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Strategic Partnerships

A template to manage all of your strategic partnerships and alliances in Notion
by Alejandra Cienfuegos
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Manage all of your strategic partnerships in Notion ⚡️

A strategic partnership is different from a collaboration as it requires more time and involvement. Partners need to share more information, invest more resources and combine skills to generate value. But was the time invested worth it? and what did you do differently in those partnerships that were successful?
Using this Notion template, you will have all the supporting information to answer both questions. Think of this like a CRM for partners.

This template will help you to:

  • Manage all of your strategic partnerships in one-place
  • Track the progress of all of the ongoing partnerships
  • Track and have statistics of all the actions/interactions that a partnership required
  • Implement a 10-stages framework to achieve successful partnerships
  • Document all the work developed in an organized way
  • Use strategic tools to choose the best partners
  • Have supporting information for making decisions based on data

You can benefit from this template if you:

  • Improve the relationship with your strategic partners
  • Want to make decisions related to strategic partnerships based on data
  • Want to document the work related to a specific partnership
  • Want to know the resources and time invested in a partnership
  • Want to compare partnerships to understand what made them successful (or unsuccessful)
  • Are managing a partnership project
  • Are in charge of strategic partnerships in your company
  • Are a Company / Entrepreneur that is looking for new growth strategies related to partnerships
  • Want to start a partnerships strategy in your company

What's inside?

  • A General Dashboard: to summarize information about ongoing partnerships and quickly access contextualized information for your partnerships.
  • 2 main Databases: To manage all partnerships and actions/interactions related to them.
    • Partnerships DB: This database will store all of the strategic partnerships you add to the system. It is configured to help you track the progress, relate actions/interactions to the partnership, and document all the work.
    • Actions DB: A database of all the possible interactions or actions you have with your partners. Each action should be related to a partnership so you can generate statistics regarding the time and resources invested in the partnership.
  • Database Templates: The database template within the Partnerships DB will automatically load a setup for you to document the journey of your partnership. Each setup includes a 10-Stage Framework and a Partner Portal. Actions databases are also included, this will automatically add a tag to the action so you can have statistics for your partnerships.
  • 10- Stages Framework: Inspired in the Partnership Toolboox, this template includes a 10-Stages framework, adapted to Notion for you to follow good practices for achieving successful partnerships. Within each framework, other tools are included, such as frameworks for risk analysis, partners analysis, skills analysis, etc.
  • **Partner Portal: **Each time you create a new partnership, you will also generate a partner portal. You can share this with your partner so you can both work collaboratively in Notion.
  • Statistics & Sustainability: This system helps you to generate information that can be shown as statistics in Notion. Additionally it helps you to make decisions regarding terminating a partnership or keeping the relationship for the long-term.
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How can I duplicate the template?

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Does this template works with Notion's free plan?

Yes. Every feature of this template will perfectly work if you are on Notion’s free plan.

What is a Notion template?

By definition, Notion templates are pre-built Notion pages that you can duplicate into your Notion workspace with a simple click. They can be simple pages or very advanced systems with multiple databases. Using templates can help you save time and hours of work to get started quicker with Notion.

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