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Assertiveness Training

This worksheet leads you through a personal training over a couple of weeks. Afterwards, you're likely to say and get what you want more often.
by Lari Niehl
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Especially hypersensitive people and often times women, are largely affected with a lack of agency and assertiveness. This causes stress, because while not expressing what you think, want or need, your values and opinions will always come short. You don't get heard and you don't get what you need. This starts in super small things, like asserting when you want to leave a conversation. Some people don't even think twice; they just walk away. Others sacrifice their time and nerves simply because they haven't trained or been taught how to set those boundaries.

This worksheet looks at our behavior and inner processes very closely and interferes with automated patterns. This allows us to train a new way of perceiving and behaving, to keep training honest boundaries and to ultimately be more ourselves by saying what we think, doing what we want and getting what we need.

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