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Benchmarking Analysis Template

A Notion database set that helps solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, StartUps, and SEMs to implement benchmarking analysis. Benchmarking analysis helps to compare metrics and learn from other projects or our past performance. This template includes more than 600 metrics & indicators.
by Alejandra Cienfuegos (Notionología)
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Why did I create this?
What cannot be measured cannot be improved. If you want to get better you need to track performance and this template helps you to achieve that aim.

As entrepreneurs and companies, we always seek to find areas for improvement, identify low-performance points, and learn from those that are doing the things right to grow our project. One of the most common practices in business to achieve all those objectives is to implement benchmarking. This practice has helped me to gain an independent perspective about how well is my performance compared to other projects and analyze how well I did among different months.

You'll benefit from this product if:

You want to identify improvement areas in your company/project
You want to learn from the competition
You want to monitor the performance of your company/project
You want to identify productivity points
You are an entrepreneur, entrepreneur, or StartUp
You are an SME or you work for an SME in the finance, marketing, sales, operations, human resources, or internationalization department.

What is inside?

27 Notion Databases that contain +600 metrics and indicators to benchmark your project.
Benchmarking databases include templates for every metric & indicator with a short description and the general formula to calculate it.
Databases included: Advertising, Social Media, Media Coverage, Website Metrics, Newsletter, New Markets, Sales Analysis, Inventory, Customer Service, Prices/Costs/Promos, Market Values, Financial Processes, Financial Statemetns, Financial Performance, Investments, HR Efficiency, Employee training, Employee performance, NEw Countries, Country Performance, Internationalization, Project Management, Project Status, Other Processes. Benchmarking Bonus included: SaaS, Product Launching, Nonprofit initiatives.
An introductory guide to what's benchmarking and how to create effective benchmarking.
Benchmarking Examples and Use cases.
Onboarding guide to using the template
A Creation Hub that works as a space to create your own benchmarking combining metrics from all the databases


This template includes more than 600 indicators and metrics for you to benchmark your company, however, each project is a world, and according to the nature of your practices, you may need to include your own metrics to benefits from this process.

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Does this template works with Notion's free plan?

Yes. Every feature of this template will perfectly work if you are on Notion’s free plan.

What is a Notion template?

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