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FI.RE OS Financial Independence Retire Early Finance Tracker & Planner

The FI.RE OS is a complete finance dashboard designed to fast track your journey to Financial Independence. Calculate your FIRE number and test different rates & strategies, track your progress to FI and easily manage all your finances. Includes live price updates for stock, commodities & crypto.
by Elena Loghin
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Spend less, save more, and invest better with FI.RE OS
Built for Notion, this finance tracker is the first of its kind: a comprehensive, powerful, and intuitive dashboard designed to fast track your journey to Financial Independence / Retire Early and help you achieve all your financial goals.

FI.RE OS will help you

  • Calculate your FIRE number and find the best strategy to reach it;
  • Improve your money management skills and make smarter, better decisions;
  • Develop healthy spending habits and cut unnecessary expenses;
  • Save more and become debt-free faster;
  • Monitor your investments in real time with live price updates
  • Set fail-proof financial goals and discover new ways to achieve them;
  • Learn about investing and smart investment strategies;
  • Calibrate your financial thermostat so your mindset will match your goals;
  • Stay motivated to reach your FIRE target!

FI.RE OS is perfect for:

  • Professionals and solopreneurs — Do you want to achieve financial independence and retire early? FI.RE OS helps you streamline your FIRE journey by enabling you to track, plan, and organize your finances effortlessly and efficiently;
  • Individuals with multiple revenue streams and accounts — Do you have a financial portfolio to keep track of? FI.RE OS is a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to manage all your financial assets in one place;
  • Those with debt and financial goals — Do you have debt and financial goals that you want to pay off and achieve faster? FI.RE OS helps you stay on track and committed to your goals;
  • Investors — Do you want to keep an eye on your investment portfolio and receive regular updates on stock, commodities, and crypto prices? FI.RE OS can provide you with real-time market quotes for various assets;
  • Anyone interested in joining the FIRE movement — Do you want to learn about the FIRE movement and its principles? FI.RE OS includes the best resources to bring up to speed in no time.

What’s included:

  • 10+ databases across 6 pages to help you log, track, plan, and manage your finances;
  • FIRE Tracker & Calculator to test different rates and strategies and to track your FIRE progress;
  • Automated real-time price updates and Profit & Loss reporting for investments via easy integration;
  • Financial Goals database for all your short and long-term financial objectives;
  • Debt Payoff tracking for credit cards and loan repayments;
  • Monthly Budget linked with Expenses Tracker to help you optimize your cash flow and expenses;
  • Income Tracker and Expenses Tracker (including Subscriptions);
  • Accounts & Funds database with individual balance reporting for each account and fund;
  • Automated Savings Balance for all your savings accounts and funds;
  • 40+ FIRE resources that will help you spend less, save more, and invest better!

Dashboard: Master Your Money and Become Financially independent

  • Quickly log income & expenses on the go
  • Keep an eye on your budget status
  • Check your current account & savings balance
  • Keep track of your FIRE progress
  • See due & recurring transactions

Income & Expenses: Easily Track and Optimize Your Cash Flow

  • Log all your transaction and get a detailed view of your finances per account
  • Easily calculate your business / tax deductions
  • Automate your entries with templates and buttons

Savings & Investments: Watch Your Assets Grow in Real Time

  • Log your transfers and deposits into savings and / or retirements accounts
  • Set targets for each each account and monitor your progress
  • Watch your investments grow in real time with a simple integration

Goals & Reports: Stay Motivated with Savings & Debt Payoff Goals

  • Set and achieve short or long-term financial goals
  • Check your progress towards becoming debt-free
  • Check your monthly / yearly reports and see how far you’ve come!

Fire Calculators & Resources: Plan & Manage Your FIRE Strategy

  • Calculate your FIRE number and run simulations to test different strategies
  • Learn how to make or improve your FIRE plan
  • Calibrate your financial mindset to match your goals
  • Learn more about FIRE from the best resources available
    & much more!

ALSO INCLUDED: comprehensive set-up instructions, complete with videos guides.

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