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Manage your momentum, fuel your projects and find clarity in your personal life. CREATOR OS is a personalized system to master your 360˚ creative life.
by Julian Paul
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It's 2022. You're juggling a main job, 2+ side hustles, building a personal brand, and sustaining a hobby you love. Why isn't there a good system for being a creator?
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One dashboard for work and play.

A personalized system to master your 360˚ creative life. Manage your momentum, fuel your projects and find clarity in your personal life. CREATOR OS has 3 main sections amongst countless synced components:

  • .momentum keeps you on top of all your goals.
  • .projects structures your work and ambitions.
  • .me points your compass in the right direction.

    Find your direction & confidence.

    CREATOR OS is a guided workbook that transforms into a life OS, once completed. Throughout its process you will:
  1. Learn about your personality
  2. Capture your influences
  3. Craft a visionboard
  4. Make a golden circle
  5. Define your core values
  6. Set audacious goals
  7. Life principles & mantras

    Plan from macro to micro.

    Todo lists always end up cluttered and outdated. With CREATOR OS you plan in a simple, systemised process:
  8. 30-60-90 day plan » 3 goals for each month.
  9. 3-5 TIDOs » Tasks w. Intentions & Desired Outcomes.
  10. Implementation Intention using a chosen Calendar.
  11. Analog daily tasks on how to reach your TIDOs.

    What's included?

    17+ templates & a fully synced dashboard with a guided setup.
    The 3 core sections of CREATOR OS.

    Who is CREATOR OS for?

    It's built as a system that optimizes for maximum output. I myself use it as a product builder running multiple projects/websites at the same time. Projects can be anything like Instagrams, Professional Brands, Businesses etc.:. It's an ambidextrous system with many usecases that keeps your hands where they ought to be: creating more value.

    FAQ's & About Julian Paul

  • Check out the website.
  • Book a 25min Call if stuck or in need of direction.
  • Don't know Notion? Here are some quick answers & how to use it? Head HERE.

Any general inquiries or questions, please DM me on Twitter @itsjulianpaul.

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