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Spaced Repetition Flashcards for Notion

Never forget anything anymore with spaced repetition flashcards. This Notion template helps you create Anki-like flashcards for spaced repetitions in Notion. It is the most advanced spaced-repetition system for Notion to date.
by Philipp Stelzel
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What are Spaced Repetitions?

Spaced Repetitions are an evidence-based learning system, that exploits the spacing effect:

Newly introduced and more difficult flashcards are shown more frequently, while older and less difficult flashcards are shown less frequently.

This allows you to not waste time with reviews of knowledge you already know. Instead after a couple of successful reviews, the intervals between reviews will be months or even a couple of years long.

The use of Spaced Repetitions is widespread among Med students and language learners. However, this learning method can be used for learning anything.

Notion becomes more and more popular for organizing studies and saving knowledge.

However, I wasn't convinced by the existing spaced repetition solutions for Notion, which couldn't compete with Anki or similar apps on any level.

Therefore, I built this very system that mimics the Anki and Supermemo algorithm:

To date, it is the first and only Notion-based spaced repetition system that increases the intervals of a flashcard continuously.

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How can I duplicate the template?

Once you're on the Notion page, you will have the button "duplicate" on top-right. Click on it and choose your workspace. Your template should be there in a few instants 🎉

Does this template works with Notion's free plan?

Yes. Every feature of this template will perfectly work if you are on Notion’s free plan.

What is a Notion template?

By definition, Notion templates are pre-built Notion pages that you can duplicate into your Notion workspace with a simple click. They can be simple pages or very advanced systems with multiple databases. Using templates can help you save time and hours of work to get started quicker with Notion.

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