it into a task, and apply tags.

On iOS & Android:

  • Mobile App Integration
  • Seamless Sharing
  • Effortless Tagging

Get the Notion Web Clipper here!

Web Clipper Notion Extension

Bardeen Extension

It’s an automation tool that enhance your work across 30+ apps. Bardeen is the top choice for AI automation and website data scraping. With this extension, you can indeed save information to your Notion. You can also trigger and even build automations directly in ChatGPT via Bardeen ChatGPT plugins.

Main Features:

  • ChatGPT Plugins
  • Generative AI-Powered Automation
  • Automation Template Catalog

Get the Bardeen Extension here!

Bardeen Extension for Notion

Notion Plugins for Charts

Explore a whole new way to see your information with these chart plugins for Notion. They turn your data into cool interactive charts right in Notion, from simple bar graphs to pie charts.

ChartBase plugin for Notion

ChartBase effortlessly transforms your databases into live-updating charts without the need for coding. With it, you have complete control over how your charts look and feel. Choose from a variety of chart types, including bar graphs, line charts, and pie charts.

Key features of the ChartBase plugin:

  • Automatic Data Updates
  • Privacy Assurance
  • Customization Options
  • Easy Sharing and Exporting

Get the GhartBase plugin here!

Notion ChartBase plugin

Notion Data Jumbo plugin

Data Jumbo for Notion is a solution to transform Notion databases into stunning charts. With a wide range of chart types, including bars, KPI, line, calendar, waffle, and radar, you have creative freedom. Also, give a try to the functions like data filtering, grouping, and sorting, all with the convenience of Dark Mode for comfortable viewing.

Ge the Notion Data Jumbo here!

Data Jumbo plugin for Notion

Notion VIP Charts

Generate embeddable charts  — beautifully optimized for Notion with Notion VIP Charts.

Notion VIP Charts main features:

  • Living Data: populate charts with Google Sheets data, including Google Analytics.
  • Visually Seamless
  • Tailored for Embed Blocks

Get the Notion VIP Charts here!

Notion Vip Charts plugin

ChartBrick plugin for Notion

ChartBrick is your go-to solution for creating insightful charts from your Notion databases. Visualize your data, embed the charts anywhere you like, and enjoy a no-code, user-friendly experience.

Key Features:

  • 8 Chart Types: column, bar, line, area, pie, donut, radar, and funnel.
  • Embeddable
  • Real-Time Updates

Get the ChartBrick plugin here!

Notion ChartBrick plugin

Notion Plugins for Analytics

In this part, let's talk about best Notion plugins for analytics. These Notion tools help you gather and understand data better and can make your Notion workspace more data-savvy.

Notionlytics Plugin

Improve your Notion documents with advanced analytics designed for company wikis, community knowledge bases, and shared documents. Notionlytics offers best-in-class analytics to keep your Notion documents helpful, on an ongoing basis. Moreover, those widgets are designed to collect feedback and show it to you in real-time.

Get the Notionlytics plugin here!

Notionlytics Plugin for analytics

Notion Metrics Plugin

Integrate your most vital data into Notion pages with Notion Metrics. Connect your accounts securely, create Metrics Blocks with unique URLs, and embed them in Notion for real-time updates without the need for multiple dashboards.

Key Metrics:

  • Total Subscribers
  • Subscribers by Tag
  • Daily Visits
  • Daily Bounce Rate

Ge the Notion Metrics plugin here!

Notion Metrics Plugin

Hex Plugin for Notion

Hex is a go-to platform for collaborative analytics and data science, allowing users to connect to data, write SQL and Python in a collaborative notebook interface, and build interactive data apps. The integration with Notion enables you to seamlessly embed live apps and cells directly into your Notion pages, facilitating easy data output sharing with your team.

Get the Hex Plugin here!

Hex Notion Plugin

Amplitude Digital Analytics Platform

Build better products by turning your user data into meaningful insights, using Amplitude's digital analytics platform. You can conveniently preview live charts such as release metrics and experiment results.

Get the Amplitude plugin here!

Amplitude Analytics Platform for Notion

Notion Widgets and Add-ons (for Aesthetic Notion Pages)

Notion widgets and add-ons help your Notion pages and Notion templates look and work better. Whether you are looking for some interactive stuff, like real-time data, or captivating design elements, these Notion widgets have it all.

