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Design Your Life

Writing guide to know yourself. Smart goal setter. Progress tracker. Guided reflections journal. All in one place.
by John Anfernee Feri
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“I said, ‘You mean my bank balance would change if I had a list of goals?’ He said ‘Drastically.’” ~Jim Rohn

I stole the ideas of my indirect mentors Jim Rohn and Jordan Peterson, and also added concepts from the books The 12 Week Year and The One Thing about knowing oneself to set better goals, progress tracking, and journaling to construct this all in one Design Your Life template. A template to help you get to know yourself, where you should go, and how you could get there.

Who is this content for?

If you are someone who believes that we have the ability to create the life we want — that we have some level of control over our lives and we can do certain things to 'make things happen', you're exactly in the right place.

Why this template?

A lot of times, we set goals blindly because we don't know ourselves. We lack the motivation to pursue them, and fail along the way because we don't have a system that is adaptable to our changing needs and priorities. This template will help you set goals that you actually value, guide you to steps that you should be taking, and continue to tweak and improve your systems as you grow as a person.

What's inside?

  1. Know Yourself Template
    → A writing guide to help you discover yourself using key questions for you to ponder. It helps you to clarify your thoughts and take a meaningful path.

  2. Goal Setting Template
    → Specify what is it you want in different aspects of your life and sketch your ideal future with intelligence.

  3. Progress Tracker Template

→ A system that will actually lead you to results by focusing on activities that really matter, assess where you are right now and where you will go, have great motivators, and more.

  1. Journal Pin Boards Template
    → A guided journal to help you pay attention to your inner voice, ask yourself thoughtful questions, improve your systems as you move forward or change course, and more.
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