A daily Notion journal inspired by Stoicism to help you become a better person.

Journaling is a very useful tool for aspiring Stoics, and can help you become more disciplined and increase your overall happiness and satisfaction in life.

I've created a simple Notion template with 5 prompts to help you structure your Stoic journaling. You can also use the calendar view to track your journaling over time, and the daily summary view for a quick list of the day's journal entries.

Journaling should be easy, so I've carefully curated the prompts to help you quickly get your thoughts and feeling written down.

Since Notion templates can be duplicated into your workspace immediately after purchase, I don't offer returns on my Notion templates.

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How can I duplicate the template?

Once you're on the Notion page, you will have the button "duplicate" on top-right. Click on it and choose your workspace. Your template should be there in a few instants 🎉

Does this template works with Notion's free plan?

Yes. Every feature of this template will perfectly work if you are on Notion’s free plan.

What is a Notion template?

By definition, Notion templates are pre-built Notion pages that you can duplicate into your Notion workspace with a simple click. They can be simple pages or very advanced systems with multiple databases. Using templates can help you save time and hours of work to get started quicker with Notion.

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