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One-on-One meetings

Frustrated with non-documented 1-on-1 meetings, non-delivered action items, and paying online platforms not fitting your needs, this Notion template should help you solve those challenges.
by Stéphane Turquay
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1-on-1 meetings are key to your team’s success, how do you manage them?

Recurring problems are:

  • meetings not prepared by both parties
  • discussions not tracked and forgotten a few days later
  • everyone has their notes which might slightly differ
  • actions items and deadlines not tracked, leading to delayed or no delivery

This Notion template provides you with the structure to solve those challenges.

Plan your one-on-one meetings collaboratively
A successful 1:1 meeting must be prepared in advance. This template offers a common space where both parties can add their items to the agenda, review the ones from the other participant and get prepared for it.

You can tick the topics covered during the meeting with a single click! How cool is that?

Take notes as you speak
The document being the central piece of conducting the meeting, it becomes natural to write the most crucial information in the Notes section. Both participants can contribute, making the meeting collaborative while laying down what will be the single source of truth for the meeting that everyone can rely upon.

Keep track of action items and priorities
One-to-one meetings are very often generating action items for their participants however how-to prioritize without having a backlog of all previous action items with their statuses and deadlines? This template gathers all action items at the meeting level but pulls them into a combined list at the people level.

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Does this template works with Notion's free plan?

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What is a Notion template?

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