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Cycle Syncing Fitness Tracker - Train in Tune with Your Natural Rhythms

Train in sync with the exercises that best support your natural rhythms
by Santi Arya
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Many women feel the hormonal shifts their bodies go through but may be unaware of the complexities of what is actually going on inside. The menstrual cycle is not just about periods. It's only one of four phases a women's body cycles through every 28 days. A women's body cycles through a menstrual phase, a follicular phase, an ovulatory phase, and a luteal phase.

Now, knowing this. Did you know you can take charge of feeling your best with less effort?

Use the Cycle Fit tracking calendar to help optimise your exercise routines based on the different phases of your menstrual cycle. By understanding the characteristics of each phase, you can tailor your workouts to support your body's natural rhythms and give yourself the TLC you deserve.

The Cycle Fit tracking calendar takes a holistic approach to help women achieve their fitness goals while also prioritising their health and well-being.

Main features:

  • **Insights. **Learn when to opt for high-intensity vs. gentler workouts during each phase of your cycle
  • **Cycle Calendar. **See when your menstrual, follicular, ovulatory, and luteal phases are in action
  • **Exercise Activity Log. **Record your workout progress and monitor your energy levels throughout the month
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