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Notion Creator Bundle

A bundle of tools to help you build, launch, and sell more Notion templates
by Pascio
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Problems you might be facing

  • My current setup is messy and disorganized
  • My system to build templates is not working
  • My product launches don't produce enough results
  • I'm unsure of the right way to package my products
  • I'm unsure of the right way to describe my products
  • I need to track my creator income properly
  • I'm not growing fast enough on Twitter

Who am I?
I started @iampascio in June 2021. Like everyone else, I started building, validating, launching and marketing like crazy. I did it for a month then gave up.

A month later I decided to give it a try one more time. Again no results. No followers. After Tweeting 100+ times I managed to get just 17 followers and $0 sales. It was painful.

I gave up again.

I even bought a shoutout on Twitter from an account with 100k followers. Paid $50, nothing moved. Not a single f**king follower or purchase of my product.

I gave up again.

Around October I decided to try it again. This time I started DM'ing people directly to ask for support.

Someone told me to "build relationships". So, I did that. I started writing annoying DM's to EVERYONE. Most of them blocked me.

Andddd... I gave up again.

But, I'm not a quitter. I thought to myself .... it can't be this hard.

So, in November I decided to observe & learn. No tweeting, no DM'ing, nothing. Select a few creators and study them.

I did that for almost a month and a half and finally found something I could apply.

I started using some simple hacks from 21th November and BOOM, I went from $0 revenue to $50 revenue the same day.

$250 revenue just one month later.

$800 revenue 3 months later.

Internet money is real. I didn't believe it. I do now.

$+500 In Just One Month

I've shared all my tools in this bundle. I've held nothing back. I still use these methods to build, launch and market my Notion products.

If you're ready to take action, this bundle will give you all the tools you need to fire up your Notion Creator Venture.

What's included?

  • Unique Creator Dashboard
  • Product Design Checklist
  • Product Launch Checklist
  • Product Packaging Guide
  • Product Description Guide
  • Notion Creator Financial Sheet
  • High Growth Twitter Strategy
  • List of Notion Communities

Are you ready to take your Notion business to the next level?

No matter if you...

Are just getting started
Have been at it for a while
Are an established expert
Create other types of products
This bundle has you covered.

The dashboard is highly customizable to all types of digital creation ventures, and the bundle of tools will almost certainly teach you something new.

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How can I duplicate the template?

Once you're on the Notion page, you will have the button "duplicate" on top-right. Click on it and choose your workspace. Your template should be there in a few instants 🎉

Does this template works with Notion's free plan?

Yes. Every feature of this template will perfectly work if you are on Notion’s free plan.

What is a Notion template?

By definition, Notion templates are pre-built Notion pages that you can duplicate into your Notion workspace with a simple click. They can be simple pages or very advanced systems with multiple databases. Using templates can help you save time and hours of work to get started quicker with Notion.

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