Apption Notion Widgets

The widgets empower your website with dynamic, interactive elements. It seamlessly integrates with real-time updates, offering a user-friendly design for versatile applications such as surveys, data collection, and enhanced user engagement.

Main features:

  • Custom Interactive Widgets
  • Real-Time Updates
  • Seamless Integration
  • Versatile Notion App

Get the Apption Widgets here!

Apption Widgets for Notion

Indify Notion Widgets

Easily level up your Notion docs with Indify Notion widgets. Indify offers a huge range of customizable widgets for enhancing your Notion experience. These widgets include Google Calendar sync, real-time weather reports, progress bars, countdowns, quotes, counters, and clocks. The service's user-friendly setup and customization options make it easy to integrate these widgets into your Notion documents.

Get Indify Widgets here!

Indify Widgets for Notion

WidgetBox for Notion

WidgetBox offers a wide collection of stylish and practical widgets designed for creative Notion users, including:

  • Page views counter
  • Upvoting button
  • Weather widgets
  • Everyday quotes

Get the Notion WidgetBox here!

Notion WidgetBox

Notion Actions Widgets

Find more than 45+ widgets that will make your notion pages more interactive, practical and appealing. Use to add buttons with vibrant colors and gradients.| Also, add colorful, interactive collection widgets with embedded call-to-action buttons in just a few clicks.

Get the Actions Widgets here!

Actions Widgets for Notion

Kairo Notion Widgets

Improve your Notion experience with Kairo's productivity widgets for time, habit, and goal tracking. You can easily embed these blocks into any Notion page or template.

Main Kairo’s features:

  1. Notion Block Builder
  2. Free Version
  3. Types of Blocks
  4. Customization
  5. Embed Blocks

Get Kairo Notion Widgets here!

Notion Kairo Widgets

Notion Pomofocus Widget

Pomofocus helps you focus on any task you are working on, such as study, writing, or coding. This app is inspired by Pomodoro Technique which is a time management method.

Basic Features:

  • Estimate Finish Time
  • Visual Reports: Track your daily, weekly, and monthly focus time.
  • Custom Settings: Personalize timers, alarm sounds, and more.

Get the Pomofocus widget here!

Pomofocus Widget for Notion

Notion Integrations for Productivity

With those integrations, you can use the Notion workspace in combination with your favorite productivity, communication, and other workplace applications that your team is currently using. They let you connect Notion with tools like Slack, Miro, and Loom, making it easier to talk to your team and get stuff done.

Slack Integration for Notion

Seamlessly send messages to a Notion database, receive notifications in Slack, and share links that expand with useful information, streamlining your workflows and boosting your productivity.

Get Slack integration here!

Slack Integration for Notion

Notion Miro Integration

Miro is an online workspace that helps teams to collaborate effectively. With Miro embeds, you can effortlessly integrate visual content like diagrams, journeys, and roadmaps directly into your Notion pages. These embedded Miro assets are live and sync in real-time, ensuring your content stays current.

Get the Miro integration here!

Notion Integration Miro

Loom Integration for Notion

With Notion's integration for Loom, you can seamlessly embed Loom videos directly into your Notion workspace, consolidating information and keeping your team informed.

Loom embeds work with any shareable links, and you can manage privacy settings within Loom's Share menu.

Get the Loom integration here!

Loom Integration

Plus - Notion Integration

With the Plus extension, you can capture live Snapshots of various applications or websites, such as business dashboards or personal calendars, and then utilize the Plug integration to view these live Snapshots directly within Notion.

Get the Plus Integration here!

Plus Integration for Notion

Notion GoLinks Integration

When you integrate GoLinks with Notion, a unique link is generated automatically for each page in your workspace. For instance, a "Product Planning" page can be accessed using the go link "go/product-planning." This ensures that your team can easily locate and reference newly published Notion pages.

Get the GoLinks Integration here!

GoLinks Integration

Notion Automations Tools

Let’s dive deeper into the automation game with our list of the best automation Notion tools. These tools help you build custom workflows, making your work more organized.


