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Employee Onboarding

This template will allow you to manage onboarding schedules for multiple employees and multiple teams while tracking the progress of everyone. It is fully customizable and adapts perfectly to all businesses.
by Thomas Sanlis
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Onboarding your employees is not always easy, even less if you work remotely 🌍️.

⚠️ Yet, it is a crucial process: it will allow your employees to integrate better, feel more comfortable, and be operational more quickly.

We faced this issue in one of the companies I worked for last year. I was asked to design something to facilitate the onboarding of new developers. This template is directly inspired by that work and has been tested with several new employees.

✨ The idea is to provide a sort of indicative schedule for newcomers. Some tasks will be done on the first day, some in the first week, some in the first month, etc. These deadlines are of course configurable.
Each task has a referrer. This is the person the newcomer should contact if he has any questions.

Thanks to this template, you can not only onboard several people at the same time, but also plan several different onboarding schedules depending on their job (developer, designer...), and their team.

You will have a quick and global overview of the progress of all your new employees, in order to realize their level of integration in your team. At a glance, you will know if your newcomers are doing well or not.

I also advise you to complete and use the pre-onboarding checklist to remind you of everything you have to do to welcome the new person (activate accounts, buy equipment...).

Here is the list of what you can find in the template:

  • An onboarding presentation for the employee.
  • An onboarding schedule (duplicable) for the employee.
  • A pre-onboarding checklist
  • An example of onboarding monitoring
  • A complete documentation explaining each step.
  • A FAQ that is completed as time goes by.
  • Resources to read that are completed over time.
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