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Social Media Hub

Spend less time on social media and more time on what matters most - your business!
by Bodoboal
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Social Content Creation Hub + Marketing action plan

Whether you're a one-person, an enterprise level company or a small business, our marketing template will help you take the right first steps towards social media success. Spend less time on social media and more time on what matters most - your business!

What are the benefits of using this template?

Social Content Creation Hub

  • Managing 9 social media platforms : The Social Media Hub is a time-saving and energy-efficient solution that handles your social media feeds for Facebook, Instagram, etc. If you don't see your platform on the list, add it within 3 minutes on your dashboard. It encompasses all of the functions you need in an easy-to load template that keeps you productive and lets you set posts ahead of time so they're ready to go when needed..

  • **Share with colleagues or outside workers : **Sharing access to your network accounts with people outside of your organisation can be difficult when you want to make sure they have the protections and permissions they need.

  • Different type of sorting and view : You can see all future posts, campaigns, tasks and the status of your campaign by scrolling through the template.

  • **Reminder of deadlines : **When communicating, regularity and length are important for understanding what is being conveyed. Deadlines help with this by supplying an indication of what tasks you're currently working on and ensuring proper prioritization.

  • **Centralise all your campaign data : **There are a number of platforms to manage your social networks and no consolidated software to do this. Thankfully, templates like this one exist which will centralize all the data from you different posts, campaigns, or whatever other platform you use.

Marketing Action Plan

If you're struggling to find your audience, we'll provide you with a variety of tips to help get the right people reading your content. We'll also offer advice on how best to target this audience and get them engaged.

  • Find your audience : Before you get started writing your content, it is important to think about the audience that your content will be targeting. Who are they, and what are their interests?

  • **Social Media Platform : **Since you need to be in the same place to communicate with your audience, you need to choose your communication channel carefully. This choice should be based on who your audience is and what figures they have when it comes to relating with the topic at hand.

  • **Define your goal : **To what goal do you want to direct your marketing? Perhaps, you want to sell a product, making yourself known or bring traffic to your site. What is most important is that you define the objective of your strategy and know what the goals are for it.

  • **Roadmap : **Use the roadmap to make your marketing goal more manageable by breaking it into short / medium / long-term objectives.

  • **Size & Dimensions : **Advertising and social media posts vary from time to time, making it confusing to understand all the formats. That's why we have a template that has all the formats.

  • **Tools : **There are a number of marketing tools out there, but it can be hard to find the right one for you. Here's a list of some different marketing solutions and tips according to your needs – you might find something that suits your business!

With Social Media Hub, your social media marketing can be as easy as 1-2-3. With this template, you can manage all your social media accounts from one place and never miss a deadline. It's also a great way to manage multiple campaigns and tasks, so you never have to worry about forgetting anything.

Want to create a marketing strategy? Choose the right communication channels? Centralise all your information? Save time on your marketing? Delegate part of your communication?

Use this template!

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