By integrating Make, you can seamlessly connect Notion to a multitude of other applications. This integration allows you to create customized workflows that include your calendar, email, messaging apps, marketing tools, and more. It makes it easy to automate tasks such as managing databases and updating content quickly and creatively.

Get Make Automation Tool here!

Make Notion tool

Notion Automations

Sync Notion with your Calendar, Emails, Contacts, and more to create an all-in-one workspace with easy-to-use automations. It offers field mapping, default values, and selected filtering.

Available automations include Google Calendar, Todoist, Google Tasks, Google Contacts, Gmail, and Google Sheets, with flexible pricing plans to suit your needs. Notion Automations is not directly affiliated with Notion but aims to enhance your productivity and organization.

Discover Notion Automations here!

Notion Automations


Zapier lets you connect Notion with over 5,000 apps, helping with your work through automated workflows known as Zaps. These Zaps link Notion with your most-used apps like Airtable, Asana, and Google Docs. Whether you're managing documents, tracking tasks, or organizing client data, this integration simplifies your tasks without the need for coding.

Get the Zapier tool here!

Zapier tool for Notion


This tool easily integrates your everyday work apps into one, creating an all-in-one workspace for you and your team. You can try out various ready-to-use Notion automations, such as copying LinkedIn profiles, saving tweets, creating Notion pages from HubSpot deals, and much more. Plus, you can customize your own unique automation in minutes and let AI and Notion's plugins do the work for you.

Get the Bardeen Automation here!

Bardeen tool

Notion Tools for Business

If you’re looking for a easy ways to make websites, build knowledge bases, or turn Notion content into SEO-friendly blogs, we have prepared a list of tools to make your business processes smoother.

Sotion Business Tool for Notion

This service that allows you to create custom websites from your Notion pages and publish them to your own custom domain. You’ll find there various access control options, including Password Protection, Email Signup, Email Whitelist, and Paid Membership.

Easily customize the branding of your Notion website, add analytics, and even include custom CSS and JavaScript. Also, It offers a 7-day free trial with no credit card required.

Discover Sotion here!

Sotion Business tool

Notion HelpKit tool

Easily build a knowledge base using your Notion documents, turning them into a self-service resource for your customers. You can create a public help center or documentation page with your custom domain, appearance, and SEO optimization. It's designed to help with customer support and reduce the need for direct assistance by providing you solutions to common queries.

Discover HelpKit here!

HelpKit tool

Feather Notion Business tool

Effortlessly turn your Notion content into a fully functional, SEO-friendly blog. You can write your blog posts within Notion and seamlessly publish them to your own blog, complete with custom domains, analytics, and email collection features. No coding or design skills are necessary.

Discover Feather here!

Feather Business tool

Notion Website Builders

We prepared a list of top Notion website builders that let you turn your Notion pages into fully functional and visually appealing websites. Each of these builders comes with special features and ways to customize, making it easy for you to create high-quality websites without needing to know how to code.

Super - Notion Website Builder

Create a website in less than a minute, and all your content remains in Notion. Super takes care of the technical aspects of publishing your content to your website. You can focus on creating content without worrying about configurations, plugins, downtime, performance, or security. Moreover, the ****setup process is straightforward. Just choose or create a Notion page, paste the Notion page's web link into Super, and your website is ready.

Discover Super website builder here!

Super Notion website builder

Potion - Website Builder for Notion

Potion lets you build custom websites quickly using Notion as your content source. It seamlessly integrates with Notion, supports custom domains for a professional look, offers real-time editing, and allows for custom styling with CSS. Potion optimizes for SEO, delivers super-fast page speeds, and provides password protection, making it suitable for various website types.

Discover Potion here!

Potion website builder for Notion lets you easily convert your Notion page into a fast-loading website. No coding is required, and it's optimized for a headache-free experience. You can use it with Notion's free plan, enjoy unlimited pages and collaborators, and it's SEO-ready. Plus, changes made in Notion are automatically synced to your website. Moreover, you can invite any teammate, partner, co-founder, etc.

Discover here! for Notion

In this article, we've dived in to the world of Notion plugins, add-ons, and integrations that help you make your workspace better and more productive place. Whether you need forms, web content saving, charts, analytics, widgets, or automation, there's something here for everyone.

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