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Life Projects

Prioritise, organise and crush your life goals! Life Projects help you focus on a limited number of personal projects based on your energy levels.
by Daniel Ng
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Life is amazing and there’s so much to do!

We all have hopes, dreams, and aspirations in life, such as:

💸 Reach a financial goal

🏠 Pay off the house

🏪 Help a friend starting a new business

🎹 Learn a new skill

🎓 Achieve a qualification

But we’re all human!

We often think and talk about what we want, but struggle to focus and act. That could be because you feel:

🌧️ Overwhelmed doing too many things

🧭 Lost or directionless

⚓ A lack of progress in life

This is if for you if you want to...

🚦 Prioritise your life projects that really matter

🚫 Minimise distractions on other errands and projects

🗻 Keep yourself motivated to accomplish milestones

💪 Feel more empowered to manage your life

How it works

Life Projects is a simple tool, based in Notion, to help you prioritise, organise and focus on all your major life projects that matter to you most.

1️⃣ New Projects: Add all the possible personal projects in the Bucket List that you’d like to pursue to achieve your goals

2️⃣ Prioritise: Organise your Bucket List in a rough priority order (from most important to least important)

3️⃣ Progress: Grab the first few projects that you want to focus on (or are already in-flight) and move them across to 🔥Active or ❄️Passive. Importantly, limit the number of in-flight projects to give you space to focus. (You’ll find more details on how this works in the template guide.)

4️⃣ Track & Review: Periodically track how each of your projects are going, and occasionally re-evaluate all your projects.

Over time, Life Projects gives you a retrospective view of all you’ve accomplished. A historic record of your life’s achievements. Give yourself a pat on the back – you’re awesome!

What do I get?

The Life Projects is a Notion template that you gain access to for your own personal use in Notion.

A detailed guide is also included.


No subscription. Pay one tiny price, use forever.


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